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why deny it any longer? you want to know. you don't want to wait. and we're going to tell you.  well, litigia is.

Listen, this information was correct as of the date we got it. Often, the writers will change things, if only slightly. And sometimes the stupid network honchos at the WB make them edit scenes out so they can squeeze in more commercials. Anyway, the basic plotlines will remain intact, but don't kick our asses if there are small detail changes. And yo, these are our spoilers from our own double-secret sources. They're not from Wanda or Keith or any of those people. If you want to cite them elsewhere, please give proper credit! It's only fair.  You can share if you want.   Just give us our due.  We like that.

Episode 19: The Power of the Ex (May 8)

TVGuide.com: Felicity realizes that the changes around her affect more than just her dating situation. Part of the ripple effect is Noel's encounter with his ex, Hanna (Jennifer Garner), and Felicity fears the implications of their rediscovered relationship. Meanwhile, since Sean and Meghan don't marry in this alternate universe, he considers dating someone else. Also, Elena serves as Javier's unlikely acting coach, and Felicity gets a surprise when she goes premed.

TheWB.com: Felicity (Keri Russell) is still back in the past trying to find love with Noel (Scott Foley), but all goes awry when they run into his ex-girlfriend Hanna (played by Scott Foley’s real-life wife Jennifer Garner, “Alias”) who makes a play for reconciliation.  Meanwhile, Felicity’s trip back in time has reshuffled the deck for others, too, and Sean (Greg Grunberg) breaks up with Meghan (Amanda Foreman) for a chance with his old crush Julie.

Still stuck in the past......

Felicity and Noel run into Hanna on the street.  Hanna wants Noel's help with something.  Noel gets all confused between Felicity and Hanna again.  Felicity gets pissed at Hanna.  Sound familiar?  Yeah.  Since recycled plot lines are the writers' specialty this year, I don't know why I'm surprised that they're doing this.  I guess I tried to have faith.  That's what faith gets you!  Oh, and so much for Felicity's hope that going back and choosing Noel would prevent any heartache.  I could have saved her the trip through J.J.'s warped space-time continuum and told her that.

Felicity and Ben end up in the same O-Chem class.   Felicity does way better than Ben on the first test.  Ben ends up asking Felicity for help.

Elena is heartbroken about her break-up with Tracy.   Javier asks her to help him audition for the play.  I could not possibly care less.  Could you?

Sean thinks about calling Julie.  Sean also encourages Noel to go for it with Hanna.  Sean ends up calling Julie, and Noel ends up meeting up with Hanna.

Sean's stuff gets repossessed like it did the first time, but Meghan pays off all his debts.  I guess this means no Sean and Julie.  I'm also hoping it means no appearance of Julie, period.  I have no interest in seeing her or hearing her whine again.

Noel and Hanna go at it in Hanna's apartment.   Meanwhile, things get pretty hot with Ben and Felicity while they're working on their chemistry together.  (Chemistry!  Get it?)

The episode ends with Noel and Felicity talking.  I don't know what they say.  Trust me, I would tell you if I did.

Just two more episodes (three more hours) to straighten all this out!  How will it end?  Will Felicity ever get back to reality?  Will I be able to keep from spewing my dinner while being forced to watch Noel and Felicity kissing?  Stay tuned.


Episode 20:  Spin the Bottle (May 15)

TVGuide.com:  In an episode keeping with Felicity's recent trip back in time to be with Noel instead of Ben, original cast member Amy Jo Johnson returns as soulful musician Julie Emrick.
In town for an audition, the gang's old pal (and Ben's ex-girlfriend) winds up being swept into the maelstrom of the group's already tumultuous relationships. First, Sean (Greg Grunberg) learns that perhaps breaking up with Meghan in order to be with Julie was not the best idea. Then, both he and Felicity (Keri Russell) are taken by surprise when Julie and Ben start dating again. All this, plus Felicity's efforts to prove to Ben that she's over him lead to one very uncomfortable night out.

We have practically nothing for this episode, but we can tell you that Julie appears (out of nowhere, I guess), and Felicity and Noel......or as together as anyone can be in a warped, twisted, fucked up, past life.

Noel is looking for an apartment and a job (remember this is still the past, so he hasn't met Zoe yet....got it?  But, of course, the question remains--will Noel interview for the Webb Graphics job in this alternate past, like he did the first time around?  And if so, will he screw around with Zoe..like he did the first time around?  What does it all mean?!?!?

So, now it looks like Noel has not only looked for an apartment, but gotten one with Felicity.  The two of them, plus Ben and the Rodent Power Ranger (where the hell did she come from???  Didn't she run far, far away in the third season?  Wishful thinking!), are sitting around, talking, and Ben says something to Felicity about, hahaha, remember that piece of shit apartment they got years ago?  And hey, remember that girl in the bathtub, hahaha, what was her name?   Felicity replies that it was Bridget, and then storms out in a huff (I guess because she thinks that this is another link in the chain of Ben's non-existent infidelities)....but Ben chases her. 


Episode 21/22:  Felicity Interrupted/Back to the Future (two-hour finale:May 22)

<<Part One:  Felicity Interrupted>>

Sorry for all of the confusion.  Initially, we didn't realize where this episode fit in the chronology; we thought it was the 20th episode; it is actually the first half of the two-hour finale. 

We're still in J.J.'s warped reality and the details I have are sketchy.  I know, I know.  I'm a goddess.  But even goddesses struggle with this kind of wacky material.  The one thing I can say for sure is that things are all fucked up.

Meghan and Sean aren't together.  Meghan is dating some guy named Paul.   Sean is depressed and jealous. 

Javier appears to be on his way to being some hot-shot actor now.  And it looks like he has decided he's better than all his friends.  Things go bad for him, though, when Dean & Deluca is robbed and he is suspected of taking the money.   In one interesting moment while he's taking a lie detector test, Javier asks the test operator for a "do-over."  The test guy tells him there aren't any "do-overs."  Very interesting.  I hope that line is not just a coincidence. 

Felicity apparently tells Ben and/or Noel that she has gone back in time.  They (or at least Noel) think she should see a shrink.  Felicity tells the shrink about her time travel and that she's panicked that she won't be able to go back (really, I guess it's forward, but that's just too confusing).  The shrink promptly locks her up in the hospital.  Meghan rips the guys for getting Felicity committed, asking them how they know that she didn't really go back in time. 

<<<We have heard an unconfirmed rumor that Zoe is also shacking up in the loonie bin.   Don't know if it's true or not, but it sure is interesting.>>>

Ben busts Felicity out of the hospital.  Ahhhhh, this is getting better.  I don't know if he gets her out because he sees how miserable she is there or if it's because he truly knows her and believes her, but I like it.  (Carmexa: And it’s not even like he just swoops in and that’s that.  He’s all sweet about it, too….it’s like a Great Expectations moment…remember when Ben and Felicity were buying the beer with Ben’s fake ID?  Well, it’s sort of like that.  Anyway. It’s sweet.  Just go with me.   Ben is perfect, okay?  That’s all you really need to know.  He’s Felicity’s frigging Knight in Shining Pumas.  Or something.) 

I'm sure lots more happens, but I can't tell you everything, or you'll get spoiled. 

Just one more hour to go, gang.  This makes me sad.  If Felicity doesn't get back to the real world and end up with Ben, I'll be even sadder.  You wouldn't want to make a goddess cry, would you, J.J.?  (Carmexa:  JJ, I’m not going to play the pity card with you.  I’ll just get violent.  I’ll track your ass down and beat you.  I’ve got experience with both tracking and beating, so I’d watch it if I were you, fucko.  That said, I have faith in you.)

Soooooo.....Turns out that Noel dies in a fire at the end of the first half of the two-hour finale.   Remember that fire from long, long ago?  The one that Felicity and Noel survived?  Well, this time, it's just Noel, and he dies!  What's that sound, you ask?  Why, it's a combination of a) the Hallelujah chorus, b) the Goddesses offering sacrifices to themselves, and c) the embers of Hell crackling in anticipation of his arrival.  Anyhoo, yeah.  He dies.  Too bad that it's some twisted half-reality from the past.  Dammit.  That said, any Noel death is a peachy-keen Noel death, in my book!

<<Part Two:  Back to the Future>>

I've got next to nothing for this one, but baby, what I've got, you'll like.  Felicity and Ben go to the police station to pick up Noel's personal belongings (if you've forgotten, Noel is dead!!!  Weeee!), and Felicity's all sad-like because apparently she sort of liked Noel.  Or something.  She takes credit, er, blames herself, for his death because if she'd never travelled back in time, blahblahblahyeahyeahyeah.  Ben's his perfect, supportive self, and as they leave the police station, Felicity slips her hand into his.  (Insert reprise of Hallelujah chorus.)

Felicity (does she get help from Ben and/or Meghan?  I'm no gambler, but....) manages to track down Korsakoff, a weirdo who wrote a book about spells and whatnot...the same book that Meghan used to put the time-travel spell on Felicity in the first place.  He's shocked to learn that the spell actually worked, and decides to help Felicity get back to the present/future.  Korsakoff becomes some sort of pseudo-therapist to her, and via flashbacks, Felicity describes to him all the things that have happened to her in the past four years. 

Anyway, so they do their thing. Felicity talks about how awful things have turned out since she's travelled back in time, culminating in Noel's death. Korsakoff says that maybe that is what she came back to do. Felicity says she didn't come back to kill Noel. Korsakoff intimates that she didn't come back to kill him, but to let him go. He tells her that she is in love with two people and she needs to make a choice. She says that is what she did. But he says that if she really had, she wouldn't still be here.

Together, they construct some sort of bizarre altar/sculpture dealy that is supposed to represent her romantic history. It's made up of the significant things from her relationships with Ben and Noel such as the yearbook, a Dean and Deluca cap, the Magic 8 ball, the Boggle game etc. Um, okay.  Going out on a very wee limb here, I assume that Felicity will get back to the future, and everything will be hunky-dory.  It is the series finale, after all.  They're not going to end it on a downer like Noel's death.  On second thought...

Then, Merlin has her burn the sculpture/altar thingy to the ground. And hopefully with it any feeble lingering lame-ass notion that she and Noel have anything left other than a tepid friendship of sorts. Burn, baby, burn!

More series finale spoilers. These were posted at felicity.com by GrayC25:

"I received the rough cut version of the finale from the network and watched it last night.

Okay, here goes:

It starts off with Noel meeting up with felicity. She tries to convince him that she wants to be with him. When that doesn't work, she tells him that she's from the future. of course, he thinks she's a whack job and tells Ben that something is definitely wrong, that he thinks she's on drugs. Ben's all "no way" but goes and check's on her and finds her chanting a spell to get back to the future and * ing her finger to draw blood. She tries to convince him that she's not crazy and says "Call your father. He is sick, he will have liver failure. You can also talk to Lauren, his AA sponsor." Ben runs back to Noel and says "you were right." Noel is on the internet, finding info on psychosis, which they think she has. They take her to a shrink and she ends up getting locked up in a mental hospital. While she's there, she sees Zoe (noel's fiancee, remember she was depressed and in the hospital before meeting him??) Anyway, felicity is all excited and calls ben to tell him. He still doesn't believe her. Later that night, ben gets another phone call and he thinks it's felicity. But it's not. It's lauren, calling to say his father has liver failure and is in the hospital. Ben runs into Noel's room and wakes him up, telling Noel that he believes Felicity now. He goes to the hospital the next day and breaks her out of there. They go to this coffeeshop/bar place and she tells him about the future...he asks what happened in the future to make her come back to be with noel. She tells him that he cheats on her. But they do end up kissing and whatnot. They are back in her dorm/apartment studying when she gets a call from the police. She tells ben that noel has died in the fire and they have to go and pick up his things. This whole time, though, her and ben have kind of been getting back together, kissing and smooching, etc....

meanwhile, Sean and Meghan are having it out and she's made up this imaginary boyfriend named Paul to get back at sean, yada yada yada...anyways, while she's doing all this, she runs across Paul Korsichov (the guy who wrote the book with the time travel spell) and gets his address.
That's the end of the first hour.

In the second hour, Meghan comes to the loft while Sean, Fel, and Ben are sitting around. They tell her Noel has died and she says "maybe you can reverse the spell. here's his address." Felicity goes to his apartment and talks to him. She ends up coming back to the spell guy's apartment with a bunch of stuff from her past. The rest of the hour just deals with her and this guy and she is telling him the story of her and ben and noel, starting from the pilot. They show quite a few flashback scenes while she's going through the whole story up until when she picks ben the night they

The rest of the hour just deals with her and this guy and she is telling him the story of her and ben and noel, starting from the pilot. They show quite a few flashback scenes while she's going through the whole story up until when she picks ben over noel the night they watch that film "The gold rush" with Charlie Chaplin on the roof. All the while, she has all these trinkets from her past, the necklace ben gave her, tapes from sally, the musical condom sean invented, all this stuff. The guy says "maybe you came here to let go of noel, not to be with him...." It's really good, and funny and sad, to see all these flashbacks, moments you have completely forgotten about.

Anwayws, she casts the spell and leaves. She returns to the loft and is in bed with ben. She's afraid to go to sleep because she doesn't know what's going to happen. She either will wake up in the past with Noel still dead or she'll wake up in the future with noel alive and her and ben not together. He tells her that he is so sorry for cheating on her and tells her that she has to find someway to forgive him because he can't live his life without her. Anyways, she finally falls asleep and returns to the present time. Everyone is gathered around her bed and they are talking "oh, she's waking up.." she wakes up, and is like "what's going on?" they are all "you were sick last night, had a 104 degree temp, you were talking in your sleep..." She sees noel and goes "noel, you're here. Oh my god, I just had the weirdest dream. You put me in a mental hospital..." and then ben appears. Everyone leaves the room and ben starts to apologize for cheating and gives the same speach that he did in her dream. She forgives him. Then it cuts to the wedding while they are playing "I will remember you" by sara M. Zoe and Noel get married, Sean and Meghan are married, Ben and Fel are together. Then it just shows Sean giving a speech while everyone looks on and is laughing.

But here comes the weird part. Elana is there, with Tracy. I don't get it. I thought she died before the wedding???? Maybe, they brought her back just for the final scene or maybe it wasn't all just a dream and her going back in time caused Elaina's death not to happen. I don't know, that's the one thing I didn't really get, but she's there at the wedding with Tracy.

So they make you think it's all been a dream, but it could have happened....but I hope those of you who wanted this info are happy with it and those of you who didn't, didn't read it!"


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