Drawing the Line, Part I

We know time is tight, and life is short, so we've decided to make things easier for you (well, and for us.   Yeah, mostly for us.  All for us, actually.), and so we're proud to introduce you to Felicity-a-Minute.......all the Felicity memories, without the costly time investment.



Noel: Felicity,don't talk to me about Ben anymore. I can never compete with
such perfection.

Felicity: Don't tell me what I can talk about, asswipe.

Blair: Hey Buttinsky, butt yourself in here and help stubborn Elena find a
new scholarship or she'll have to quit school.

Elena: You all fuck off and don't treat me like the poor black girl.

Felicity: Look what I found --  the Generous Scholarship For Poor Black
Girls Who Want to Become Doctors!

Elena: Oh alright, I'll take it.

Ben: Oh geez, that Felicity is a buttinsky, but she's pretty thoughtful and

Julie: Zack, I like you but I'm drunk. Quit pawing me. No means no.

Zack: Baby, I don't care or know any better. My urges are going to turn me
from Brian Krakow into Mr. Date Rape.

to be continued....



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