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Apartment Boat


A Nesting Flat-Bottom Boat that can fit into a Closet .


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This was my submission to the Duckworks Magazine Design Contest for 2001.

The boat was designed as a 1-2 person nesting Jon boat that someone who lives in an apartment can carry up stairs and stash into a closet or storage spot. Nested, the boat is 42" X 54" and about 50 lbs or less.



Profile of the Apartment boat. Tank flotation is sufficient for a small motor. If paddle/row is desired, omit the tanks and use front curve as template for curve at rear, providing rocker for proper rowing.





Here's the Bow/Stern view

Vital Statistics

Length: 8 feet

Max Beam: 42 inches

Beam at chine: 36 inches.

Boat weight: 50-75 lbs.

Payload: 300 lbs or 2 adults + gear.

Freeboard: 14 inches.

Motor Capacity: 3 hp


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