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04.22.02:  We could never imagine a world without Ben, could you? Thank heavens he didn't leave, but go check out the Ben Don't Leave recap.

04.17.02:  Not much to tell you, but here are snappies from tonight's piss-poor had so much potential to be wonderful, and they butchered it.   What a pity.  Dammit.

04.14.02:  Go read the Paper Chase recap. Why? I don't know. Just do it!

04.10.02:  So f-ing tired.  And still I do this for you, lucky bastards.  Here.  Snappies from tonight's truly wretched episode.   Snappies from "Ben Don't Leave" and "Time Will Tell."   A sighting from the Great White North.  And, a truly magnificent article from  Today is also the anniversary of the Beatles' break-up.  I don't blame Yoko; she just sped up inevitable, don't you agree?  Anyway, let it be. 

04.07.02:  A new sighting, from Vancouver...and a spankity recap for Raising Arizona.   Bon appetite, tootsies.

04.04.02:  Snappies for Raising Arizona!

04.03.02:  A whole truckload of new pictures (a huge thank you to Fraz, who provided them, courtesy of the WB Media Site)...but they're scattered like blueberries all over the site, so I've decided to be lovely and consolidate them all into one page for you.  Plus, new snappies for Raising Arizona and Ben Don't Leave.   Go get 'em, tiger!



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