Top Ten Speedman/Ben Hairstyles (in order of length)

10. The Mini-Travolta: Not quite a full-Johnny, but he's channeling Vinnie Barbarino.

9. The Lion King: The early days of Felicity gave us a Simba-esque Ben

8. The Wolverine: Wild Thang, we think we luuuuuuve you.

7. The Elvis: More early Ben. Look at that height! Love me tender.

6. The Askew: Javier was disturbed by it, but we love it.

5. The Hairnet: Not sure how long his hair is here, but nobody looks cuter in a hairnet.

4. The Dutch Boy: Awwww, a charmer even back then.

3. The Caesar: This shot launched his career. Honestly. I'd like the shake the hand or kiss the lips of the casting director who saw the diamond in the rough here. Good eye!

2. The Preppy: Clean cut (and gorgeous) but without any plaid or penny loafers.

1. The Cueball: Take it off, baby! Bald and beautiful (and doing something weird here).

Bonus Hairstyle:

The Toque Boy: Okay, so it's not really a hairstyle, but it's a damn fine look for him!



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