The Last Stand

We know time is tight, and life is short, so we've decided to make things easier for you (well, and for us.   Yeah, mostly for us.  All for us, actually.), and so we're proud to introduce you to Felicity-a-Minute.......all the Felicity memories, without the costly time investment.


Felicity: Where are mom and dad?

The Porters: We're stalking you, dear. Are you on drugs?

Felicity: No, I'm clean. I'm sending my application essay to Ben so he'll
know I love him so much I used him to get into college. And besides, he
asked for a copy. Oh wait, he didn't. My dad did. Dammit.

Pa Porter: Okay, I'll pay your tuition but you go get a job at a coffee shop
to earn the rest.

Felicity: Thanks, hamburgers taste better eaten alone in the school

Ma Porter: (getting a load of Ben) Oooh, he's cute. By all means stay, and
stalk away, my darling daughter.



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