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Millard Robert Buckley, M.D.

b. 19 Oct 1907 - Richmond, VA
m. 8 Aug 1931 - Severn Cross Roads, Anne Arundel, MD
d. 25 Apr 1960 - Newport News, VA

Millard Robert Buckley, born 19 Oct 1907 in Richmond, VA, was the first of four children born to Millard Raymond Buckley and Ursula Janie Tuck Buckley.

Robert was the first baby born to the congregation of Northside Baptist Church, Highland Park, Richmond, VA, of which his parents were charter members.

Poppa seems to have owned one of the first cameras for home use - and apparently loved every minute of it.  He took a amazing number of pictures of his growing family.  As he owned a print shop in his back yard, he then converted many of these images into postcards.

04 May 1904
New York City, NY

23 Dec 1903
South Boston, VA
Miss Sula

Robert -  Richmond, VA
probably 4 months old

(which would be in Feb 1908)

1908 - VA

Robert and his aunt, Neville Emory Tuck (b.19 May 1903)

Robert -  Richmond, VA
probably 7 months old

(which would be in May 1908)

  On 1 Apr 1909, a second child was born to Millard and Sula in Richmond, VA.  She was named Virginia (for Sula's mother) Elizabeth (for Millard's grandmother) Buckley.

1908 - Richmond, VA

Feb 1909 - Richmond, VA
Millard - age 29
Robert - age 16 months

Feb 1909 - Richmond, VA
Sula - age 23
Robert - age 16 months

1909 - Richmond, VA
Robert, Millard, Sula and Virginia

What a cute kid!

1911 - VA
Sula - age 26; Virginia - age 2; Robert - age 4; and
Bobbie Tuck (Sula's sister) - age 17

About 1912 - 2206 Fourth Avenue, Highland Park, Richmond, VA
Virginia and Robert

About 1913
Virginia and Robert

2206 Fourth Avenue, Highland Park, Richmond, VA

After 7-1/2 years, Millard and Sula's third child arrived.  On 11 Dec 1916, Ursula (for her mother) Beryl (for Sula's favorite school teacher, Mrs. Beryl Beam) Buckley was born in Richmond, VA. On 22 Aug 1919, Millard and Sula's fourth and last child, Hubert Graham Buckley, was born in Richmond, VA.

2206 Fourth Avenue, Highland Park, Richmond, VA

Robert never liked this picture of himself.  He had just been disciplined by his father, and his face was still swollen from crying.

Robert was a voracious reader all his life, and a super student to boot. It is only fitting that a photo should have captured this.

During their freshman year at John Marshall High School, Robert met the love of his life, Maxine Frix.  She was exactly seven months younger than he was.  They fell in love, and waited all through high school, college, and and most of medical school before marrying.  
1921 - 2206 Fourth Avenue, Highland Park, Richmond, VA About 1921 - 2206 Fourth Avenue, Highland Park, Richmond, VA

Summer 1922 - 2206 Fourth Avenue, Highland Park, Richmond, VA

Front Row: Beryl - age  5; Graham - age  almost 3;
Sula - age 36;
 Back Row: Robert - age 14-1/2;
 Millard - age 43;
Virginia - age 13


About 1922 - Richmond, VA

Robert as a John Marshall
High School Cadet
About 1924 - Richmond, VA

Robert as a John Marshall
High School Cadet

Fall of 1924

John Marshall High School, Richmond, VA
Robert  - age 17

Late Fall 1924

He played his cornet on the radio in its infancy.  His grandson, Nathaniel, still has his cornet - which still works.

June 1924

Robert was neither absent or tardy at any time all through school.  This is one of many certificates he received in recognition of that fact.

Robert and Maxine were graduated from John Marshall High School in 1925.  They both went to the University of Richmond.  She attended Westhampton College for one year.   Robert finished Richmond College, graduating in 1929, just months before the stock market crash which heralded the Great Depression.  He still had four years of medical school at the Medical College of Virginia to go before they planned to marry. On August 8, 1931, Robert and Maxine decided they had waited long enough, and eloped to Severn Cross Roads in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  They kept the marriage secret, and claimed they were married two years later to the day.  The family never caught on!
Fall of 1928
University of Richmond
Robert - age 21

Spring of 1929
University of Richmond
Robert - age 21

Margaret Ann Buckley, the couple's first child, was born on 6 Aug 1935 in Richmond, VA.  When she was three days old, she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage which left her severely handicapped, both mentally and physically. Robert and Maxine's second daughter, Eleanor Bruce Buckley, was born in Richmond, VA on 26 July 1941.  They were 33 years old.

Wedding Portrait - 06 Aug 1931 Severn Cross Roads
Anne Arundel, MD

Robert - age 23; and Maxine - age 23

1937 - Foster's Studio
Richmond, VA
Robert - age 30

Richmond, VA

This was Robert's favorite picture of himself.


This is the house Robert designed and built at 5005 Caledonia Road, Westover Hills, Richmond, VA.

Robert and Maxine





Robert and Maxine with
three unidentified friends.


Robert served as the Regimental Surgeon for the 116th Infantry of the famed 29th Division during World War II.  He returned home in Sep 1945, having been gone three years.

This site has a complete list of the officers of the 29th Division
during D-day.

D- Day

 6 June 1944
Omaha Beach, Normandy, France
Robert on the right, administering aid to the wounded (age 36)


This French site also has a complete list of the officers of the 29th Division
during D-day.

Some WWII memorabilia


Dec 1944 - Alsdorf, Germany

Maj. Millard R. Buckley, M.D. and
T/3 Marion Gray, M.D.


Letter dated "Germany - 27 Jan 1945" by Robert describing his D-Day experiences

On Saturday, August 30, 1947 in Richmond, VA, Maxine and Robert had their third daughter, Carol Randolph Buckley.

They were both 39 - and she was a planned birth!


Valentine's Day 1945 
Hand-drawn Valentine
from Robert to Maxine.

Bronze Star  
  "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." In February of 1954, Robert accepted a post as Chief of the Domiciliary Clinic at Kecoughtan Veterans Hospital in Hampton, VA.  They moved to 1309 - A 16th Street, Stuart Gardens, Newport News, VA.

2206 Fourth Avenue, Highland Park, Richmond, VA

This photo was undated, but it was probably taken by Robert on Thanksgiving of 1949.

Clockwise from the left: Beryl White, Poppa, Walter White, Virginia Buckley, Neville Tuck, Mark Tuck, Sudie, Eleanor, Carol, Maxine, and Cheryl White

Kecoughtan Veterans Hospital, Hampton, VA

  Eleanor followed her parents' example, and eloped.  She and Forbes Rennie Dick were married in Elizabeth City, NC on 7 Dec 1957. The marriage lasted ten years.   Birth of first grandchild!  Sharon Denise Dick ("Shari') was born to Eleanor and Rennie on
15 Nov 1959 in Newport News, VA.
June 1954

Robert and Carol waiting to ride the Ferry to Norfolk

    On Monday, 25 Apr 1960, Robert suffered a massive coronary thrombosis, and died within minutes only a half-hour after arriving home from work.  Maxine always said he was killed in the war; it just took him fifteen years to die.

He was buried in Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA on Wednesday, April 27, 1960.

The photo accompanying his obituary was taken in Jan 1954 as he was interviewing for his position at the Kecoughtan VA Center. Thanks to his ever faithful nervous stomach, he had just vomited.  He looked healthier than that the day he died!

Foundations of Robert's Funeral Service

"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

~ Matthew 25: 40

"Abou Ben Adhem and the Angel"

~ Leigh Hunt
(1784 - 1859)

Saturday, October 4, 2003
Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA

Saturday, October 4, 2003
Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton, VA

Some WWII memorabilia

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