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A little one sheet canoe designed for the Cub Scout den my son was in.

Please read this Disclaimer before building any plans found on this site:

Free Plans for this boat are available  below 

Original CubCanu:        Mk11, ScoutCanu, ScoutYak:

Useful info on wood and epoxy building:


ScoutCanu is being built    HERE:


A little while ago, I read a post on Gavin Atkin's Mouse group, and someone had built a CubCanu. He said the boat worked OK, but that the sides were a little high for his tastes, and it was slower than a Mouse. When I was designing the boat, I thought that 12" was a good height. I was also thinking that it would be for 2 kids, in the 80lb range. Under actual use, I don't know if you could stuff 2 kids into one. After reflection and looking at a lot of single person paddling boats, I came to the conclusion that I could better use some of the height of the sides in widening the bottom. So...I did a revamp of the plans, and included plans for a 12 foot version called ScoutCanu. I also stuck in a kayak version called ScoutYak. These plans are free to use, all I ask for is some pictures and reports on the building and performance.




These Pictures show that the side panels and the half view of the bottom are the same profile. Very easy to lay out. Also easy to modify. The ends are actually square, not flaired as shown, but the software wouldn't let me do it any other way.



Here is my son testing a design that I came up with for his Cub Scout den. This little boat takes up one sheet of 1/4" ply, a few 1x2" furring strips and a couple of 1/2" scraps for the ends. Seams are taped and the whole thing is resined. Waterline looks good with 105 lbs in it. It even took MY almost 200 lbs with pretty good grace. No pics of that though!


Two boats, different profiles. The one in back is the original design, the one in front is modified. An extended flat section has been inserted into the middle of the boat, to increase the load capacity slightly.   Rear transom has been enlarged too. Don't know if I really like the lines as much as the original. Trying for some additional stability, but may revert to the other for asthetics and ease of construction.


The design that I put on the web has some deviations from the original. I put a parallel section in the middle (left) to increase the load capacity a little. The boat on the left also has a larger transom in the rear and less bottom rocker aft of the mid point. This is an experiment to increase directional stability and is not in the plans. I may amend the plans to reflect the original design along with the modification (s?). I kinda like the curves of the original.


Here we see the interiors. The one on the left was actually built by the Cub Scouts and we decided to put a few extra stringers on the bottom to make it easier to attach the bottom to the sides. The sides are attached to the transoms and then the bottom is popped on using the stringers as a formers and attaching points. SS screws were driven into the stringers to tie everything together. Center spreader was a mistake, (noticed later). It was supposed to have 2 spreaders, 1ft from the centerline each.


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