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Fisher 10

Fisher10 is being built Here.

A 10 ft V-bottom Stitch and Glue MotorSkiff for Fishing and Fun.

This is the Fisher10. I have in mind 12 and 14 foot versions too, if I like how this one comes out. An 8 foot version, for one person, might be considered too. The waterline shown is for 450 lbs total weight. Deadrise is only 8 deg. so this one will plane with low hp, but should soften the chop quite well. Boat is build Stitch and Glue, for weight savings. Please check out the build link above. The boat is about done and looks right on. I will be making the offsets for the panels avaliable very soon.

Vital Statistics

Length: 10 feet

Max Beam: 54.75 inches

Beam at chine: 45.5 inches.

Boat weight: 75lbs.

Payload: 475 lbs or 3 adults + gear.

Freeboard: 10 inches.

Motor Capacity: 12 hp (9.9 recommended)

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