This section contains several links to some of the best movie review sites on the Web, all of which do not have a special section or focus on G-films (but several of them do include reviews of G-films, including Cold Fusion Video and MonsterHunter). Another good review site, Stomp Tokyo, is linked in my section on Godzilla Links, since it includes a special section dealing with reviews of G-films. Although this is primarily a site devoted to Godzilla, I figured that many of us G-fans may have cinematic interests beyond the Big G (hey, it is possible!), particularly in related film genres such as sci-fi, horror, fantasy, adventure, suspense, etc. Many of these sites deal exclusively with "bad movies," those exhalted films that are in the "so bad it's good" category, which are enjoyed by a dedicated number of movie aficionados, and this category includes many movies in the exploitation genre (which G-films are often attributed to). Other review sites, however, deal with films of the above genres that are of every level of quality imaginable.

Many of the sites dealing with bad movies contain reviews that are incredibly hilarious, but of an exceedingly derogatory manner towards the cast and crew of the flicks in question, which will make you feel extremely guilty as you laugh your head off while reading them :)

Now, however, it's disclaimer time again: for those of you who are of such an age where you are still the legal property of your loving and overprotective parents, please note that many of these sites deal with films containing a lot of violence, sex, and sleazy exploitation themes, along with sometimes healthy doses of profanity, so you sensitive types (read: minors with sensitive parents) may be inclined to steer clear. Also, since none of these sites are my own, I cannot be held accountable for their content, nor for anything that their respective webmasters may choose to add in the future.
Then again, if you happen to have an AOL account, and your parents take advantage of those nice little "parental control" options, then chances are that all of these sites are inaccessible to you anyway.

Movie Review Sites

Cold Fusion Video Reviews--Nathan Shumate has some very well-written reviews of films and prose of disparate cinematic and literary quality!

Dante's Inferno--Dante is a really cool guy and a really astute reviewer of numerous movies of the sci-fi/horror/adventure/fantasy genres!

Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension--if you think that my reviews sometimes run long, just wait until you see Ken Begg's enormously lengthy reviews of many bad movies, where he points out every single flaw and discrepancy in every film he reviews! If you are a filmmaker, you do not want to end up on his site! Ken and I may not see eye to eye politically, and I know he thinks I dislike him (untrue! I've been a fan of his site for a long time, and though it may seem that a Marxist and a conservative cannot get along, just keep in mind that even Superman and Lex Luthor have been known to work together on occasion when a common enemy threatened the planet!) but there can be no doubt that Ken is a brilliant writer and reviewer of films bar none, and his reviews are a veritable treasure trove of cinematic and cultural history, and should be considered required reading for all pop culture aficionados (yes, even for us Left-leaning folks:)!

Teleport City--A large number of finely written reviews about various films, prose, and music, all brought to you by the talented cyber pen of Keith Allison!

Monster Hunter--a great site with abrasive but masterfully written reviews of many movies of every conceivable quality, including but far from limited to G-films...you may feel bad for laughing at the way my pal MH picks so many of these movies apart, but you will be hard pressed to find writing that is more insightful, scathing, and witty in equal combination...be sure to check this one out! :)

The Unknown Movies--This fine site by Greywizard features finely written reviews of many bizarre and wondrous films you have probably never heard of before!

And You Call Yourself A Scientist!--This movie review site of numerous films with sci-fi and horror themes of varying quality is nicely helmed by real life scientist Liz Kingsley, who is likely the best and most adroit writer of the many talented film reviewers to be found on the Web, and her site is an absolute must see for all fans of these genres!

Opposable Thumb Films--J. Bannerman pens some great reviews of sometimes less than great movies!

WTF-FILM--a great film review site that not only includes well fleshed-out ruminations on several classic kaiju flicks, but many films from other genres as well, and the reviews are first rate!

Fantastic Sci Fi, Horror, and Fantasy Sites (including invaluable Wold Newton Universe reference sources)

An Expansion of Phillip Jose' Farmer's Wold Newton Universe--This absolutely incredible site by Win Scott Eckert is perhaps the best of many sites on the Web extrapolating upon the great SF writer Phillip Jose' Farmer's conception of a common genetic lineage and alternate universe shared by many of Victorian and early 20th century literature's greatest heroes and villians (e.g., Sherlock Holmes, Allan Quartermain, Captain Nemo, Fu Manchu, Tarzan, the Shadow, Doc Savage, etc.) based upon a radioactive meteor that landed near and enhanced the chromosomal matrix of the ancestors of these respective characters in Wold Newton, Yorkshire, England circa 1795, and this site contains a wealth of amazing and informative articles by Win and many other Wold Newton scholars, as well as links to many other Wold Newton online resources...this site is an absolute must see for every fan of fantastic literature!

The Wold Newton Chronicles--Mark Brown's incredible site on everything Wold Newton more than earned its own link here, particularly since much of his personal speculations on available information was of immense assistance to me in compiling my Godzilla Event Timeline...his site should be visited by all fans of the fantastic in fiction! It also links to articles from many other way cool Wold Newton sites (and thank you again, Mark, for solving the "prehistoric survivor" mystery that is present on so many alternate Earths!)

M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H [Maximum Observation and/or Nullification of Supernatural Terrors Autonomous Agents Headquarters]--this is another marvelous site composed by Wold Newton scholars who have compiled an incredibly in depth timeline that focuses primarily upon the "horrific" aspects of the Wold Newton Universe, and competantly attempts to place horror-related events and characters from disparate mediums (literature, movies, TV, etc.) into a single, consistent continuity (for example, has anyone here ever wondered how the title character as written by Bram Stoker in Dracula could possibly share the same reality with the many pretenders to the legendary Vampire Lord's name and title that appeared in the movies produced by Universal, Hammer, and other extraneous bargain basement film companies over the years? Well, these guys make the attempt to fit all of these seemingly contradictory and irreconcilable accounts into a single timeline!)...this site is a must-see for all horrorphiles out there!

Amalgam Chronology Center--a fantastic site from the inimitable Crazy Ivan, a cool dude and a marvelous writer (as well as a fellow Wold Newton Universe researcher/enthusiast), and he has the definitive site on everything about that incredible comic book experiment known as the Amalgam Universe, the alternate reality created when the Marvel and DC Universes merged together as one; his site includes everything you may want to know about that universe but were too mind-boggled to ask, including some great fan fiction that expands upon the concept that Marvel/DC (i.e., Amalgam Comics) introduced us to back in the late 90's]

Win Scott Eckert.com---home page of author Win Scott Eckert, which includes a blog, his meanderings on the Wold Newton Universe, his writings, and many other things!

Utherworld---a terrific cyberspace locale by author and critic Timeshredder, which explores indepth the various fictional universes fans of the uncanny have come to appreciate, along with links to his many excellent reviews of movies, TV series, books, etc., and a lot of terrifically researched non-fiction articles, to boot. This site is especially great for those who are seeking out info on timelines for the many fictional universes Out There!

Monster Magazines: The First Decade--A terrific onine zine published and edited by the inimitable Michael Scott, this is a great and informative trip down horrific nostalgia lane. The history of monster mags from the 1950's and '60's are fully covered here, along with a section on the awesomely outre horror mags of the '70's. More than worth a look!

Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were--Totally awesome site by writer Edgar Governo that links to timelines of numerous different movies, TV series, books, comics, and games.

The Warrenverse: The Amazing World of the Warren Comics Characters--This site by yours truly features detailed indexes that cover in lavish detail the excellent, fondly remembered mostly black and white comic book series published by the late, great Warren Comics from the 1960's to the early 1980's, catering to both Warren fans and creative mythographical researchers. Remember EERIE and VAMPIRELLA? Then check this site out and relive those great moments of yesteryear again!

Last Man Standing--a site by yours truly and Crazy Ivan, and inspired by the cool feature in WIZARD magazine, it consists of fun polls for visitors to vote on which of two characters would win an imaginary battle with each other, with the polls changing periodically. Did any of you dig the Marvel vs. DC voting polls created by the two respective companies for their MARVEL VS. DC mini-series back in 1996? Then Last Man Standing is a site you should check out...and participate in!

Other Outstanding Sites

Crossover and Spin-Offs Master List--this terrific site by the really insightful webmaster Jinxo highlights the connections between various TV shows that all share the same reality (for example, All In The Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, Good Times, Archie Bunker's Place, *cough* Gloria), and both the overt and subtle connections between different shows (how many people are aware that the violent and deadly serious police show Mannix once crossed over with the comedic tongue and cheek sitcom Here's Lucy? Or how about the crossover between the Star Trek and Knightrider franchises? I kid you not!)...this site is a valuable resource for all of us continuity mavens out there!

Other Links to Cool Stuff

Cheetah Burner--If anyone here happens to be looking for some really cool, easy to use, highly affordable, and highly rated CD burning software equipment, then you need do no further than visit the above site. Cheetah has a DVD burner, a CD burner, an audio CD copier, and a (free) audio converter, all easily downloaded from their site. Highly recommended software for the Age of DVD and CD Burning :-)

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