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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans


Zephyr is a 13.5 foot (4.1m) Multichined Vee bottom sailing/rowing boat. Beam is 4.5 ft and it uses a weighted daggerboard for stability. The rig shown is a sliding gunter with a sprit boom and is as efficient as a bermuda rig with the associated spars being significantly shorter and more easily stowed. The bottom has a mild Vee, for good initial stability and decent waterflow characteristics. It will also be a nice rower for one or two persons, with a small skeg for directional stability and a nice broad rowing seat. Of course, the builder will be able to arrange the interior seating as needed.

This is still a concept design, and will remain so until someone asks for plans.

Anyone interested can email me at or join us at our lewisboats yahoo group.