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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans



This page is dedicated to my favorite links!

These links will take you to my inspiration sites and hopefully will inspire "You " to......

Build A Boat!



Gavin Atkin's "Free Design Resource Page" (Absolutely # 1)

The "Cheap Pages" by Craig O'Donell

The Ultimate Boaty Resourse Page--(Get to 'Anywhere  Boaty' from Here)

Duckworks Magazine

Alaska' s Contribution to the boating world! (Fritz's Pages)

Inexpensive Epoxy Supplier

Yahoo groups (Sign up to talk with boat builders and Sages!)

The BoatBuilding Ring, Connecting boat builders.

The Careenage and Blue Lagoon

Boat my E-mail site

John Bell's Boat Yard

New Boatbuilder's Page (Need to Know Info in the US.)

Glenn-L:....  One of the biggie Plan suppliers.

Clark Craft:.... Where I Started:   Plans Galore.