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Scott Speedman Fills in the Blanks (



Scott Speedman admires kindness in his best friend, and honesty in his character, Ben on Felicity. Find out more as Scott fills in the blanks.

The quality and/or trait I admire most in my closet friend is:
His kindness.

The one thing that I cannot imagine living without is:
Coffee and basketball.

If you peeked into my frig you would find?
A lot of trout and shark fillets.

If I could be the President for one day the first thing I'd do is:
Fire myself.

The best concert I ever went to was:
Skidrow and Guns & Roses in Toronto.

The trait I admire most in my character?
His honesty.

What I deplore most about acting?
I don't like when it's overindulgent and when it brings out selfish, awful qualities in people.

The phrase I most overuse?
"Do you know what I mean, man?"


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