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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans



Background History

This page gives a little of my history and my boatbuilding history. Currently I am 39 years old, married with 4 children and live in Sioux City Iowa. I was born in Philidelphia and raised in Montreal, Canada. I moved back to the states when I entered the Air Force in '83. After 4 years 8 months I got out of the Air Force, got married and entered the Army. Six years and a few moves later, I got out of the Army and entered the Army National Guard in Rapid City, SD. Getting a job at Gateway computers forced a move to Sioux City in '95.


My boat building history starts back in '81 when I was part of a team of people who built a 12' cedar strip canoe. I was in on the fiberglassing and finishing, and was the first to try it in water. We even built woven 'Babiche' seats out of moose rawhide. The next boat I built is still unfinished as of 03/10/02. This boat is   "First Attempt"   (photos in picture section).   I started this boat in August of '00 and had the hull built and finished before Christmas. Then January '01 happened. On the 4th I slipped on some ice and broke my leg. During the subsequent months recuperating, I spent day and night on the web, and playing with boat designs on my computer. I decided that I could design and build some simple boats and perhaps be able to build and sell them (this remains to be seen as I'm still my best and only customer)   So I applied and got my manufacturers ID and built a few of my designs as prototypes (which you can see on these pages). Currently I have a couple of dozen designs in various lengths. Some are just exercises and others I'm really enthusiastic about.


Below is my Logo. I originally started to build "First Attempt" so I could take my kids fishing. When I started my "business", I envisioned building inexpensive fishing boats for small lakes and ponds (the LilJon series and the Fisher series), so the drawing seemed appropriate. I'd love to catch THAT fish though!


Drawing courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art