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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans

PoorBoy Skiff

As you can tell, This one is really easy to knock together. The side panels are 16" strips of 1/4" ply, the bottom comes from one sheet of 3/8" ply. Buttblocks are used to connect the two pieces of each side panel and the little triangle of bottom. Chine logs are used to attach the bottom to the sides.


The transom is 3/4" ply with a doubler at the top for mounting a motor.


Seat is a simple box filled with foam. frame helps spread the ply forward.


Knees are leftover 3/4" ply. Note buttblock and space on top. This is for inwale/stiffener. Transom doubler is not yet installed.


View of the frame (diagonal is cranking a slight out of squarness back into shape. It gets sealed into the frame). Note small buttblock on bottom. Inwale glued and drying. It is Mahogany ranch moulding @$.88/ft. The bottom was 'glassed and the hull was sealed with a coat of epoxy all the way around.

The boat is finished and I traded it to a friend for a flatbed trailer. I will get pictures of it when I can.


Plans for PoorBoy