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HWUN is an heuristic WISE-Setup Unpacker, intended to break the bindings to
static version tables of WISE as EXWISE (Andrew de Quincey) and
E_WISE (Veit Kanngieser) do. The advantage is that HWUN could handle
future WISE versions, too, without any further update. The disadvantage is,
that the heuristic methods may not work on several types which EXWISE or
E_WISE would unpack successfully.

This page is mainly designed for download purposes. Feel free to download
anything you'll find here and try experiments with the provied sourcecode!
See the included readme files for further history information...

HWUN version 0.11b
- first released public version
- resolved filenames to a batchfile

HWUN version 0.20b
- several bugfixes, see readme!.txt
- filename resolving improved and
renaming now done by Win9x
interrupt function calls

HWUN version 0.30b
- file time/date retrieving
- windows LFN support detecion
- bugfix: scriptfile end now
respected more carefully
-bugfix: long filename support
for the WISE executable

HWUN version 0.40a
- compiled with VirtualPascal
- win32 console application (XP compatible)
- totally rewritten approximation routine
- some command line options
- minor problems with inflate.pas
(see included readme)
- renaming of each file displayed now
- a minor bugfix (when renaming files)

HWUN version 0.40b
- a very important bugfix!
- the original inflate.pas is now used
again, because my hacked inflate.pas
didn't work for certain files
- real archive offset detection improved,
no more "try PKZIP" errors and shit

HWUN version 0.50a
- completely new design
- E_WISE alike command line with
destination directory
- multifile support (exe, w01, w02, ...)
- true PKZIP format detection and support
- approximation routine improved again
- new selfmade inflate routines (slower)
- real archive offset finder now stable (own inflate)
- renaming routine now very secure

HWUN is done by Jägermeister Markus