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Most Likely to Still Be in School Next Year
He's the kind of guy girls giggle and whisper about. He makes you want to doodle his last name after yours over and over again. He's also the kind of guy that can break your heart in a way that you wonder if it will ever heal again.

"Felicity"'s Ben Covington is the show's resident hottie/jock who's suffered through some major highs and lows including makeups, breakups, an alcoholic father, his own issues with drinking and now, impending parenthood. Has this TV heartthrob learned anything after four years of college?

"(Ben's learned) how to treat a friend, how to treat someone who cares about him," says Speedman.

While you'd expect the cast to be sad about the big end, Speedman says he's ready to spread his wings and leave television to pursue a career in film.

"I'm glad the show is ending and I'm glad it's ending where it is. I don't think I'm going to do television. I'm doing a small movie now in Vancouver ... there are other things but I don't want to do television. When I want to, the opportunities won't be there, but I just want to take a break," he explains.

Of course, the man the cast calls "Speedy" (and who's been known to coordinate a pick-up game with the cast of "Alias" between takes) is the first to admit there is a downside to leaving.

"I'll definitely miss Keri. She's been my partner and best friend for the last four years," he says.


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