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Themes for the X-Finder GUI on the HP 200LX Palmtop PC

Release 1.1, November 7, 2001 by Bruce Martin (

Release 1.1 consists of 14 different themes which can give X-Finder on your HP Palmtop the appearance of the following GUIs or Window Managers:

Amiga Workbench 3.x
Screenshot Download!

Aqua (MacOS X)
Screenshot Download!

BeOS (Originally Be Inc., now owned by Palm)
Screenshot Download!

CDE (Common Desktop Environment)
Screenshot Download!

Gnome (GNU Network Object Model Environment)
Screenshot Download!

IRIX (SGI UNIX desktop)
Screenshot Download!

KDE (K Desktop Environment) 2.x/3.x
Screenshot Download!

MacOS 8.x/9.x
Screenshot Download!

NeXT (NextStep)
Screenshot Download!

OLWM (Open Look Window Manager)
Screenshot Download!

OS/2 Warp 4 (IBM)
Screenshot Download!

PalmOS 3.x (Palm Inc.)
Screenshot Download!

QNX Rtos (Photon MicroGUI)
Screenshot Download!

Windows 9.x/ME
Screenshot Download!

Each .LZH archive contains a set of .ICN icons (and in many cases, alternative icons), a CURSOR.ICN, a set of .XBG windows/wallpaper and suggested X-Finder Environment File settings. In each case I simply rendered Palmtop-compatible versions of someone else's original work, and all rights with respect to the original works remain the property of their owners. This release of 14 separate .LZH archives replaces several .ICN sets found on the S.U.P.E.R. Palmtop Website and on Nifty-Serve FHPPC.

You need: A Hewlett Packard 100LX or 200LX Palmtop PC running the X-Finder GUI by Gaku Nakagawa (Release 11 Beta 13 is highly recommended), and a decompressor for .LZH archives. If you would like to customize or otherwise manipulate these files, XBGTOOLS, Brahma's PCX_ICN and Stefan Peichl's LXPIC are recommended.

How to use: It's easiest to use X-Finder itself to move downloaded files to their appropriate locations. First, back up your X-Finder files in case you wish to return to your former set-up! Then copy into your Finder directory (A:/FINDER by default) all .XBG files and the CURSOR.ICN file from the .LZH archive you downloaded. Next, copy all file .ICNs you wish to use into your file icon archive (A:/FINDER/ICON.LZH by default), and folder .ICNs into your folder icon archive (A:/FINDER/ICONFLD.LZH by default). Finally, use Memo or another editor to edit the appropriate lines in your environment file (A:/FINDER/FINDER.ENV by default) as indicated in the *SET.TXT file, and re-start X-Finder.

Customizing: Note that most .LZH archive sets contain alternative icons. Use X-Finder to view these, and select your favorites for use. To create .ICNs, use your favorite graphics editor to render 44H x 32W BW images as .BMP, then convert them to .ICN with BMP2ICN from S.U.P.E.R. To create .XBGs, use your favorite graphics editor to render 200H x 640W BW images as .PCX, convert them to .ICN with PCX_ICN by Brahma, then rename them to change the extensions from .ICN to .XBG. To edit .ICNs, use the 200LX built-in icon editor or an equivalent from S.U.P.E.R. To edit .XBGs, first rename them to change the extensions from .XBG to .ICN, use LXPIC by Stefan Peichl to open and save them as .PCX, edit them with your favorite graphics editor, convert them to .ICN with PCX_ICN by Brahma, then rename them to change the extensions from .ICN to .XBG again.

Please note: These themes are optimized for X-Finder Release 11 Beta 13. They will work with earlier versions, but certain features may not be available to you. If you are using an earlier version of X-Finder, for example, unselected windows don't normally display faded. In this case, you should do the following in DOS:

Feedback: Please direct all comments, questions and requests to me at (without the "NOSPAM", of course) and with "X-Finder Themes" in the Subject line.


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