Top Ten Reasons Why We Worship J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves

10. They are the foam mitts in the cactus field of TV land.

9. Because they were wise enough to cast Scott Speedman off one videotape!

8. They are able to helm Felicity while also writing and directing mediocre movies.

7. They realized Foley wasn't really Ben, but rather, a perfect fit for a geeky, spastic RA.

6. "Felicity Was Here." Enough said.

5. They had Felicity choose Ben (Don't screw this up, guys...hint, hint.).

4. They had the brilliant idea to have Keri Russell cut her hair!  Seriously, we liked it short.

3. They were smart enough to realize that Ben was not just the cute, dumb jock and made him the most complex and interesting character on the show.

2. Their show created a strong group of friends from across the world, and helped give birth to the Goddesses of the Universe. For that, we thank you.

1. Because obviously we have to suck up to them, and make lists honoring them, if we want them to ever call or e-mail us.


Top 15 “Noel is a dick" Moments
(You didn’t expect us to be able to limit it to just 10, did you?):

15. Busting into Ben’s bedroom without permission when he knows Felicity and Ben are in bed together.

14. Getting mad at Felicity because she couldn’t help him with Loser Pet Store while she was trying to cram for a final in a class she had forgotten to drop.

13. Almost telling Felicity how he felt about her just after she thought she and Ben had broken up.

12. Reading Tyra Banks’s e-mail behind her back in a secret effort to woo her.

11. Telling Felicity he never wanted to see her again after she went on the road trip with Ben (despite his stupid letter where he said he would always love her no matter what she did).

10. Treating his brother like dirt after he told him he was gay.

9. Going off with Hannah when he was dating Felicity.

8. Telling Felicity he didn’t want her in his life anymore, just because she had turned down his romantic advances.

7. Forcing himself on Felicity after they had broken up over the Hannah/Eli mess.

6. Telling Ruby he couldn’t handle it and be there for her when he thought she was pregnant with his child.

5. Accusing Ben of sleeping with Avery, when he had no reliable information that he had, right in front of Felicity.

4. Taking away Felicity’s job offer when he found out she would be bringing Ben along.

3. “I already did.” Need we say more?

2. Having sex with Felicity when she was obviously confused and vulnerable.

1. Every single time he takes someone else’s problem and makes it all about him!




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