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Real Monster

(The Calgary Sun: 02.23.03)

Canadian actor Scott Speedman, who stars opposite Kurt Russell in Dark Blue, recently completed filming the horror movie Underworld in Budapest.

"It's a contemporary story about a battle between vampires and werewolves.

"Kate Beckinsale plays the leader of the vampires. The twist is that she falls in love with a werewolf, so her allegiances are split," explains Speedman who played Ben Covington on Felicity for four seasons.

He says Beckinsale, whose films include Pearl Harbor and Serendipity, "is awesome in the movie. She has a huge amount of action stuff to do and she did most of it herself."

Not wanting to reveal too much about his character, Speedman says he eventually "changes into something that put me in the makeup chair for three hours a day.

"My character starts out human but he gets bitten by a werewolf."

Underworld marks the first time Speedman has played a monster.

Dark Blue marks the first time he's had a steamy love scene.

He romps under the sheets with former ER beauty Michael Michele, who reports the Toronto native was a complete gentleman.

"Scott is charming, shy, cute and he was as uncomfortable about simulating sex as I was.

"He was so respectful that he was in a push-up position and would not let his body touch mine until the cameras started rolling.

"After each take, we wouldn't look at each other. I'm glad I had my first big sex scene with Scott," says Michele.


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