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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans




This is still a concept design, and will remain so until someone asks for plans. This would be a medium to hard build, especially if you wanted to install an inboard. I started plans but lost them to a hard drive meltdown, so I would need to start from scratch again. I can come up with panel offsets quickly but actual instructions to build... that would be a while. I don't have the space or time to do this build so I would have to try and anticipate the build sequence and any issues a builder would face. I would recommend this boat for people who already have one or two builds under their belts and/or feel they have the capacity to overcome major or minor problems that will undoubtedly crop up. This design is right up the ally for those who can't help tinkering and modifying instead of doggedly following every step by step in an existing plan.

Anyone interested can email me at or join us at our lewisboats yahoo group.