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Hello.... and Welcome to Lewis Boat Works.



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Duckworks Magazine Design contest Winner for 2004!


The LilJon Series of Jon Boats.

  Chugger($200± Cabin Cruiser)


ScoutCanu                                                                 CubCanu


First Attempt                             SimpleSimon                                                           Fisher10                  


Podyak12 kayak                                                                  PoorBoy Skiff     


              Tugger: a Mini Tug               Zephyr: Sailing/rowing Skiff                                       


And a whole bunch of others (too many to list here: check the Design & Plans page).

*** New plans available (for Dugout... email me) ***


I started a support group for those who want to build any these boats or just talk about building them or any other boats. Hoping to have building tips, tricks,do's and don'ts, along with new plans from time to time. Please check us out.

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