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Dale recently sent me a link to an updated file I needed for a game, and it was hosted at Megaupload.  I’ve used that service before, but was unaware that they likewise had a video streaming service.  I said to myself, “Self, I think I can finally give the double deuce to YouTube.”  So, I have.

To play the video, simply click the red play button.  Doing so will cause a popup window.  Close that popup, and then look back at the video here.  The play button should now have a green background.  Pushing it again will play the video.  Kind of ghetto, but I’ll take it.  Also, you can enlarge the video to full screen.

Stillborn Star Wars

Dirt on the Jedi


Like a Jedi


SDMF Patriot


Fearless Last Goodbye


Fire it Down


Nothing’s the Same Doctor


Band of Brothers at Empty Tables


Lord of the Unforgiven III