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Lewis Boat Works: Custom Boat building and Plans



Chugger Plans

Here are the plans for Chugger (finally). Please note that I am not the greatest of artists, nor can I CAD, so the drawings are all done in Paint. As a result, they are not to scale and are ment as a visual reference for the building instructions. The plans consist mostly of building instructions, and a few reference drawings. I also consider the pictures in Being Built section to be part and parsel of the visual aids, though the plans may diverge from what you see in the pictures. This is because I learned from building it myself and have written the plans to reflect the experiences gained. These plans are the first iteration and are subject to change as things pop into my head and others are suggested by the readers. Please feel free to check back here to see if they have been up-dated, or any additional drawings or pictures illustrating something have been added. Below are the thumbnails, which are links to the full sized versions, and the link to the building instructions is at the bottom. The instructions are in the form of a Word document. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the plans or something isn't clear or you have a suggestion. I have put up .TXT versions, as some people have had problems with the Word versions. There are no drawings or diagrams in the .txt versions.

Please check back frequently, as new drawings and plans revisions will be posted here (fairly) regularly. I am also working on more variations of the initial design.




Click here to see some of the variations of Chugger that are possible.


Here are the Building Instructions in a Word 2000 document

Here are the Instructions in a .TXT file, without picture

Here are the Instructions for Lengthening the boat, Word 2000

Here are the Lengthening Instructions in a .TXT file

Here are the Instructions for Narrowing the Bows, Word 2000

Here are the Narrowing Instructions in a .TXT file