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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans



Tips , Tricks and Thingamabobs

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What kills the cure? Vinegar.   Use vinegar to soak your brushes, rollers etc. It also works to clean your hands. Vinegar stops the cure from happening, unlike acetone or other thinners, which eventually evaporate and allow the epoxy to cure hard.


A tongue depressor, dipped in melted wax and allowed to cool, then scraped of excess wax, is a fantastic epoxy putty spreader. The putty just wipes off!


A mobile, small boat building platform/utility table.

With wheels attached

Top: the slots are for attaching sawhorses, braces or any other stuff. It is 8 ft long and 3 ft wide.

A pretty stiff structure. The square pads are for the casters. 2 of them have locks, and 2 do not.


The Redneck compass

A piece of scrap, with the dimensions of the radius marked and a hole drilled for the pencil (a little smaller and jammed in). The nail is just hammered through the wood enough so the point is about the same length through as the pencil.

The darned thing works! I suppose that a nice piece of aluminum, marked at 1" intervals would be something to make....Someday!  This is what the millitary calls " Field Expedient".