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The Tribute: 02.24.03 (by Bonnie Laufer)

B.L. Scott, do you miss home (Toronto) at all?
S.S. Sure, I miss home, but I get back quite often to see my family and friends.

B.L. Now, you went to Earl Haig High School, but acting wasnít your original career goal.
S.S. Thatís right, I was in the gifted artist program but I was in the academic program for gifted athletes. I was a swimmer and when I quit swimming I started hanging out with the actors.

B.L. You were a really good swimmer from what I hear.
S.S. I never made the Olympics. I was good but I knew I was never going to be a great swimmer. I went to the Olympic trials in 1992 but right after that I got injured, so there went that career. I got a neck injury from over training when I was younger and when I was 16 my shoulder took the brunt of it.

B.L. You started acting when you dropped out of university.
S.S. Yeah, when I started to take acting seriously I did some TV movies but I did some short films at the Canadian Film Centre and that was one of the best things that I did. It really got me started and I got to work with some good, young directors.

B.L. Coming off of a TV series like Felicity would you say that Dark Blue is one of the most dramatic and darkest projects that youíve worked on?
S.S. Yes, for sure. I have done some other dark things but as far as mainstream stuff this was a little different for me. Itís a lot darker, yeah.

B.L Was that kind of an abrupt change?
S.S. It didnít feel like it at the time. To be honest I am kind of drawn towards darker material so to me it was just exciting and it was a chance to do something different other than a television show, so it was fun to get out there and do it.

B.L. Judging by the audience that I saw the film with, I think it kind of scared some people.
S.S. L.A. is an interesting place because you can live here but you can really hide yourself away from some of the stuff that goes on in the movie. You can drive around this town for hours and see all of these million dollar houses but there are some pretty nasty areas around here.

B.L. Did it trouble you at all?
S.S. No, I never felt scared, I was more interested in seeing another part of L.A. because I spend a lot of my time in Santa Monica where itís all nice and pretty. So it was cool to get out there and see another side of L.A., as some would say, the real side of L.A.

B.L. These days itís almost taboo to say anything negative against the NYPD, but here we have a movie about the LAPD doing all the wrong things.
S.S. I donít really know why that is but I will say that I think there have been a lot of scandals here that allows for that. There has been a lot of stuff that has happened that even the LAPD have admitted have gone wrong.

B.L. Where you a fan of author James Ellroy before you made the movie?
S.S. No, I hadnít read any of his stuff but Iíve seen some of the films adapted from his work, like L.A. Confidential. Dark Blue is totally different than that film, but I really thought that the script was great and I was pleased to get a chance to work on it.

B.L. Where do you hope that this very intense role that you play will take you?
S.S. I donít really know; itís going to take me where it takes me. I donít really think about it in those terms. If it brings me lots more work thatís great, but if it doesnít then thatís okay too. I hope it will bring me different work.



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