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The Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Couples  (1997)

(Brief summary of Scott's role:  He plays an asshole--an anti-Semitic kid named Patric.  The story takes place during World War II, and details the stuff that a bunch of people did during the height of the war...including Linda Hamilton.  Hasta la career, baby.   Anyhoo.  Scott's character is a student at a bording school in Europe.   Initially, he's a total dick, but ast the movie progresses, he gets better and better.  Here is my emailed account of the movie:)


okay...patric is a troublemaker, i think.  his hair is all slicked back.  he's in a classroom.  he's wearing an argyle sweater. his teacher throws erasers at him to keep him in line.  he scowls a lot.   he hasn't said a word yet.     ooh, first words!  nazi soldiers walk into classroom, are questioning the teacher.  patric:  "why don't you just shoot the bastard?"  hot.   the nazi hits him in the head.     the nazis think that patric should   have better self-control.  i disagree.  as she's walking out of the   classroom, linda hamilton pulls his ear and he gets all pissy.  he's   cute. speedy in bed!  he hears some jewish kid crying.  he gets pissed off.    "will you please shut up!"  he says he's gonna give the kid something   to whine about if he doesn't shut up.  he's wearing a white undershit,   and his hair is flopping over his eyes.  OH MY GOD!  he's wearing the   boxer/black sock combo again.  oh, scott.  his legs look so skinny.   he's making various anti-semitic comments.  he's talking about german   strength.  linda hamilton is pissed off.  it's pretty funny. the   jewish kids look like they're about to kick his ass.  he just rolled    over and said to the biggest one:  "it's not over between us!"   oh,   this is good shit.     bwaaahhh!  you should see the get-up they've got him in! brown   shorts.  white sweater.   a blue scarf tied around his shoulders.  black   socks.  he's carrying a walking stick and leading the other kiddies.   he's telling them to "pick up the pace."  quite the little taskmaster,   scottie!      scott's in bed again.  the nazis are coming.  this should be rich.   some little kid just wet himself; scott just rubs his face and thinks   about his superior aryan-ness.  the germans are mocking the kid.   linda   hamilton is making some snide comments. as the nazis walk out, scott   lies flat on his back, rubbing his stomach.  i have an orgasm.    generous even then!  then, patric says he'll help the kid get cleaned    up.  awww.  he smiles at the kid, walks out of bed and says,    "'sallright.  these things do happen, you know."  god, that was like an   instant transformation from total asshole to mr. perfect. oh well!     he's in his scouting uniform again.  he just yelled, "turn right!"   it's cute.  and funny.  and very nazi-esque.      now, he's in the kitchen.  same shorts/black socks.   only now he's   wearing an apron!!!  heeee!  he's stirring something.  linda walks in,   asks what they (he's there with gaston--his jewish nemesis) did to   deserve this honor.  patric says, "we didn't do anathin!" he's peeling   carrots now.  he says that gaston isn't his brother.    he looks   pissed.  whatever.     

linda notices a change in patric.  he's becoming a leader. uh huh.  a   sexy leader!  even in black socks.  and man, his legs are pale.  he   reminds her of her husband.  hands off the hard body, bitch!     scott's looking bored in geometry.  uh oh.   i hear nazis! he's got his   hand to his mouth.  mmmhmmm.      dining hall.  scott's shoving a piece of bread in his mouth. talking   with his mouth full.  linda's going to talk to him and gaston.   gaston   isn't eating.  they've served pork.  uh oh.  he's having issues with   his jewish heritage.  linda is pissed.      nazi raid in the middle of the night.  no patric.   that's just wrong.   where is he???     patric is missing!  where is he?!?!?!?!  NO!    and julian!  but who    cares!     oh there he is.  he took julian for a walk!  julian is on his   shoulders!  oh my god, i am going to burst into tears, he's so   perfect.  he said julian--who's like 5--wasn't feeling well and he   didn't want to leave him, so he took him for a walk in the woods.   awwww!  and he and gaston are bonding!  gaston says that was a mighty   brotherly thing for patric to do (julian is jewish)--patric actually    thanks gaston and touches his face.  scott with little children!   waaah!     the allies are bombing.  everyone is hiding out in the basement.  oh,   god.  they're singing.  please god!   no scott so far. c'mon!  please!   dammit!  they show him before and after the singing, but not during.   he must have begged them....   the americans are here.  saving the day.  where's patric? people are    trying to hook up with their parents....where is patric????? shit.    what kind of ending is that--no patric?  come on!  this sucks!   i don't   need some scene of linda and hubby--i want patric!  okay, there's a   little picture of him.     that's all.


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