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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans




Here is a new rendering of the hull... slightly tweaked but still very similar to the original.



Dugout is a 14.9 foot (4.54m) Multichined Vee bottom dugout shaped canoe that is built out of 1/4 inch ply. Maximum beam is 39.8 inches. The bottom has a very mild Vee, for good initial stability and decent waterflow characteristics. Capacity is 2 people plus camping gear or up to about 500 lbs. Construction is of Stitch and Glue and should weight in the neighborhood of 55-65lbs or so, depending on ply, weight of cloth used (and how much) and weight of materials selected to finish the boat. I now have offsets available for the panels if anyone is interested. It looks like, if carefully done, everything that is plywood can come out of 3 sheets... with the exception of the cargo pad. This could be replaced with solid wood floorboards if desired. I can supply the panel offsets, basic instructions on assembly and materials suggestions.

Anyone interested can email me at or join us at our lewisboats yahoo group.