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MSN Chat Transcript (02.19.03)

mbrkc88 in Onstage_1 asks: Hello Scott, I have been a fan of yours since Felicity started. How different is it doing a movie vs. a series television show? Do you keep in touch with the Felicity cast?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Yes I do. I see them now and again. We're all doing different things so we don't see other too much. This was different doing a movie, but the schedule is pretty much the same. The big difference was me running around getting shot at rather than a scene
over coffee.

UncutSolange1 in Onstage_1 asks: What part of the movie was the
hardest for you?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Just basically trying to get the police officer stuff right. I'm not an authortative person and getting that stuff right was a challenge.

DishDiva says: ILOVESCOTT says: How did you train for the role of a cop? Was the jargon or the physicalness harder for you?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Some of the jargon was hard, but learning to shoot a gun properly was the most difficult.

NumericWayne in Onstage_1 asks: Scott, why the long hair right now, is it for an upcoming role. Love it by the way.
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I did a movie called "Underworld" I just wrapped it and I had long hair in it and since it was such a rough movie, I haven't cut my hair or shaved since it ended. Just taken a vacation and been lazy. (laughs)
DishDiva says: Has your mom yelled at you yet to cut your hair? (laughs)
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Yes. She still wants me to go back to college and cut my hair. She doesn't like me to play unsavory characters, only nice guys.

DishDiva says: What's the best piece of advice mom ever gave you?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: She's always been good about trusting my instincts. Even when I dropped out of college she's always been good to tell me to keep going with what I think is best for me. I hold that near and dear to me.

mybubblebutt in Onstage_1 asks: What was it like to work with Kurt Russell and what did you learn from him?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Working with Kurt was a thrill. As a kid I saw so many movies and he's a Hollywood staple. To be able to play cops with him was FUN! It was a different and challenging role for him. He taught
me it was important to have a life outside of acting and
Scott_Speedman_Live says: "the business."

Sportsgirl8154 in Onstage_1 asks: It was so frustrating for us waiting for "Dark Blue" to come out. Did the delays bother you at all?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: No. No, sometimes that happens. This is a difficult movie to market and it's not a movie for everybody. They had to figure out the best time for release. I was just hoping for a good time for it to come out and I think now is a good time. Once you finish
Scott_Speedman_Live says: a movie you just have to let it go

SuspectCurveball in Onstage_1 asks: Hey Scott, i think you're great by the way. Think you'll ever do another series?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I'd never say never but I wouldn't do one right now. I thought "Felicity" was a special show. I love to see movies and I
love to make movies so that's what I want to keep doing now.

DishDiva says: What are some of your favorite movies?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: That's difficult because there's so many. I really do like Scorcese's movies. I also like "Hoosiers," and "Dead Poet's Society" those movies are the ones that make me really love movies. I also like "Jesus' Son," and "You Can Count on Me" are favorites in
Scott_Speedman_Live says: the last couple of years.

Cobifan1 in Onstage_1 asks: Hey Scott! How was your love scene with Michael Michelle? She said it was her first onscreen love scene. How was it?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: It wasn't my first on screen love scene but it felt like it because I was so nervous. I tried to be respectful to her and she knew I was nervous. It turned out well I think.

Rose_Paris in Onstage_1 asks: How does it feel to have achieved soooo much? I give you mad props!
Scott_Speedman_Live says: (laughs) I like that!
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Obviously I'm thankful to work but there's so much I want to do and so much I still have to learn about acting. I don't feel that far down the line in that sense. It's been great to work and be successful but I don't feel like I can sit back because I'm
Scott_Speedman_Live says: still really hungry and keep looking forward.

StoutNuku in Onstage_1 asks: What actor/s would you like to work with in the future?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: There's so many from Daniel Day Lewis, to Sean Penn, to Gene Hackman. There's also some amazing actresses out there right now I'd love to work with like Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, and Cate Blanchett.

SweetNewYorker1 in Onstage_1 asks: Is it true that you just came into acting by chance?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Yeah. A friend of mine, a girlfriend of mine dared me to audition for "Batman Forever" for the part of Boy Wonder. I knew I wouldn't get the part but the casting director thought I was good. Even though I didn't get the part the casting director got me an
Scott_Speedman_Live says: agent and that's how it all started.

cayena in Onstage_1 asks: Hi Scott, big fan here What do you do to stay in shape?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I hate gyms. I feel very odd in them and it's not fun at all. So when I moved to L.A. I started playing basketball and got addicted to it so that's what I do to stay in shape. That's what I'm going to do when I'm done with this.
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I go to different courts and see if there's pick up games and if there isn't, I just shoot some hoops.

TarheelJD02 in Onstage_1 asks: What is it about acting that appeals to you? Ever thought about directing?
velvet_author_chick in Onstage_1 asks: do u want to do anything other than act?? Like write, direct, broadway
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I've thought about it, but I'm still intimidated by acting and trying to get ahold of that, directing is so far in the future. Acting is intimidating to express yourself to the fullest in front of people. I like that challenge to see if you can do it and
Scott_Speedman_Live says: push it to the max. Take a character and not just go down the road with it, but find all the corners of the character, which isn't an easy thing to do.
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Will never be a writer, but I'd rather do Off Broadway in a smaller theater, that really interests me.

Dukebballrules in Onstage_1 asks: I am a huge basketball fan. Who are your favorite teams or players?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: College I still have to get into. I think it has to do with growing up in Canada and not watching it. I have a friend that is a huge Duke fan. I have so many NBA favorites, I like Jayson Williams. I am amazed at how well Kobe is playing right now.
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I am also amazed at Michael Jordan. I like the Utah Jazz, Allen Iverson, and Doug Christy.

Brian_Stillabower89 in Onstage_1 asks: Would you rather play in a horror, comedy, or a romance movie?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I don't know. It's not something I think about, if the script is good, I'd do any of them. I'm looking to do anything and everything if the script is good. I like off-beat comedies. Things like "Flirting with Disaster" and "The Royal Tennenbaums" I like.

MLola2 in Onstage_1 asks: It's kind of surreal talkin' to you!! Here goes my question: do you identify yourself better with an action character due to your sports' passion?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: It's a great question actually. "Dark Blue"
isn't an action movie, there's not things being blown up, it's a cop movie. I just finished a movie that needed a lot of athleticism and was fun to play that with my background because I'm quite athletic.

Police9112 in Onstage_1 asks: My daughter wants to know if ur single..... lol but really she wants to know
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I'm not seeing anybody.

Cat-Bert in Onstage_1 asks: Where in Canada did you grow up? Do you miss living there?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I grew up in North York, suburb of Toronto. I miss my friends and family but I've found a life here I really like. I do miss living there quite a bit but not enough to move back. This is the first year I've lived in Los Angeles without having to and it's
Scott_Speedman_Live says: been interesting.

TarheelJD02 in Onstage_1 asks: You mentioned "finding all the corners of the character" - what did you find about "Ben" and in Dark Blue with "Bobby"?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: With Ben, that's the luxury of television because we have four years to develop a character. It's fun to find out what new things the character does each week. With Bobby that character was interesting, it was more of a feeling to know if you got it right
Scott_Speedman_Live says: or not. I think with Bobby, there's another, darker side to this kid that he didn't even know he had.

realmalenyc in Onstage_1 asks: Do you agree with me that sex appeal is very important for any actor's success?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Tough question. In some ways, depending on the actor you want to be, it can't hurt but I don't think it's something you can just try and go out and have. I think if you're comfortable with yourself you'll have sex appeal. I don't think that what the term
Scott_Speedman_Live says: brings to the table is important to have that. I don't know if I agree with that. There are things the world considers sexy that I don't think is sexy at all.

AussieGal72 in Onstage_1 asks: Hi Scott - how are you? You have been really busy lately...but after a much needed rest do you have any other projects in the pipeline? Thank-you!
dotmatrix105 in Onstage_1 asks: You have really grown as an actor. what is your favorite role?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I don't. I really don't. I was very busy and doing alot of work. Now I don't know what I'm going to do. I want to wait for something good and fun to do, something really special. Not just jump at the next thing offered to me.
Scott_Speedman_Live says: It's hard, I feel so young to say what my favorite role has been. I got to discover a lot of Ben and Bobby is a good character. I just saw "My Life Without Me" and that's my favorite character today, for sure.

Sportsgirl8154 in Onstage_1 asks: You got to work with some real heavyweights like Brendon Gleeson and Ving Rhames in Dark Blue. What was that like?

Scott_Speedman_Live says: That was great! I was in college when I first saw Ving Rhames in "Pulp Fiction" and working with him is everything you want it to be. In close-ups he would improvise and bring the character out in you by scaring you a little. That was great.

velvet_author_chick in Onstage_1 asks: I heard you were an Olympic hopeful, before you injured yourself..what happened? Do you ever wonder what your life would be like now, if u had gone to they olympics?? What sports would u have wanted to compete in?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Brendan Gleeson was great in "The General" and working with people like that is really incredible.
Scott_Speedman_Live says: I was a swimmer growing up. I do think what my life would have been like. I got injured by overtraining too early and my neck and shoulder are burned out. It was a good thing now, but not when it happened, it was probably the best thing that happened to
Scott_Speedman_Live says: me. There was no guarantee that I would have been at the Olympics, it's just something I wanted to do. And I know I wouldn't have been a world-class swimmer.

TrinalNate in Onstage_1 asks: Upon hearing about the role for "Dark Blue," was there something that stood out that made you want to participate in this movie?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: Yeah, there were a lot of things. It was a chance to play a man. Not someone in college, to play in a world I didn't know about. I didn't know about the LAPD, it's not something that's part of my world and that scared me and I liked that. It was fun
Scott_Speedman_Live says: working with Ron Shelton. And to do something kind of different with Kurt Russell was fun.

seksafreakaholic in Onstage_1 asks: How easy it is to get a chick for a movie star?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: To be honest I find it difficult, that's all I'm going to say about that. (laughs)

whisper0101 in Onstage_1 asks: HI Scott how do we know your the real Mccoy?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: You know it's me because I want to Blessed Trinity and Saint Timothy's.

DishDiva says: Scott, so the film opens this weekend. Will you be wtaching "Dark Blue"?
Scott_Speedman_Live says: No. I have a tough enough time watching my own work and being objective. I'll probably just try and relax and play basketball.


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