15,000 B.C.-12,000 B.C.

During this epoch, an extremely advanced human civilization flourished on a small continent (slightly smaller than modern Australia) in the Pacific Ocean known as Mu (usually called Lemuria in the Western world today).

It's believed that a similar advanced civilization thrived during the same era on another small continent known as Atlantis, located in the Atlantic Ocean (hence, the etymological origin of that body of water's name).

Numerous extremely impressive advances were made by these two civilizations, such as very advanced genetic engineering techniques, which included the re-creation of various dinosaur species, albeit far larger and stronger, not to mention much more intelligent (about on the level of a Velociraptor) than their counterparts who evolved naturally during the Mesozoic Era. In addition, Muan science likewise created extremely large genetic offshoots of other animal species.

The Muans (and Atlanteans) also invented advanced weaponry, including laser-firing munitions, and the development of vastly powerful energy resources, including those that enable control over the weather and other aspects of the environment, and which utilized the biospheric life force of the planet in an indirect manner by storing such energy in gigantic crystals, which could be tapped by various technologies to create sizable energy generation, enough to power hovercrafts and other sophisticated machinery.

The Muans also experimented upon themselves genetically, bolstering their latent capacity for psychic abilities, many of which developed powers of telepathy, levitation, astral projection, and other notable psionic abilities, as well as eliminating the deleterious effects of the aging process and thus extending their natural life spans almost indefinitely (provided they weren't killed by some source other than aging or disease). Eventually, the Muans developed into a race who referred to themselves by a name that roughly translated into their various indigenous languages as "Cosmos" (their telepathic abilities effectively rendered any language barriers null and void). The Cosmos eventually ceased warring for domination of the world with Atlantis, and came to a compromise when both of these ruling nation-states decided to leave each other to live in peace.

Once the "Great War" with Atlantis had ceased, the Muans discontinued utilizing their genetic engineering for creating plus-sized dinosaurs and other huge animals for the purpose of bio-weapons, and allowed the remainder of these beasts to dwell on various islands and hidden valleys across the globe, but particularly on various atolls in the Pacific Ocean, there to live out their natural life spans unhindered by Muan or Atlantean interference. The Cosmos then turned their genetic experimentation back upon themselves in numerous unique ways, including the creation of a sub-species among them who stood but six inches in height, which enabled them to live with consuming considerably less amounts of food and water, and also because this process was discovered to somehow enhance their already artificially enhanced psionic abilities, and as a result many of these six inch tall variants of the Cosmos often became the priests/priestesses or spiritual guides of the matriarchal Muan society.

Most significantly, this sub-species of Cosmos achieved a strong empathic rapport with the sentient consciousness of the Earth's biosphere itself, and made great efforts to harmonize themselves with the will of Mother Earth. As such, working in concert with various Cosmos priestesses, whenever a threat to the human race would present itself, the life force of the Earth would create an enormously gigantic and proto-sentient guardian in the form of a gigantic moth, who could perpetually recreate herself in cyclical fashion in larva form after her adult stage's life span ran its course; this gigantic lepidopteron protector of humanity would, many millennia later, be referred to in the English language as Mothra (she was called "Mosura" in the modern Japanese language).

Unfortunately, the great reign of peace for Mu/Lemuria and Atlantis came to a tragic and destructive end when a few unnamed and unscrupulous residents of Mu constructed a device that enabled them to tap the biospheric life energies of the Earth in a very direct, highly reckless manner, thus granting them a near-unlimited source of energy generation to power their crystal storage units and various advanced technological conveyances, no longer caring for the integrity of the greater environment around them, as they came to believe that their race was above the concerns of nature. Over the course of a few decades, more and more denizens of Mu began to adopt this ideology, and to build devices to utilize this form of easy and powerful energy storage and generation, and eventually the technology was duplicated and used by many residents of Atlantis also. This continued regardless of the fact that this process was extremely detrimental to the biosphere of the planet, and was rapidly creating worldwide catastrophes in regards to frenzied weather patterns and extreme disruptions in the planet's tectonic plates.

Reacting to this, the "masculine" aspect of Mother Earth, i.e., the sentient consciousness of the planet, created a "dark" version of Mothra, a gigantic male moth-like creature who would later be known as Battra. Unlike Mothra, who was created by the bio-mystical life force of the Earth to protect humanity, Battra (like another, later creation of the masculine aspect of the Earth's consciousness, the dragon-like kaiju known as Bagan) was created to protect the planet itself. As such, the powerful gigantic "dark" moth began fulfilling his biologically 'pre-programmed' directive of attacking and destroying every colony of humanity that he could locate, beginning with the advanced civilizations of Mu and Atlantis, since he identified humanity as the source of the Earth's devastation, and thus decided to wipe out the human race. The powerful defensive might of Mu and Atlantis were helpless against the combined power of Battra and the highly destructive storms and devastating earthquakes and vulcanism that was afflicting the entire world, particularly surrounding both island nations of Mu and Atlantis.

Pleading to the more nurturing feminine aspect of the Earth's life force, the two reigning priestesses of Mu, who were two identical twins that were telepathically and empathically linked with each other at all times, they begged Her to spare humanity by creating Mothra anew. Acceding to the wishes of the peaceful priestesses, whom the life force of the Earth was "convinced" represented great potential in the human race, did as requested. Led by the priestesses, Mothra engaged Battra in a very fierce and lengthy battle as the internecine weather and the surface of the earth ravaged the two island nations. Although Mothra managed to triumph and slay Battra after a monumental battle, the devastation wrought by the "dark" titanic lepidopteron combined with the two island nations being buttressed with huge tidal waves, earthquakes, and volcano activity, and coupled with much of the desperate citizenry draining yet more of the planet's life force to power their remaining weaponry and escape vehicles, exacerbated the global havoc to the point that the legendary Great Cataclysm was triggered, and the landmasses of both Atlantis and Mu shattered and sunk to the bottom of their respective oceans.

In the process, very few Atlanteans escaped, and they soon intermingled with the scattered colonies of primitive humans that lived elsewhere in the world, and barely any remnant of their once great civilization survived, with all of their amazing technology gone forever, and it wasn't until the 20th century that mainstream humanity began to approach their level of technical advancement.
As for Mu, the entire Cosmos civilization allegedly died and the Cataclysm, with only the last twin priestesses, who had physically merged their life forces with Mothra to guide her, survived. As a result, the two identical twin girls, who never physically aged beyond their late adolescence thanks to Muan science and their own near-total psionic and bio-mystical control of their physical forms, took the name of their once proud people, the Cosmos, for themselves alone. Under their guidance, Mothra relocated them to a nearby but much smaller Pacific atoll, which later became known as Infant Island, there to dwell peacefully amidst a peaceful but primitive tribe of normally evolved human beings. The two remaining Cosmos became the priestesses of the people on Infant Island, and whenever Mothra was again incarnated into physical existence by the life force of the Earth, the titanic moth became the official guardian of the priestesses and the people of Infant Island, where she would henceforth always manifest, as well as the overall guardian of all humanity. The twin Cosmos would remain on Infant Island for millennia, outliving the human tribes on that island, and continued to live there into the final decade of the 20th century.

The Great Cataclysm was so tremendous that little tangible evidence of the Atlanteans' and Muans' advanced technology and civilization remained amongst the greater world around them, and until the late 20th century of the Common Era, the only real evidence of their existence was based entirely upon cryptic writings recorded by various scribes during the historical period. By the year 10,000 B.C., the entire global population of the Earth (then far smaller than the current population) was left bereft of the Atlantean and Muan culture and technological advances, and returned to an age of barbarism that required the human race to slowly crawl their way back up to the level of industrialization extant in the present era (though the global human population, now divided into numerous competing nation-states, has yet to match many of the advances made by those two ancient 'super-civilizations,' particularly in the realm of energy production and genetic engineering).

Since the advanced civilizations of Atlantis and Mu were destroyed, thus allowing the Earth's biosphere to slowly recover over the course of a few hundred years, and it wouldn't be until the 19th century that the human race would again become an industrialized, technologically advanced conglomerate of societies, there was no reason for Battra to manifest again, and he would not be recreated by the "masculine" aspect of the Earth's life force until the early 1990s.

The majority of the extra-large dinosaurs and other huge animals created by Muan science were likewise killed off during the tumult of the Great Cataclysm, and the high degree of planetary devastation leading up to it, though scattered remnants of them in increasingly smaller numbers remained in various isolated parts of the world, though largely concentrated in small, often individual numbers on various uninhabited Pacific atolls, where they would sometimes be encountered by human explorers and adventurers over the ensuing millennia, and these mostly plus-sized dinosaurs (many of them were twice the size of their naturally evolved counterparts from the Mesozoic Era) likely gave rise to at least some of the legends of dragons and other mythological monsters (though actual bio-mystical dragons and other such creatures also existed in this reality; see below).

One large carnosaur who was descended from these artificially created extra-large dinosaurs would be living on Lagos Island into the early 20th century, and his enhanced genetic structure would enable him to mutate into a far larger and vastly powerful dai kaiju upon exposure to atomic bomb tests conducted by the U.S. government, and the resulting kaiju would eventually ravage 20th century humanity and earn the sobriquet of the "King of the Monsters." Other ultra-dinosaurs would likewise mutate into dai kaiju during the 20th century [author's speculations based upon evidence found in many tangentially connected alternate realities, including the Daiei Universes and the Wold Newton Universe, along with evidence provided in Godzilla and Mothra: Battle For Earth, Godzilla vs. King Ghidora, and Mark Brown's online article "Prehistoric Survivors in the Pacific"].

Ancient Japan (specific circa unknown, but probably close to 8,000 B.C.)

The pre-medieval hero Yamato Takeru obtains his warrior skills along with the mystical amulet he acquired from the gods themselves that will give him a plethora of special abilities, including that of shape-shifting and a variety of powerful weapons, which he will use to defend his fledging homeland from various supernatural menaces, the deadliest of whom is the eight-headed fire-breathing dragon Orochi. All of Takeru's many adventures are recorded for posterity as the classic Japanese myth of "The Golden Bough," one of the most important myths in the history of the island nation [Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon (a.k.a., Yamato Takeru)].

790-794 A.D.

In a rural region somewhere in ancient feudal Japan, a little girl name Kaya accidentally drowns, much to the heartbreak of her father, an impoverished bamboo cutter. However, a few months after this, a brilliant light encompasses the sky, and a golden shell-like casing emerges from what appears to be a dimensional rift, landing in the near-vicinity of the late Kaya's grave, and gaining her father's attention. Within the shell is an infant girl who appears to be a near-exact duplicate of Kaya, who is obviously and joyously taken in and raised by the latter's father, who views this extraordinary event as a miracle.

This infant doppelganger of Kaya rapidly matures into young adulthood and apparently full intellectual self-awareness in one night, and she possesses eerily beautiful blue eyes as well as a strange set of apparently supernatural powers, which are likely the result of an inherent trans-dimensional ability to affect the natural etheric tides and eddies flowing about the world's biosphere at all times. Though the bamboo cutter's wife is ambivalent about taking in his faux Kaya, her husband persuades her to acquiesce when he points out that they can sell the golden shards of her shattered "craft" for a lot of currency.

Due to the wealth the small family acquires after selling the shards of gold, Kaya has many suitors courting her from the local region, and her father expresses his desire that she find and marry a particularly wealthy nobleman out of the lot. Wishing to choose the greatest of them all as her future husband, Kaya demands that the three best suitors she has thus far seen compete against each other to bring her various legendary treasures existing across the breadth of the island nation during this time period.

Kaya courts trouble and opposition, however, when she refuses advances from the reigning emperor, and this causes her to come into conflict with one of his chief minions, Reverand Doson, who accuses her of being a spy from a foreign land (he had no idea that she had evidently arrived from another dimensional plane). In the meantime, her three suitors went about their quest, one of them encountering what appeared to be a dangerous aquatic sea serpent (though it's not known if this was a bio-etheric dragon of legend, similar but considerably less powerful than that of Orochi, or if this was in fact a descendant of one of the synthetically created sea serpent-like kaiju created millennia earlier as bio-weapons by Muan genetic engineering; in this author's opinion, it was more likely the latter).

Ultimately, however, none of the trio of potential suitors won Kaya's hand, as a large, luminous, UFO-like construct penetrated into the Earth dimension, which appeared to be similar to the energy-based 'techno-constructs' of various etheric beings masquerading as extraterrestrial beings during their incursions into the Earth dimension during the 20th century, and who made up a bulk of the UFO phenomenon of that era, tailoring their appearance, mode of transportation, and behavior to that of contemporary human conceptions of what extraterrestrial beings would look and act like, though the bizarre dream-like logic of their actions would often betray their true nature. This faux "ghost" Kaya was emblematic of these beings' ability to manipulate human genetics to a large degree, as well as exerting power over the realms of physical matter by manipulating their base quantum matrices, which includes (within limits) the power of matter transmutation and the temporary conversion of energy into a matter-like substance, this enabling them to synthesize a metallic substance analogous to gold out of base elements, and to temporarily create constructs that resembled a gigantic technological craft; in actuality, this craft was the collective, hive-like consciousness of several of these etheric beings creating a means of entering and briefly interacting with the physical Earth dimension, though they are forced to move in harmony with Earth's etheric and astral "tides," which are controlled by the lunar cycles and other stellar phenomena.

Though the true nature of the "faux" Kaya was never revealed, it appears that she was a semi-unwitting agent of this otherdimensional consciousness, created by duplicating the rough genetic structure of the deceased girl whose physical template she emulated, and imbued with the consciousness and sentience of one of the etheric beings, but allowed to believe that she was essentially human, there to interact with humanity and learn about them, until such time as she could be reclaimed by her creators.

Following one particular lunar cycle that enabled these etheric beings (often referred to as "faeries" and "light elves" in different Pagan belief systems) to enter the Earth dimension from the "higher" realms of existence, while ensconced in what appeared to be a huge "mothership" [it was interpreted as such via the contemporary artistic license of modern day chroniclers of this event, whose details survived in Japanese folklore; in reality, the "mothership" may have appeared to the inhabitants of the time as a gigantic golden chariot, or some other conveyance that was culturally identifiable to them]. This conclave of the etheric beings then revealed to the "ghost" Kaya, via telepathy, that her mission on the Earth plane was concluded, and she was thus restored to her original, energy-based form and returned to her home dimensional plane, with her intra-dimensional race the richer for her experience [Princess From the Moon].

Pre-20th Century Historical Era

Little is known of the possibly rich history of this timeline between the era of ancient Japan and the 20th century prior to the early 1940s.


As World War II raged on, a small Japanese army unit, led by a young and intrepid Lt. Chiaki Morimura, was operating on a remote Pacific atoll called Lagos Island. There, they find themselves playing a cat and mouse game with a much larger and better armed contingent of the U.S. Navy and Army Air Force. Holed up in a small cave on the atoll, Morimura instructed his small unit that the only choice they had was to go out in a blaze of glory by charging their Western opponents and trying to take as many of them out as possible before inevitably losing their own lives, and the entire unit agreed in full patriotic fervor.

As the battle commenced, several of the grenades hurled by the large American military unit ended up disturbing the lair of a 12 meter tall carnosaur, an obvious descendant of the extra-large, synthetic dinosaurs created as bio-weapons by Muan/Lemurian science many millennia past by analyzing and enhancing fossilized dinosaur DNA. This particular ultra-carnosaur was latter dubbed a "Godzillasaurus" in a 1998 book on the history of Godzilla by Kenichiro Terasawa, since this carnosaur was the latter "King of the Monsters" prior to his artificially enhanced genetic structure being mutated by exposure to atomic radiation, courtesy of reckless atomic bomb tests in the Pacific conducted during that decade by the U.S. government.

Extremely angered at having his lair disturbed in such a manner, the enraged carnosaur attacked the American military unit. The dinosaur's thick hide proved resistant to their gunfire, and numerous of the soldiers were killed by the pursuing ultra-dinosaur as they fled to the beach, where an American battleship waited offshore. Upon reaching the beach, the commander of the battleship ordered his men to open fire on the dinosaur with their much larger weapons. Seriously injured, the dinosaur finally fell. However, as the American soldiers on the beach inspected the huge creature, it turned out that the dinosaur, despite his injuries, was actually playing possum, and it quickly rose and brutally slaughtered the remainder of the American land unit. The American battleship opened fire again, felling the dinosaur once more. The battleship mistakenly believed that the Japanese unit was likewise killed off, and they then ordered a retreat, with the command that his men not publicly reveal what they witnessed (Godzilla vs. King Ghidora).

The commander planned that in order to prove his story, another American military and scientific unit would arrive to collect the carcass of the dinosaur. However, when such a unit arrived on Lagos Island days later, no such carcass was found, due to the intervention of the Futurians (see below). The bodies of all of the American soldiers were indeed found, of course, but no sign of the Japanese military unit who were known to be on that island was in evidence. Thus, it was suggested that these soldiers were slaughtered by some unknown Japanese agency, and that the commander of the battleship thus had no way to prove his dinosaur sighting, not even to his immediate superior officers. Consequently, he and the men under his command were duly debriefed and ordered to keep their mouths shut while the American War Department investigated further. This investigation proved fruitless, though years later the truth of the matter became obvious [author's speculation].

Morimura believed that the dinosaur was sent by the spirits of his ancestors to save the lives of his unit, and as such, he instructed his men to say a prayer of gratitude and honor to the insensate dinosaur, who lay seriously injured and apparently slowly recovering from those injuries [the Muans created their synthetic dinosaurs and other large animal mutants to be extremely hardy, and to take hits from weapons much more advanced than those the early 20th century soldiers were carrying, just as their genetic structure was designed to absorb and resist various types of dangerous energy, such as nuclear energy, a side effect being their genetic ability to use such chromosome altering energy to further enhance their genetic structure and thus mutate into even more powerful forms…this insured that these weapons would not easily be wiped out regardless of the forces their Atlantean opposition could wield against them]. That done, Morimura and his men left the island and returned to their native Japan.

Unbeknownst to any of the soldiers on either side, these events were covertly witnessed by anachronauts from two different future time periods. A small time ship called K.I.D.S., the product of early 23rd century science, was secretly present on Lagos Island, the ship shielded from the projectile and explosives of the time. On board that ship were two individuals who were indigenous to the year 2204, an adventurer named Emi Kano and a powerful humanoid android designated Android M-1. Also present were three individuals from the year 1992, young author Kenichiro Terasawa, youthful telepath, kaiju expert, and Japanese government agent Miki Seagusa, and an older paleontologist who was likewise employed by the Japanese gov. The anachronauts from 1992 were told that this was a mission to attempt to alter the past by preventing Godzilla's existence [thus exploiting the lack of time travel knowledge and simple common sense about temporal mechanics that afflicted people from the 20th century]. In actuality, these 'Futurians' from the 23rd century had other plans (see below). Utilizing the teleportation technology from K.I.D.S., the dinosaur was transported to the bottom of the Bering Sea, where the anachronauts from 1992 were told that the saurian wouldn't be affected by the atomic bomb blasts, and the entire extratemporal entourage then returned to 1992.

Just prior to leaving, however, Kano released three small, gentle empathic flying creatures created by 23rd century genetic engineering called Drats [transliterated as "Dorats" in certain American text sources] often utilized as pets by people from her indigenous era onto Lagos Island. The genetic structure of this particular trio of Drats was designed to react in a very specific and dramatic manner to the nuclear radiation that the renegade Futurians were well aware would be released around Lagos Island in massive amounts by U.S. government atomic bomb tests during the 1940s. However, this transformation, which would by necessity take a long period of time, would occur over the course of several decades, thus ultimately merging and expanding these three Drats into a 150 meter tall, powerful three-headed winged dragon-like mutation called King Ghidorah, though this massive dai kaiju was genetically "pre-programmed" to remain hidden on the island when the transformation was complete, and to have neurological specifications that would leave the resulting tri-headed beast totally subordinate to the technological control, via certain wave frequencies, by the Futurians in 1992 [Godzilla vs. King Ghidora].

Because the ultra-dinosaurs created by ancient Muan science were genetically designed to go into a very lengthy state of hibernation if they should be injured seriously enough, so that their injuries healed at their own pace without the creatures needing to eat, drink, or expend any other type of energy during that trying period, the Godzillasaurus didn't drown at the bottom of the Bering Sea, nor was he seriously harmed by the pressure at those depths; rather, he remained there in a state of hibernation until he was affected by the atomic radiation released later that year via the aforementioned U.S. atomic bomb tests, which didn't miss the carnosaur simply because he was removed from Lagos Island [author's conjecture, with evidence provided in Godzilla vs. King Ghidora].


When atomic bomb tests were conducted near Lagos Island in the Pacific in the late 1940s, the radioactive residue suffused the waters around the Bering Sea, and this caused the enhanced genetic structure of the hibernating Godzillasaurus laying beneath the depths, who was still slowly healing from his massive injuries incurred in his conflict with the American battleship a year earlier, to absorb huge portions of that atomic energy. This further enhanced the genetic structure of the catatonic carnosaur, and caused the beast to quickly mutate into a vastly powerful, 50 meter tall dai kaiju, who utilized nuclear energy as a power source, and this also "super-charged" the beast's regenerative abilities, which near-instantly healed the kaiju's wounds and awakened him from his hibernation upon the completion of his metamorphosis. This dai kaiju would first menace the local natives of Odo Island, who identified him with a dangerous sea monster from their indigenous folklore, and he would reveal his existence to the world at large in the latter half of 1954, where he would become known as Godzilla, King of the Monsters.

Meanwhile, on Lagos Island, the three extratemporal Drats were likewise affected by the massive influxes of atomic radiation, just as the Futurians had intended. Also as they intended, these three creatures, as per their genetic "pre-programming," merged into a single beast of radically different disposition, and slowly accrued and increased in mass exponentially over the next 48 years (possibly accruing much of that mass extradimensionally via the advanced understanding of bio-physics by the scientific community in the early 23rd century), resulting in the genesis of the enormous three-headed dragon-like kaiju called King Ghidorah, who would not make his presence known to the world until "summoned" by the Futurians' technology on this timeline early in the year 1992 [author's speculations, with evidence provided in Godzilla, King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. King Ghidora].

This atomic radiation would result in the mutation of other hibernating descendants of the ultra-dinosaurs created millennia ago by Muan science on different Pacific islands, including Rodan and Baby Godzilla/Little Godzilla/Godzilla Junior, both of whom would not appear to the general public until the year 1994 [Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2].


As noted above, late in this year Godzilla, named after a legendary sea monster by the natives of Odo Island, began attacking various Japanese ships around the area by hitting them with bursts of atomic radiation from underwater. The 50 meter tall kaiju soon makes a few appearances on Odo Island, where his existence is confirmed by Japanese scientists who were on the atoll. The atomic-powered dai kaiju finally launches an attack on Tokyo itself, easily fending off the attacks of the Japanese Self Defense Force, and reducing the entire city to rubble. After fleeing back to the sea, Godzilla is evidently destroyed when an embittered but brilliant scientist, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, utilizes an invention of his that terrified him, the Oxygen Destroyer, against the kaiju. The scientist commits suicide to prevent any government in the world from ever possessing the secret of such a terrible weapon, and using it against human life.

The entire incident was also recorded firsthand by the visiting American journalist Steve Martin, who was present in Tokyo during Godzilla's attack, and was injured during the onslaught [Godzilla, King of the Monsters].


Not much is known regarding what occurred on this timeline over the course of the next three decades. Apparently, however, the nuclear flotsam making up what was left of Godzilla's cellular structure after it was discorporated by the Oxygen Destroyer was still highly radioactive, and contained viable components of his mega-regenerative ability (i.e., the "G-Organizer"), which continued to exist and floated about the Pacific Ocean, remaining in a barely active state during those three ensuing decades. That flotsam came into frequent contact with nuclear and other chemical waste products left over from the continued reckless usage, testing, and dumping of such material from the various governments across the globe during that time, energies and chemicals which that radioactively charged cellular flotsam happened to absorb and "feed" upon. Thus, within the course of thirty years, this cellular material would continue to grow and reconstitute itself until a "duplicate" of the original Godzilla was created, thus menacing the world again for another 12 years (and longer in other timelines) [author's speculations, with some evidence seen inGodzilla 1985].


In the closing months of this year, a "new" Godzilla with identical characteristics to the original from 30 years earlier had reappeared in the Pacific Ocean after the radioactive flotsam comprised of remnants of his original physical form had come into contact with portions of nuclear and chemical waste that had been carelessly dumped into the ocean by various nations, particularly the United States and the Soviet Union, via their incessant Cold War posturing and defense build-up, over the past three decades. The extraordinary capacity for Godzilla's highly regenerative cellular structure remained intact, and three decades of floating in the Pacific following his near-total discorporation by the Oxygen Destroyer enabled his cellular flotsam to slowly absorb the aforementioned nuclear and chemical wastes they frequently came in contact with so as to eventually fully reconstitute himself [author's speculations, based upon tidbits of evidence that were provided in Godzilla 1985].

Godzilla first made his renewed presence known during the last two months of 1984 when he appeared before a freighter ship called the Yahatu Maru. Though the King of the Monsters had no real interest in the non-nuclear powered ship, and was then actively seeking out radioactive material to feed upon, his mere presence nevertheless signaled a gory death for almost the entire crew of the ship. Various parasitic sea louses which had clung to Godzilla's body mutated due to feeding upon particles of the kaiju's highly radioactive skin, and these creatures, later referred to as Shokila in various science journals, became extremely dangerous creatures that were nearly the size of a human being. A legion of the Shokila attacked the ship and slaughtered most of the crew, draining them of all of their bodily fluids, and then departed the vessel. Only one of the mutant sea louses remained on the ship, and a man named Hoshi Okumura survived the attack by hiding in a small enclosure in one of the ship's cabins, though he was extremely traumatized by the experience. When a reporter named Goro Maki boarded the ship and noted the horrific tableau before him, Maki was attacked by the single Shokila still on board, but he was saved from a gruesome death when the enraged Okumura appeared out of hiding and stabbed the dangerous mutant crustacean to death.

Taken to a hospital by Maki to recover, Okumura recovered from his trauma enough to notify the Japanese press of Godzilla's ominous return. Shortly after this, the Kaiju King sated his insatiable hunger for radioactive material when he attacked and destroyed a nuclear-powered Soviet submarine. Absorbing its large shares of nuclear energy, Godzilla increased in height and power, now growing to a size of 80 meters.

The U.S. and Soviet governments were both alarmed by the return of Godzilla, particularly in lieu of the Soviet submarine's destruction, and both nations sent representatives to discuss policies for dealing with the kaiju with the Japanese Prime Minister Mitamura, particularly since it was near-certain that Godzilla would arrive on the shores of the island nation when he chose to resurface. Mitamura steadfastly refused the suggestion by the representatives of the two rival global "super powers" to use nuclear weapons to destroy Godzilla, or even to allow a nuclear weapon anywhere near Japan, and both governments agreed.

Soon after this, Godzilla resurfaced in Ihama, where the kaiju destroyed a nuclear power plant there for the stores of radioactive material in its reactor core. It was also observed during this attack that Godzilla left the area when the shrieks of a flock of birds flying overhead attracted his attention. A respected biologist named Prof. Hayashida conjectured that Godzilla may be attracted to certain high-pitched sounds, which would be produced by the flock of birds, and he suggested building a transmitter that emitted such sounds so as to lure Godzilla away from certain areas, and the government promptly agreed to finance such a project.

Days later, however, Godzilla emerged from Tokyo Bay, and menaced the city anew. The kaiju's arrival was incredibly devastating, as he destroyed a Soviet freighter that had set port there, and this caused a malfunction in its computer system that was controlling a Russian nuclear weapon that had previously been targeted to Japan prior to the Soviet government agreeing that such weapons should not be used. This triggered the weapon's time-release launch mechanism that was stored in the freighter's computer system, and the missile began slowly descending upon Japan. The commander of the Soviet freighter sacrificed his life in a desperate but tragically unsuccessful attempt to stop the missile's launch.

[When this incident was reported in the American media, in a bit of extremely irresponsible Cold War anti-Soviet propaganda spin doctoring, a journalist covering this story for New World Press claimed that the Soviet government secretly gave the order to "Keep the nuclear option open," and that the commander of the Soviet freighter actually deliberately launched the nuclear missile when Godzilla arrived in Tokyo Bay. This story was later vehemently denied by the Japanese media, who berated the highly disreputable reporting of the aforementioned New World Press journalist, and a letter of apology was later sent to both the Soviet government and the family members of the Soviet commander who nobly sacrificed his life in an attempt to prevent massive deaths in Japan.]

Wreaking havoc in Japan, Godzilla easily bested the efforts of the Japanese Self Defense Force to repel him from the city, just as he did 30 years previous. This time, however, the Japanese government had a much more powerful weapon at their disposal, a flying war machine code-named the Super X, which was designed in the event of a nuclear war. The Super X engaged Godzilla, and managed to fire a poisoned cadmium missile in the titanic kaiju's maw, thus apparently defeating him. However, this victory was to prove short-lived. As the nuclear missile inadvertently launched towards Japan was intercepted in the upper stratosphere above the island nation by an American missile. Though Japan was saved by this effort of international cooperation, the large amounts of radiation released by the destruction of the Soviet nuclear missile in the stratosphere was absorbed by Godzilla's insensate form, thus enabling him to shrug off the effects of the cadmium in his body and to rise again. The Super X renewed its assault on the Atomic Titan with its other formidable weaponry, though this time the war machine lost the battle when Godzilla toppled a building over it.

Just when all seemed lost, however, the transmitter device was completed under Prof. Hayashida's direction, and Godzilla was successfully lured away from the island nation with its carefully designed sonic transmissions. The kaiju was specifically lured to Oshima Island, where he was led to step into the top of the semi-active volcano known as Mt. Mihara. Godzilla fell into the volcano's gaping maw, and he would remain trapped within Mt. Mihara for six years [Godzilla 1985].

A few days after Godzilla's attack on Tokyo, government clean-up crews were dealing with the damage wrought by the rampaging kaiju, and attempting to salvage the remains of the Super X. The American corporation called Biomajor, dedicated to producing new products created via genetic engineering, had agents scouring through the ruins, hoping to find traces of Godzilla's skin, from which to obtain samples of the monster's DNA. They finally managed to locate a large plate of skin that had been blasted off the kaiju during his battle with the Super X. No sooner are samples of the skin plate acquired than the Biomajor agents are shot and killed by an espionage agent of the mid-eastern nation of Saladia, designated SSS9, who stole the samples on behalf of his nation's government. Saladia's economy was largely dependant upon exporting its natural stores of oil, though the various nationalized industries there wanted to expand into agriculture, something they had difficulty doing due to the large indigenous desert landscape of that country. However, by acquiring Godzilla's skin samples, they hoped to incorporate his radiation-enhanced regenerative abilities into various plant species, so as to enable them to grow in almost any environment, including low-water desert wastelands.

A few months later, the Saladian government employed Japanese geneticist Dr. Genichiro Shiragami to work on the project of incorporating the G-cells into the genetic structure of various plant species. Working on that project with his beloved daughter Erica, who was also a talented scientist, great tragedy struck early in the project when agents employed by Biomajor retaliated for SSS9 stealing the G-cell samples from them by fire bombing Dr. Genichiro's lab in an attempt to destroy the project. The ensuing explosion killed Erica, and Dr. Shiragami was so traumatized and heartbroken that he left the employ of the Saladian government, and returned to his native Japan, going into seclusion at the same time. Nevertheless, he still succeeded in learning how to combine the G-cells with plant DNA, and he retained a few samples of those radioactive cells, though he remained in seclusion for the next five years [Godzilla vs. Biollante].


As volcanic activity begins occurring in Mt. Mihara, it is learned by a gifted teen esper named Miki Saegusa of the Japanese government's psi division that Godzilla wasn't killed a few years earlier when he fell into the volcano's maw, but was actually within trapped deep within the mount in a dormant state. Fearing Godzilla's eventual return, the government contacts the still embittered Dr. Shiragami and asks him to use the G-cells he recovered years ago to find a means of stopping the Kaiju King. Determined to preserve his beloved daughter Erica in some manner, the beleaguered scientist had combined some of her DNA with a rose plant, so she would always be with him. The scientist was unaware that somehow, due to the inclusion of Erica's DNA in the plant, her spirit had become meta-genetically embodied in its cell structure. When the plant was later damaged in an earthquake, Dr. Shiragami spliced its cellular structure with some of Godzilla's extraordinary regenerative DNA, thus causing the plant to blossom again and to continue to grow rapidly.

Dr. Shiragami then begins work on the Anti-Nuclear Bacteria (ANB) project, to create a bacterium that devours radiation, and among many other things can be used to neutralize Godzilla should he reappear.

Soon, the DNA of Godzilla, combined with that of the plant (and inhabited by the disembodied spirit of Erica Shiragami), mutated into an 85 meter tall creature that was a cross between a rose plant and Godzilla, which took root in the water just off the coast of Ashinoko. Miki Saegusa could psychically sense the presence of Erica within the cellular structure of the plant/Godzilla hybrid, and the new kaiju was named 'Biollante' after the plant from Norse mythology.

In a later conflagration that occurred between an agent of Biomajor and Agent SSS9, who was still working for the rival Saladian government, as both tried to abscond with the ANB bacteria, the front face of Mt. Mihara was blown open, both awakening and freeing Godzilla.

Godzilla was intercepted in the Uraga Strait by the Super X2, a remote control successor to the Super X war machine the Atomic Titan battled five years previous, which he also defeated in battle. Then, psychically attracted to the presence of the Biollante kaiju in Ashinoko, Godzilla approached the creature, only for her to attack him in her attempt to stop the deadly monster from reaching the shore of Japan (as the plant monster was controlled by Erica's spirit). However, Godzilla defeated the plant beast, and blew her physical form into animated pollen with his atomic breath.

Coming ashore to Japan, Godzilla again battled and defeated the JSDF, including their new maser weaponry specifically designed to take the monster down, as well as destroying the Super X2 when the powerful mecha was moved into attacking him again.

The ANB bacteria was recovered by the Japanese government from Agent SSS9, and was successfully injected into Godzilla's bloodstream by a powerful bazooka weapon…only to prove ineffective. As Godzilla fended off another attempt of the JSDF to stop him, this time with their Thunder Control System, the animated pollen composing Biollante's essence was re-directed into the Big G's presence, where the spirit of Erica Shiragami reformed the plant monster into a new, larger, and more powerful form, this one towering over Godzilla at 120 meters, and the creature was now ambulatory. As the rematch occurred, despite Biollante's increased size, strength, and power, she still found herself overwhelmed by the relentless barrage of Godzilla's atomic breath. Just as Biollante was again defeated, however, the ANB suddenly began to take effect, and it was discovered that it affected Godzilla provided that his body temperature was sufficiently raised. By quickly making his way into the sea, the Kaiju King could resist being killed by the ANB…but only so long as he remained immersed in the water.

As the disembodied pollen making up Biollante's dispersed form drifted into space (where the spirit of Erica Shiragami left a psychic rose in the planet's upper atmosphere), and Dr. Shiragami and Agent SSS9 were both killed in an altercation where the latter again tried to make off with the ANB, it now seemed that Japan would be safe from Godzilla [Godzilla vs. Biollante].


As the pollen making up Biollante's dispersed form sought a new home in deep space, a certain number of her particles containing Godzilla's DNA passed into a black hole, emerging on the far side of the galaxy, where Godzilla's cellular structure not only mutated into a form where it could absorb streams of cosmic energy, but it somehow merged with an alien, crystalline life form also hovering in the depths of space, ultimately resulting in a powerful, space-traveling dai kaiju who would later be called SpaceGodzilla. The creature instinctively sought out the black hole that would take him to Earth, sensing that this particular planet was the creature's true "home" [author's speculation, with much evidence provided in Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla].


A UFO appears over the skies of Japan, and upon making contact with the government, turns out to be a time-traveling Earth vessel from the year 2204, and piloted by three human beings from that era named Wilson, Grenchiko, and Emi Kano, along with an android designated M-11. They purport to be from a time period where all humanity is united under a single global government called the Earth Union, and claim to be on a mission to alter time so as to prevent Godzilla's existence; these 'Futurians' claim that early in the 21st century, Godzilla was finally destroyed by advanced Earth weaponry, but in the process an atomic catastrophe was released that obliterated Japan. The Futurians hoped to spare the people native to the Japan of the "past" from experiencing that timeline.

Hence, the Futurians, with the cooperation of the Japanese government of the year 1992, and accompanied by three people indigenous to that era, including psychic Miki Saegusa, and young author Kenichiro Terasawa, travel to Lagos Island in the year 1944, where the ultra-dinosaur known as the Godzillasaurus, who would one day be mutated into Godzilla when exposed to atomic radiation, slaughtered a battalion of American naval soldiers, but was seriously injured in the process. The Futurians used the teleportation technology of their Mother Ship to transport the injured and comatose ultra-dinosaur beneath the sea of the Bering Straight, where they claimed he would not be exposed to the atomic radiation to become Godzilla ten years into the future.

Upon returning to 1992 after allegedly creating a new timeline where Godzilla never existed, it turned out that the Futurians had actually engineered the creation of a 150 meter tall powerful, flying, three-headed dragon-like kaiju under the control of their technology called King Ghidorah, who was created by combining genetic engineering of the future with atomic radiation of the past. In actuality, on the Futurians' native timeline, Godzilla never recovered from the ANB. Japan became the dominant economic world power at some point later in the 21st century, and this region of the world had some type of dominating influence on the Earth Union of the early 23rd century; the Futurians hoped to use King Ghidorah (often spelled King Ghidorah in the American tabloids of the time), to decimate Japan in the 1990s so that they could diverge a timeline where the island nation would never rise to economic prominence.

Though the Futurians' interference in the timeline actually didn't prevent Godzilla from being created after all, he was still forced to remain underwater since he had been infected with the ANB following his clash with Biollante on this timeline, just as he had in the 'previous' time track [the evidence suggests that the Futurians may have inadvertently diverged an alternate timeline that didn't deviate too much from their native reality, except that Godzilla did indeed recover from the ANB in this reality, as described below]. When the JSDF proved helpless against King Ghidorah, it was determined that only Godzilla could defeat this new tri-headed dai kaiju. This, the capitalist Mitamura (whose army battalion was inadvertently rescued by the Godzillasaurus on Lagos Island back in 1944), loaned his company's nuclear powered submarine, the Mushashi II, to the task of freeing Godzilla from the confines of the ocean. Attracted to the submarine when it intercepted his path under the Bering Sea, the Kaiju King attacked and destroyed the sub, ravenously devouring its nuclear energies. This not only increased his height to 100 meters as well as escalating his overall power level, but it also obliterated the ANB in his system, allowing him to leave the confines of the ocean.

Coming to Japan again, Godzilla battled and defeated King Ghidorah, destroying one of the three-headed monster's heads and one of his wings in the process. In the meantime, Emi Kano and Android M-11 turned on the other two Futurians when she realized the full enormity of their plans to destroy Japan, her native land, and she insured that Godzilla destroyed the main time ship, obliterating Wilson, Grenchiko, and their troop of android security guards in the process.

When Godzilla subsequently ran amok in Japan, Emi and Android M-11 took their smaller time ship, K.I.D.S., back to the year 2204 (presumably in her indigenous timeline), where she gained unknown assistance from certain colleagues in locating the mutilated body of King Ghidorah, which was still alive but in a state of deep cellular stasis at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Then, using that aforementioned assistance, she restored King Ghidora's organic parts to full cellular life, and replaced his severed head and neck with a bionic replacement, replaced his damaged organic wings with solar panels, and reconstructed large portions of the kaiju's body with bionic supplements, including an array of technological weaponry specifically designed to subdue Godzilla, thus creating the cyborg kaiju known as Mecha-King Ghidorah. Controlling the actions of the great tri-headed cyborg beast from the control chamber within his chest area, with the assistance of the uploaded electronic 'consciousness' of Android M-11, Emi transports Mecha-King Ghidorah back to 1992, where she battles and manages to remove Godzilla from Japan, even though the cyborg monster was fatally damaged during the battle, and again sunk to the ocean floor.

Emi managed to escape in the K.I.D.S. chronal craft, however, and after revealing to Terasawa that she was a descendant of his, she returned to the year 2204 (evidently, she diverged a new timeline, distinct from her own, upon bringing Mecha-King Ghidorah to 1992, since the creature's insensate body in the year 2204 of her own timeline had no cybernetic parts, and she inexplicably failed to retrieve the early 23rd century technology that she left behind in 1992, which would further diverge this timeline from her own) [Godzilla vs. King Ghidora].


Early this year, the life force of the planet Earth, responding 'reflexively' to the environmental damage now done to the planet's biosphere by the industries run under the auspices of modern capitalism, re-creates Battra to obliterate the human race, the elemental kaiju manifesting in physical form in his larval stage within the Arctic regions. Another aspect of Earth's life force, the nurturing aspect as opposed to the defensive aspect, fosters the re-creation of Mothra to counter the threat presented by Battra to the human race now that the species has again reached a post-industrial stage. The two sole surviving members of the Cosmos race, two six-inch tall telepathically linked identical twin priestesses, now sequestered on the deserted South Pacific atoll called Infant Island, guide Mothra in her attempts to protect the human race from Battra's assaults, which commence in the heavily industrialized nation of Japan. To make matters worse, a recent meteor strike in the Pacific Ocean stirs up Godzilla again, who also heads towards Japan, clashing with both Mothra and Battra along the way when the latter two are still in their larval stages.

Godzilla arrives in Japan once more, rampaging through Yokohama, finally menacing an amusement park there. At this locale, he battles and nearly kills Battra in the insect-like kaiju's adult stage…only to be saved by the intervention of his former foe, Mothra. Mothra telepathically convinces Battra to take her side against Godzilla, who is a manifestation of the abuse of humankind's power. The two giant powerful moths then battle Godzilla, finally managing to subdue him and remove him from Japan and back to the ocean, though Battra is mortally wounded by the Kaiju King and perishes in the process.

Soon after this, the Cosmos convert their bodies to pure psionic energy, merge with Mothra's own life energies, and guide the giant protector of the Earth into deep space, where she embarks on a lonely, years-long mission to intercept and divert a huge Apollo asteroid that will collide with the Earth by the beginning of the new Millennium, a task once intended for Battra but which Mothra herself must now undertake due to her "dark" counterpart's demise in battle with Godzilla [Godzilla and Mothra: Battle For Earth].

Later this year, the United Nations forms G-Force, a special military unit headquartered in Japan, whose specific purpose is to develop an elite, highly advanced military force for the express purpose of protecting human civilization from Godzilla, as well as any other destructive dai kaiju which may appear [Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2].

A few months later, a G-Force crew retrieves the bionic head of Mecha-King Ghidorah from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, which provides the U.N.-sponsored anti-Godzilla force with early 23rd century technology with which to construct a highly advanced mecha-kaiju of their own to protect Japan from the Kaiju King.

The first such effort, a flying warship vaguely modeled after the phenotypical design of a pterodactyl, and named Garuda (after the bird-like deity from Asian mythology) was deemed inadequate to defeat Godzilla, so the mecha was put on the back-burner, much to the consternation of the man who designed it, Kazuma Aoki [Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2].


Early in this year, G-Force's second mecha project was completed, a vastly powerful, 120 meter tall robot known as Mechagodzilla, since the basic design of the gigantic bipedal robot was based upon Godzilla's rough phenotype. This robot was built with an astounding array of highly advanced weaponry, all of which was based upon the U.N.'s scientific and engineering crews studying the recovered portion of damaged 23rd century technology left behind following the Futurians' visit to 1992.

A few short months later, a paleontological expedition to a nuclear-devastated atoll called Adonoa Island discovered not only what appeared to be a living dinosaur egg, but also another new formidable dinosaur mutation, which appeared to be an ultra-pterosaur mutated by atomic radiation exposure into a 70 meter tall flying dai kaiju, who was named Rodan. Psychic emanations from the unhatched, obviously mutant egg not only attracted Rodan to its presence, but also drew Godzilla there, and a vicious battle ensued between the two mighty kaiju, with Rodan ultimately being overpowered.

However, the scientific expedition managed to escape the island with the egg in tow while Godzilla and Rodan were distracted in battle. Soon after arriving in Japan, the egg hatched into what appeared to be a baby Godzillasaurus, who was both gentle and psychically aware (obviously a side-effect of his mutation), and was named Baby Godzilla. The little mutant dinosaur became quite close to scientist Azusa Gojo.

In the meantime, upon recovering from his defeat, Rodan was further mutated after taking several hits from Godzilla's radioactive breath, metabolizing the atomic energy so as to morph into his 'Fire Rodan' incarnation, where he was now able to project his uranium heat beam, a weaker but still powerful version of Godzilla's atomic breath (the only outward change to Rodan's appearance upon this metamorphosis was his skin color turning from brown to a bright red). Attracted to the psionic resonance of Baby Godzilla, both Godzilla and Fire Rodan began heading towards Japan to "rescue" the infant beast from the clutches of humankind.

When Godzilla arrived in Japan near the Suzuka Mountain range, Mechagodzilla enjoyed its baptism of fire, controlled from within by a G-Force crew. Though the powerful robot managed to fell its organic counterpart, Godzilla ultimately triumphed in that initial encounter by exploiting a design flaw in the robot, and then headed for Kyoto. The robot was then returned to G-Force headquarters for repair. It was there that Aoki pointed out that Garuda could be combined with Mechagodzilla to greatly increase the latter's firepower and energy efficiency.

Further, a scientific analysis on Baby Godzilla revealed a biological weakness in Godzilla himself, the presence of a lower abdominal nerve ganglia, that Mechagodzilla could focus upon to cripple and then kill the great kaiju, a procedure called Project G-Crusher.

Fire Rodan arrived in Japan over Makuhari City, where Baby Godzilla was being transported in a large metal crate with Asuza. Upon snatching the crate from a helicopter and bringing it aground, Rodan is attacked by Garuda, piloted by Aoki, with the sleek war machine being defeated by its organic counterpart in battle. Mechagodzilla was also dispatched to stop Rodan, however, and after a furious battle between the two, the giant robot managed to seriously injure the great Kaiju of the Sky.

When Godzilla arrived soon afterwards, Aoki managed to salvage the downed Garuda, and engaged Godzilla in combat until Mechagodzilla could recover from its round with Rodan, and the war machine combined with the robotic kaiju to create the entity known as 'SuperMechagodzilla.' With its much greater level of firepower, Mechagodzilla overcame the Kaiju King, and successfully carried out the Project G-Crusher, despite the reluctance of Miki Saegusa to carry out her role in the plan by psychically locating Godzilla's lower abdominal nerve ganglia (she didn't want Godzilla destroyed, only to find a way to keep him out of Japan). After the procedure was carried out, Mechagodzilla blasted and mortally wounded Rodan when the flying monster made one last ditch effort to "save" Baby Godzilla…and the winged kaiju landed on the crippled form of Godzilla, the former's body dissolving as his internal uranium packets are ruptured. Godzilla's body voraciously absorbed this great radioactive feast, his regenerative factor was consequently bolstered to hyper-levels, and his lower ganglia not only fully healed in moments, but Godzilla temporarily obtained his 'Super Godzilla' incarnation, where his power level is greatly augmented for a time. Super Godzilla clashed with SuperMechagodzilla, with the organic kaiju demolishing his mechanical counterpart in the process.

Asuza then convinced Baby Godzilla that his place is indeed with Godzilla, and the adult and infant monsters left Japan together [Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2].


At some point during this year, the still space bound Mothra psychically detects the imminent arrival of SpaceGodzilla on Earth. Working in concert with the merged consciousness of the Cosmos, they and the Kaiju of Peace create numerous psychic 'Fairy Mothra' projections, and send each of them towards Earth, in the hope that at least one will reach the planet and home in on the powerful esper Miki Saegusa, so as to warn her of the deadly, cosmic-powered beast's approach.

At this time, Saegusa and other members of G-Force were on Birth Island, an atoll where Godzilla was discovered to be taking refuge, along with his gentle smaller companion, now in the toddler stage at 30 meters in height and thus renamed Little Godzilla. Since Saegusa's psionic abilities had been steadily increasing (she would soon be capable of telekinesis) the young woman was involved in the T-Project, yet another G-Force scheme she had ethical reservations with, whose purpose was to utilize her telepathic abilities in concert with new psi-broadcasting technology to actually take control of Godzilla's actions (nevertheless, she agreed to participate in the T-Project since she was convinced that controlling Godzilla rather than destroying him was the lesser of two evils).

In the meantime, as an additional measure, the G-Force technical crew utilized more of the 23rd century technology in their possession to construct another 120 meter high, ultra-powerful combat robot, this one called M.O.G.E.R.A. (an acronym for Mobile G-Force Expert Aerial-type). This giant robot was capable of splitting into two separate war vehicles, sub-light space travel, and burrowing underground.

Soon afterwards, experimental NASA spacecraft exploring the outer reaches of Earth's solar system, constructed from applying the sample of 23rd century technology in the possession of the U.N. to early '90s American space shuttle technology (thus allowing for sub-light space travel) was attacked and destroyed by SpaceGodzilla, who could instinctually locate spatial rifts so as to traverse interstellar space, when the kaiju finally arrived in Earth's solar system. Mogera was dispatched courtesy of a piloting G-Force crew to intercept the space kaiju near Mars, but was damaged (though not destroyed), and failed to stop the deadly dai kaiju from reaching his "home" planet.

Instinctually homing in on Birth Island, SpaceGodzilla arriveed there and took on his bipedal 120 meter tall planetside form, where he then temporarily entrapped the hapless Little Godzilla in a crystalline structure, and defeated Godzilla in battle. The G-Force agents on the island used this opportunity to attempt to bring the T-Project to fruition, but the plan ultimately failed when the hi-tech branch of the Yakuza known as the Industrial Mafia intervened and kidnapped Saegusa in an attempt to gain control over Godzilla themselves. However, this plan quickly goes bust when the small group of criminals are defeated by a combination of Saegusa's newly emerged telekinesis and the gunfire of her soldier G-force ally Kohji Shinjo. Godzilla then wrested free of the small psionic amplifier attached to his skull, freed himself from Mafia control, and headed towards Japan in pursuit of his extraterrestrial counterpart, who was officially dubbed 'SpaceGodzilla' by the Japanese media when his genetic origin was discerned by G-Force's scientific crew.

Arriving in the city of Fukuoka, SpaceGodzilla created several huge crystalline structures to act as batteries with which to collect reserves of cosmic energy that the kaiju used as an energy source, only to be subjected to a joint assault by Godzilla and a repaired Mogera. After a lengthy and exhaustive battle, SpaceGodzilla was destroyed after Godzilla managed to metabolize stray particles of cosmic energy released from shattering several of his opponent's giant crystal batteries, and was able to morph into his 'Super Godzilla' incarnation. However, Mogera was also destroyed in the midst of the battle to save the Earth.

With the territorial dispute resolved in his favor, Godzilla quietly returned to Birth Island [Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla].


In the early part of this year, a drastic change was to befall the Kaiju King, one which would lead to his demise on this timeline.

Godzilla's newly chosen home out of the sea, the South Pacific atoll Birth Island, turned out to have large amounts of uranium deposits beneath its strata. This highly radioactive compound eventually reacted with Godzilla's own high level of bodily radiation to cause a massive explosion, decimating almost all life on the island. The two exceptions were its resident ultra-dinosaur mutations, Godzilla and Little Godzilla, who were both able to absorb the huge amounts of radiation released by this explosion…but not without consequences for both. After absorbing his share of the nuclear energy, Little Godzilla immediately morphed from toddler to adolescent stage, now 40 meters in height and fully battle capable, and would soon be renamed Godzilla Junior to reflect this change, as he was now truly just a smaller, less powerful version of the Big G.

Godzilla himself, however, suffered much more severe consequences from absorbing his own share of the radiation…consuming a level of radiation that was beyond the upper limit that he could safely absorb, Godzilla began to exponentially suffer a painful nuclear meltdown. This caused him to morph into the incarnation that the Japanese press would later call 'Burning Godzilla,' since he grew to his maximum achievable height of 120 meters, his body began emitting a fiery red incandescence and smoke, and his atomic breath was now a bright reddish-orange in hue rather than its distinctive bluish-white, as well as being noticeably more powerful and out of control.

Both monsters fled the now devastated Birth Island, and Godzilla was so confused and agonized by his new condition that he appeared in Hong Kong, decimating the city and killing hundreds.

When G-Force investigated this situation, they discovered what took place, and realized that once Godzilla's meltdown occurred, he could conceivably create a 'China Syndrome' effect that would leave Japan completely uninhabitable. An emergency G-Summit was convened by the U.N. Security Council to try to figure out how to deal with this incredibly disastrous situation, and it was decided to contact the brilliant college student Kenichi Yamane, the grandson of Dr. Yamane, the paleontologist who studied Godzilla when the kaiju first attacked Japan over 40 years earlier…the younger Yamane had posted some very cogent theories on Godzilla's current condition on the Internet. His suggestion was to attempt to recreate the Oxygen Destroyer used to discorporate Godzilla 42 years earlier, despite the fact that Dr. Serizawa had destroyed all of his notes and committed suicide right after using it.

As it would turn out within the month, however, Dr. Serizawa's usage of the Oxygen Destroyer four decades earlier was to have long-ranging consequences that just now began to make themselves known to the world at large. The 'anti-oxygen' released into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan so long ago revived certain hibernating prehistoric microorganisms, and also mutated them into a voracious new life form that began feeding on the sub-surface strata, first causing a disastrous tunnel collapse in Tokyo Bay. The creatures then evolved into deadly microscopic organisms that were capable of using 'micro-oxygen,' a new form of energy derived from the anti-oxygen, to consume aquatic lifeforms in aquariums across Japan. But the danger presented by these organisms was to become far worse…they soon evolved into a group of powerful, 2 meter tall crustacean-like creatures who began to attack and kill human beings underneath the Tokyo subway system. These creatures, later referred to as 'Destoroyah' by the Japanese press due to the nature of their genesis (discerned by government scientist Dr. Kensaku Ijuin, who also discovered the micro-oxygen energy used by these creatures), and which were capable of firing beams of matter-consuming micro-oxygen from their maws, were quickly engaged in battle by a Tokyo SWAT team unit. Several of the officers were killed in the battle, and though the creatures could resist gunfire, they proved quite vulnerable to flamethrowers [note: the American press later referred to these creatures as simply 'Destroyer' due to a mistranslation of the kaiju's name from the Japanese tongue].

Meanwhile, the increasingly "critical" Godzilla approached a power plant in Okinawa, but was successfully countered by the Super X3, the third in the line of flying war machines created by the JSDF, as this time the flying battleship had added freezing beams to its arsenal. These freeze "masers" served to temporarily lower Godzilla's temperature, both rendering temporarily immobile and delaying his imminent meltdown.

Soon after this, to the delight of a concerned Miki Saegusa, Godzilla Junior turned up alive and well at a beach in Omaizaka.

The JSDF was subsequently busy with wiping out another Destoroyah infestation, this one having risen out of Tokyo Bay. When the creatures' primitive consciousness realized that they could not withstand the high-scale weaponry of the military, they utilized their ability to combine themselves so as to form larger organisms to merge into one 40 meter tall Destoroyah, which could now resist the weapons of the military. This single giant creature also displayed the ability to rapidly 'evolve' into a flying form, thus allowing it to quickly cover great distance across Japan.

When the U.N. determined that Godzilla's meltdown would prove an indescribable calamity to Japan, a desperate and ethically questionable gambit was plotted by the government. Because the unleashed micro-oxygen was able to destroy Godzilla in the past, it was determined that an encounter with Destoroyah may be the only way to ensure the Big G's destruction now. The scheme to accomplish this, however, once again involved a task that broke Miki Saegusa's heart…she and another powerful esper from G-Force, Meru Ozawa, were to locate Godzilla Junior, and telepathically cajole the young kaiju into Japan, and into direct contact with Destoroyah. The attack on the adolescent Godzilla would lure the adult Godzilla into the area, where a battle with Destoroyah would hopefully likewise annihilate the Atomic Titan, thus ending the threat of the meltdown. Despite having stronger misgivings than ever, Miki was persuaded to do so for the survival of all of Japan.

Godzilla Junior was successfully lured into Tokyo, where the young monster engaged the aggregate Destoroyah in battle. Despite his inexperience in combat, the kaiju prince managed to defeat the micro-oxygen spewing beast with a point blank blast of his atomic breath. Soon managing to metabolize that influx of nuclear energy, the creature used it to spur its ability to rapidly evolve, and thus morphed into its ultimate form, an incredibly powerful and extremely savage 140-meter tall monstrosity. When Godzilla finally arrived in Tokyo (he was indeed attracted there by Godzilla Junior's psychic "distress" calls), the two friends met at Haneda Airport.

Just after this, however, the final stage Destoroyah attacked and seemingly slaughtered Godzilla Junior. Reacting in extreme rage, Godzilla engaged Destoroyah in a vicious battle that threatened to lay waste all of Tokyo. Though Destoroyah proved to be one of Godzilla's most formidable adversaries, it was unable to kill the Kaiju King with its micro-oxygen, since Godzilla's current "critical" state made his increasingly rising body temperature more and more inimical to Destoroyah, who was vulnerable to temperature extremes.

Upon further analysis, it was determined by Yamane and the JSDF that Godzilla's meltdown could be prevented if he was sprayed with the Super X3's freezing beams and a barrage of cadmium bombs to contain the temperature increase at the moment of the meltdown.

As Destoroyah found itself more and more besieged by Godzilla's increasingly erratic temperature hikes, the injured kaiju attempted to flee, only to be attacked and destroyed by the Super X3's freeze beams before it could leave Japan.

Immediately following Destoroyah's demise, Godzilla's temperature reached its zenith, and he began to melt down. As planned, the fusillade of the Super X3's freezing "masers" and the JSDF's cadmium salvo managed to prevent the 'China Syndrome' effect as the great Godzilla melted into nothingness.

When an observing Ken Yamane pointed out that the radiation remaining after the dissolution of Godzilla probably still rendered Tokyo uninhabitable, the radiation level suddenly began to rapidly drop to well below "safe" levels, as if it was being absorbed by some unknown agency.

Miki Saegusa smiled as she looked to the horizon to notice that the barely living body of Godzilla Junior had absorbed this tremendous amount of radiation, and had not only fully healed as a result, but also grew to full maturity as a 50 meter tall Godzilla, effectively becoming the new King of the Monsters [Godzilla vs. Destoroyah].

What happened to the new Godzilla after his genesis, and what type of relationship he had with the human race of this timeline, was never recorded.

the 21st Century

It's known that during the course of the 21st century in this timeline, Japan became the dominant economic world power, its influence affecting the entire planet. By the late 21st century, partially due to Japan's expansive economic influence, the various competing nation-states of the world merged into a single global government known as the Earth Union [Godzilla vs. King Ghidora].


By this time period, Earth had developed highly advanced technology, including fully human-looking androids, plasma-based weaponry, sophisticated hologram producing tech, teleportation systems, and even time travel capabilities.

At some point in this year, three renegade humans named Wilson, Grenchiko, and Emi Kano, along with an advanced android designated Android M-11, hatched a grandiose scheme to steal a large time travel vessel to travel back to the year 1992, and from there to diverge a new timeline where Japan would never achieve the economic dominance that it acquired in the 21st century in their own timeline's history (the full reasons they sought to prevent Japan's rise to economic dominance were never revealed). Upon stealing this huge time-traveling Mother Ship, along with a smaller flying time craft designated K.I.D.S., the four anachronauts planned to bring a contingent of less advanced android security guards with them, as well as three small bio-engineered flying creatures called Drats. They were popular as pets by this time period.

However, the scheming Wilson and Grenchiko didn't tell Emi that they actually planned to destroy Japan in the past, something she would not agree with since that was her native land.

Gaining the assistance of unknown genetic engineers from their native time period, the three anachronauts altered the bodies of the three Drats so that they would evolve in a very dramatic and specific manner when their altered chromosomes came into contact with atomic radiation that was commonly used in weapon tests in the early 20th century. This would entail a further trip back to 1944, since they would concoct the fiction to the Japanese government of 1992 that their real reason for traveling back in time was to prevent the existence of Godzilla, whom they would falsely claim was destined to destroy Japan in the 21st century. When traveling to Lagos Island in the year 1944 from that point in 1992, aided by certain individuals from the latter time period, they would release the Drats, who would be affected by the atomic radiation that would hit the island soon afterwards via American atomic bomb tests in the vicinity. This would cause the Drats' altered DNA to react to the radiation in the pre-determined manner, merge the three creatures together, and cause them to rapidly reproduce their cell structure in a catatonic state, a process carefully timed to take a period of precisely 48 years. The end result would be an incredibly powerful, flying three-headed dai kaiju they would refer to as King Ghidorah, who was also genetically 'pre-programmed' to be controllable by a certain type of frequency wave emitted by the Mother Ship's technology. For aesthetic reasons, it was decided to 'program' the Drats' DNA to evolve into a dai kaiju that would resemble a dragon from Japanese legend.

Once they returned to 1992 after leaving the Drats behind on Lagos Island at the proper point in 1944, they would use their technology to awaken King Ghidorah (who would now exist on the timeline by that point), and use the tri-headed beast to destroy Japan, thus diverging a timeline to their liking.

As noted above on this timeline, in the section for 1992, this plan was ultimately foiled after these 'Futurians' traveled back in time when Emi realized what her two compatriots' true plans for Japan were during the course of the extratemporal mission [Godzilla vs. King Ghidora, with some speculation by this author].

Thus ends the Toho Heisei Universe timeline.

Source Material:

For those who would like to see a quick overview of my source material for the above timeline, look below:

The following ten films, listed in the order they were produced and released by Toho, and not the order in which they occurred chronologically on the above timeline (using the names of their current American video titles):

Godzilla, King of the Monsters
Godzilla 1985
A Princess From The Moon
Godzilla vs. Biollante
Godzilla vs. King Ghidora
Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle For Earth
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2
Orochi, The Eight-Headed Dragon
Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla
Godzilla vs. Destoroyah

Also, the following supplementary information, to whom I am indebted for some of the information on this timeline:

Wold Newton scholar Mark Brown, and his ideas regarding the ancient science of the lost super civilization of Mu as being responsible for the presence of the often extra-large dinosaurs and other large mysterious animals (e.g., giant apes, giant octopi, giant snakes, giant squid, giant lobsters, giant aquatic turtles, sea serpents, etc.), extant in various alternate universes, including the Wold Newton Universe itself, with many of them to be found on uncharted islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean (where the continent of Lemuria/Mu once stood). All of this was first postulated by Mark in his great article "Prehistoric Survivors in the Pacific" (which can be found here).
I would like to extend special thanks to Mark for these ideas.

And, of course, much of my own speculations and observations were included (within [brackets]) to supplement the information seen in all of the above source material, and various G-fans and Wold Newton historians may or may not agree with them.

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