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Freeperson Press Edition of
A Course In Miracles 

also known as
 The Criswell Edition
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Historical Significance: What is unique about this edition?

For more details see the book Journey Without Distance by Robert Skutch (pg.110-117)

From the Foundation For Inner Peace Website. Click below to visit them.

"Founded in 1972 by Judith and Robert Skutch and chartered under the State of New York's nonprofit organization laws, the Foundation for Inner Peace was initially called Foundation for ParaSensory Investigation. This early name reflected the Foundation's educational interest and support of parapsychological research in academia at the time..." "The first edition of A Course in Miracles, published by the Foundation for Inner Peace in the late summer of 1975, was actually a reduced-size, soft cover offset production of the manuscript, about 300 copies in all..."

Copyright information as it appears in the First Edition.

Timeline of the various versions and where they fit in the scheme of things:


1) Jesus dictated the Course to Helen, Helen scribed dictation in a shorthand note book. That edition is known as THE SHORTHAND NOTEBOOKS

2) William Thetford typed contents of the Shorthand notebooks. That edition is known as THE URTEXT.

3) Helen retyped and edited the Urtext and removed a lot of what was considered too personal, and  ALL references to sex. She also put in chapter breaks and headings. The second retyping is known variously as: THE HUGH LYNN CAYCE VERSION, THE HLC, JESUS' COURSE IN MIRACLES or JCIM.

4) Helen, with the help of Kenneth Wapnick further edited the Cayce version, removed more passages that were considered inappropriate, re-ordered and renamed the chapters and made extensive changes to the vocabulary.  That edition is known variously as, THE NUN'S VERSION, THE CRISWELL EDITION, and THE FIRST EDITION. According to Robert Skutch in the book Journey Without Distance (pg.110-117), the Holy Spirit told them to only print 300 copies of this edition. This also marked the first attempt at copyrighting the Course.

5) Kenneth Wapnick made further changes to the first edition and that edition is known as THE SECOND EDITION. That is the edition that you are likely to find in a book store. And is regarded by Kenneth Wapnick as the only authorized version.


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