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Put a check in the box next to all the words that describe you. When you are finished add up the
total number of boxes checked for each column to find out your dominant and submissive personality:

Amimated Adventurous Analytical Adaptable
Playful Persuasive Persistent Peaceful
Sociable Strong Willed Self Sacrificing Submissive
Convincing Competitive Considerate Controlled
Refreshing Resourceful Respectful Reserved
Spirited Self Reliant Sensitive Satisfied
Promoter Positive Planner Patient
Spontaneous Sure Scheduled Shy
Optimistic Outspoken Orderly Obliging
Funny Forceful Faithful Friendly
Delightful Daring Detailed Diplomatic
Cheerful Confident Cultured Consistent
Inspiring Independent Idealistic Inoffensive
Demonstrative Decisive Deep Dry Humor
Mixes Easily Mover Musical Mediator
Talker Tenacious Thoughtful Tolerant
Lively Leader Loyal Listener
Cute Chief Chartmaker Contented
Popular Productive Perfectionist Pleasant
Bouncy Bold Behaved Balanced
Total Checked = Total Checked = Total Checked = Total Checked =
Add up the total number of boxes checked for each column to find out what your dominant and
submissive personality type is. Then click on the links above to read about your personality type.