Here's to You, (the future) Mrs. Covington

Episode 417: The Graduate

A picture is worth a thousand words

By Carmexa

I would like to preface this recap by mentioning that until today, I had never seen Love Story, and I'd always felt sort of guilty about it. And then, it was on television, so I watched it, and now I feel guilty that I wasted two hours of my life watching that tripe. Love means never having to say you're sorry"" What does that even mean" How fucking ridiculous! But then, Ryan O"Neal was with Farrah Fawcett for a while, so I should have known better than to expect much. ["When I was 8 or 9, my sister introduced me to Love Story, and we thought it was the most beautiful story of romance and pathos ever produced. We would watch it every time it came on TV, which for some reason in our area, was regularly. We would sit and cry and cry when poor Jenny bit it. Recently, I told a friend of mine to rent it as she'd never seen it. I sold it based on the memories of my nine-year-old self. She hated it so much she could barely find the words. Her biggest beef was 'What the hell did she die of, because she looked completely healthy" Oh, she tripped a bit before she went into hospital, so maybe she was killed by a twisted ankle!' Anway, I'm going on way too long here. I'll just say, I realize now the movie sorta sucked ass and Ali McGraw was a very bad actor in it."-- Bitchavia]

Anyway. Luckily, this episode The Graduate is about a billion (maybe more) times better than that piece of shit movie. ["I liked "Love Story," but I still think this episode is a billion times better. "The Graduate," the movie, however, is a classic. "One word: plastics." Hee." "Litigia]

Onward! Upward! Outward!

Opening shot: Felicity and Noel in a cab. He asks her if she"s okay, she lies that she is, and then voice-overs that "This wasn't the way it was supposed to end. But you know that, or at least you used to." Um, okay. The scene mid-voice-over fades to Felicity and Ben, rolling around in bed, giggling and kissing. ["Felicity actually pounces on Ben. Weeeee!" "Litigia] She"s on top of him, and then rolls off, revealing a rare site: legs. Scott"s legs! Scott"s bare legs! This episode is already better than the last few combined, and we"re not even five minutes in. In a futile attempt to peel my eyes away from the bare Scott-flesh and focus on what they're saying, I catch that Felicity is off the hook for the whole plagiarism debacle: her professor failed her for the paper, but passed her for the class. Surprise! Felicity gets to graduate! No one saw that coming. ["If the writers decided to let Felicity off the hook with this unrealistic crap, why couldn"t they do the same with that bastard fetus" Couldn"t Lauren have confessed something like, "Say, Felicity, I"m as barren as the Sahara and one night in a drunken rage of jealousy I hired a group of doctors to steal an egg from your ovary, planted it into my gut and had Ben water the seed. Turns out this baby is yours and Ben"s. Ta-da! Move wherever you want." I"m just saying it"s just as likely as Felicity not getting expelled. In case you care, I"ll never forgive the writers for the birth of little Andy. Nevaahhh!" "Dyslexia] She's worried though that, now that they"re graduating, the college-glue that held them together will no longer be there. Ben says yeah, that he's been thinking about something, and Felicity looks confused. Or maybe she"s just staring at his legs. In any case, Ben finally stammers that, ever since his hospital stay, he can't stop thinking about marrying her, and wonders if she ever thinks about it. ["You know she thinks about it all the time. I bet she spends time practicing her signature, "Felicity Covington" "Felicity Porter Covington" At least, that"s what I would do." "Litigia] ["Because you're twelve" --Carmexa]["Bitchavia Covingto...oops, sorry. Yeah, Lit's the only 12-year-old attorney in all of America. It's amazing!" -- Bitchavia] Felicity continues to look sort of confused/shell-shocked, and says, "Married"" like she doesn"t know what the word means. Luckily, Ben explains, "Yeah. Married. Like. Husband. And. Wife. Yeah." ["I had total flashbacks of Sixteen Candles, a movie I've seen as many times as Love Story. Rememben when Jake went to Samantha's house to find her and Long Duck Dong answered -- "Married?!" "Mallllieeed." "Married???! "Yes, mallliiied." -- Bitchavia] And then, looking so sweet and so sincere and so perfect, he actually asks her to marry him. Felicity must have been really distracted by those bare legs because, after being asked the simplest, least thought-requiring question in history, she replies that she doesn"t know what to say. ["How about, "YES!!!!"" Just a thought." -- Litigia] Adorable Ben clarifies that her response is "more of a yes than a no, right?" Felicity agrees, and they giggle and kiss and are perfect.

The credits roll, and then we're back to Felicity and Ben in bed. Woooo! Weeee! Happiness and bliss! Two scenes so far, and both of them in bed -- welcome to my dream episode. They're spooned up against each other, sleeping, when the phone rings. It's Lauren"s sister, calling to tell Ben that Alky-Whore is in labor, in Philadelphia. Ben says he"ll be there as soon as he can. Felicity wakes up to ask him what's going on, and he tells her. When she asks if he wants her to go with him to the City o' Brotherly Love, Ben replies that "[he] wants her to go to everything," which is about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. (Insert puddle of melted mush.) He tells her that he can do it by himself, and they giggle like little kids in a sandbox. Ben leans over to kiss her, and Felicity asks if he"ll be back for graduation. Yes, he will. Fine, fine. Then, getting to the really important stuff, Ben says, "What happened before"are we?" And Felicity, looking about as happy she"s ever been (and rightfully so!), replies that they're engaged. More giggles, as he repeats the words, "We're engaged," like he can't believe it's true, and then proceeds to kiss her over and over again while she laughs and smiles. God, they're so happy! On his way out, Ben turns off the light, so that Felicity can go back to sleep. As though he could be more perfect. Pshaw.

Next scene: Noel and Sean, at Webb. They're all enthusiastic and high on giggle-powder, when Mr. Webb walks in and lays their enthusiastic asses off. Oops. They're sad, but agree that "The Team" (capital T) will stick together. You people really think I'm going to waste space on that? I've got bigger fish to fry!

Felicity is out, eating with her parents. Oh, Jesus. Here we go. Her mother asks where Ben is, and Felicity lies and says that he's busy. Yeah, busy cutting an umbilical cord or wrapping his baby in swaddling clothes and laying him in a manger. ["Hee!" "Litigia] Daddy Porter, in typical overbearing, evil fashion, demands, for the trillionth time, to know what her plans are. Let it go, you motherfucker! She says that she's planning on coming home to California for the summer, and then returning back to New York, with Ben, to work at that architecture job. Dr. Evil is incredulous, and demands to know if "four years of following Ben Covington is enough." Ugggghhhhhhhh. For a guy who knows jack shit about Felicity and Ben"s relationship, Dr. Evil sure is presumptuous. ["Oh, the good old days when Dr. Evil thought Ben was great because he was becoming a doctor. He liked him more than Felicity did in that episode. Okay, so maybe those weren"t the good old days. But at least Dr. Evil wasn"t such an ass. Oh wait, he was a major asshole to Felicity. Never mind! He"s pure evil." -- Litigia] He keeps demanding to know what her concrete plans are as Felicity"s mother tries to get him to shut his evil pie hole. ["I can't believe he wasn't placated by her announcement she had an architecture job. Not that for a minute I believe Felicity really wanted to be in architecture, but that should work as a parent pacifier. Architecture is a solid career related to art. What the hell does Dr. Evil want? Oh right, he still wants her to be The Painting Surgeon or something.In the immortal words of Ben, what a dick! -- Bitchavia] He won't, and tells Felicity that she"s "throwing her life away" to be with Ben. Here comes the trump card, Daddy! "[Ben and I] are engaged! He's gonna be in my life! Forever!" Take that, you evil, overbearing, hair-dying, prickface of a father! God, do you know how sad it is that Ben's dad, an abusive alcoholic, is a nicer guyat this point than you are.

Felicity comes back to the loft. Noel is there. He asks her if she"s all right, since Ben is in Philadelphia. She tells him that they"re engaged. He does his best not to look completely defeated, and for one of the first times ever, I don't loathe Noel and his entire being. ["Me neither. And I watched the scene three times and couldn't find anything about him to hate." -- Litigia] He tells her that it's "great," and Felicity tells him that her parents don't exactly see it that way. Noel points out that her parents are psychopathic and evil. Felicity agrees. Plus, she's in love with Ben, so Noel doesn't see any problem with the whole situation. So glad you approve, buddy. Felicity tells him that he's the greatest, even though he's not Muhammad Ali ["Or Ben!" "Litigia], as Ben walks in the door with a "hey." He looks totally wiped out (but hot), and Felicity immediately takes him in her arms. ["The way Ben just fell into her arms made me hope for just a split second that maybe, just maybe, the baby and/or Lauren had died. Sadly, 'twas not to be." -- Litigia] She asks how it went, and Ben says that it was good, but hard to explain. After Felicity asks, he tells her that the baby"s name is Andrew, after his father. Note to Dr. Porter: no one is ever naming their child after you. Ever.

The music continues, and Ben and Felicity are back in bed. Again! I love this episode, and for once in my life, I love Scott Foley, who directed it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The camera pans up Ben and Felicity's bodies, and we get a shot of their intertwined legs and bare feet. Hee. Scott's feet are supposed to be completely gross ["And green! Ewww. But not ewww, because it's Scott." -- Litigia] ["Obviously. I mean, Keri said they were "gross," but I think by "gross," she meant "delicious." You know". -- Carmexa], but the lighting is too dim to tell. Dammit. Anyway. Felicity asks if he wants to talk about "it," because he seems sort of overwhelmed. Ben agrees that he is, and then starts talking about his newborn son, Andrew and how small he is and how his hands look just like his father's, and basically, Ben just seems completely in awe of his child. It's enough to bring tears to your eyes. He tells Felicity that the Alky-Whore is still planning on moving to Arizona, and that after seeing the baby, he can't imagine being 3000 miles away from him. Ben points out that if they moved there, Felicity could still do anything she wanted. Which is true. Which is what she should do. He tells her that it would still be them, "starting out." She looks unconvinced, and says, "In Arizona". ["What does Felicity have against Arizona" She"s like Susan Sarandon in "Thelma and Louise," refusing to go through Texas, even though she was trying to get to Mexico. And look how that turned out!" -- Litigia] ["Well, it's like they say in New Hampshire. Live free or die! Plus, it was Texas. I can understand. But I've got no beef with Arizona, except that my brother tried to push me into the Grand Canyon when I was four." --Carmexa] I should start keeping track of how many times they say "Arizona" in an episode. Christ. It's like the best free, non-Grand-Canyon-related publicity the stupid, dry state has ever gotten. ["Hee. How would you describe a state you do have a beef with?" -- Bitchavia]

Felicity's packing in her room. Noel brings her a present for graduation. It's a stupid, impersonal book about architecture. ["Those two always give each other books. It's just more proof that if, God forbid, they were ever in a real relationship they"d be boring as hell." --Dyslexia] Felicity claims that she loves it, and says that she only reacted like she hated it because the whole Ben-moving-to-Arizona thing has cropped up again. She says that she can"t stop thinking about what her parents said about following Ben, and Noel tells her that she should stay in New York, because that's where all her friends are. Oh hey. I hate Noel again. Surprise! She supposedly loves Ben enough to want to marry him, right? When you agree to marry someone, you're making that relationship your priority, right? Right! So, fuck your friends, fuck your issues with the desert, and move to Arizona, you dumbass! God!

Noel is looking for a job. Sean already got one, with Meghan's father. Guess their work as The Team is over. Too bad. So sad. Next scene! ["Wait, you skipped the scene where The Team walked down the street with their packed boxes. I wanna know why Sean had a fake chicken at the office.A chicken! Reminds me of last season when Sean started clucking like a chicken to avert a fight with Meghan. Anyway, 'tis queer, but it's Sean, so..." "Dyslexia]

Dr. Evil is in an elevator when Richard runs in, carrying flowers and a balloon. Let me just say, preemptively: Hee! Richard congratulates him about the new baby, and starts wondering out loud what Dr. Evil's technical title is in regards to Ben's kid (who Richard, at one point, calls the "bastard grandchild"). The kid that Dr. Evil doesn"t know exists. Oh, boy. Oh, shit. He also happens to mention that the baby will be in Arizona. Super lovely! When they finally get to Felicity"s floor, Richard realizes what a flapping dolt he is, and tells Dr. Evil that the conversation never took place. Then, he hands off the flowers and gets the hell out of there. Smart Richard. Funny Richard.

Ben greets Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil hands Ben the flowers. Ben sees the "It's A Boy!" balloon. Ben tries, in vain, to hide the balloon. Dr. Evil asks him if he wants to tell him what's going on. Ben says, "No, not really, sir," and we'd all laugh if we didn"t feel so horrible for him. Poor, poor Ben. Dr. Evil goes off on him (all under the guise of protecting Felicity), telling him that their marriage will never work, blahblahblahevilevilevil. My homicidal impulses get stronger and more frequent. Stop yelling at Ben, you horrible man-devil, you! Ben tells him that he thinks that he (Dr. Evil) is underestimating Felicity, and that they might be moving to Arizona together.

Dr. Evil walks into Felicity"s room. She asks him what's wrong. He says "Arizona." ["Come to sunny Arizona where it never rains, ever! We've got sand and red rocks. We're a home away from home for nasty alkies who have babies with strapping young college boys. Call today, 1-800-BONE-DRY" -- Bitchavia] Then, in a reprise of the Pilot, he says that moving to Arizona is "a colossal mistake." Felicity is confused. Ben cringes in the background. As Dr. Evil leaves, Felicity starts -- I guess she got something from her father, eh? -- going off on Ben, asking him if he told her father that they were moving to Arizona. Well, uh, technically, he only told your bastard father that you MIGHT be moving to Arizona, which is, technically, true. Ben apologizes and says that he didn"t know what else to say. Felicity blurts out that she can"t go because she has a life and friends in New York, and Ben is shocked that she's made up her mind already. Then, she whines, "I have been following you for four years! I mean, it's your turn now!" Whoa there, girlie. I was under the impression that Felicity had a mind of her own, but I guess I I was wrong. I don't think that she truly believes that she's been following Ben around for her entire college career (which she hasn"t been!), but she"s being manipulated again"by her parents.["Also, it's not "Ben's turn." He never asked her to follow him to New York. She did that because she was stalking him. In what world does this mean that Ben must now follow her somewhere? By that logic, Scott Speedman owes me a lot of things. Oops. Did I say that out loud? -- Litigia] Have I told them lately that I hate them? I guess so. So, Ben tells her that he doesn't think she's being fair and that what he's going through is "a little bit more important" than just hanging out with her buddies in the city. He's right. A child, HIS child, takes priority. It just does. That's what being a parent is. And if Felicity wants to be with him, she has to realize that and get HER priorities in order. She's just being selfish.

Commercial break, and then we see Felicity trying on her graduation gown. Dr. Evil comes in to bring her some flowers. He apologizes. Too little, too late, fucko! He says that it feels like she just graduated from high school; she replies that it feels like a long, long time ago. Yada. They talk about how she used to go to his office when she was a little girl and play with his stethoscope (so that she could "listen to people's hearts.") and whatnot. Foreshadowing anyone? Then, Dr. Evil points out the obvious, saying that he is "overbearing" and very, very shitty at "letting go." Felicity agrees with him. They hug. They love each other. Whatever. I'm sure that if Hitler had had children they would have loved him, too. Doesn't make him a nice guy.

Graduation montage. The whole gang is there, but Felicity is the only one we get to see actually walking across the stage. ["Felicity's parents practically reenact their scene from Felicity's high school graduation in The Pilot, with their picture taking and filming and screaming. Kind of a nice touch, I thought, for those fans who've been there from the beginning." -Litigia] There are so few people there that it looks like she's graduating from pre-school instead of a huge university.["And nobody bothered to even remotely dress up for the occasion. I think Ben's wearing a plaid shirt he's had since he was 13. Felicity's in jeans. Can't wait to see what they wear to their wedding. Tank tops and flip flops, here we come!" -- Bitchavia] Ben and Felicity exchange a couple of glances, which are so full of emotion that your tear ducts just want to burst.

Post-graduation, everyone is milling around in their gowns, and Felicity walks over to Ben and Richard, who are talking. Which is weird. ["I wondered if Richard was apologizing for the little encounter with Dr. Evil earlier. Just a thought." -Litigia] ["Ahh, good thought. Maybe so." --Carmexa] Ben and Richard have always sort of hated each other, in a funny sort of way, but it amuses me. So, Richard leaves the two of them to talk, and they walk over to the stage to sit down and have their heart-to-heart. As a side-note, it should be mentioned that Keri Russell broke down crying when they filmed this scene. I just thought you should know. Anyway, they sit down, and Felicity says that it's hard and that all she wants to do is follow him. "Sometimes, [she] thinks that [she] would follow [him] anywhere." Wouldn't we all, sweetheart. ["I would. 'Where's that you're going, Ben" Siberia" I'm there!'" -Litigia] ["Siberia isn't that bad. That Russian wrestler guy trains there. You know where would be a shitty place to live" In a bee hive." --Carmexa] But she knows that she can't. Ben says that he knows that, and then apologizes to her for asking. He has always been able to see through her like Tupperware. Ben also knows that he has to go to Arizona, and Felicity says that the whole caboodle is "so sad," which it is. Then, she says that maybe her father was right and that their whole relationship was just a "college thing." Ben says that they don't know that, and "if it's meant to be, it'll be." Insert sobbing. My God. Felicity agrees with him. ["Probably didn't hurt that Noel said the same thing earlier, which actually didn't bother me at all." --Dyslexia]

Epstein Bar, graduation party. Noel and Sean are starting their own business. Snore. Didn't they do this like ten episodes ago" ["I think it was six episodes ago, but same difference." -Litigia] Make it end. Thank you! Felicity tries to get a drink, she and Noel talk, and she tells him that she's not going to go to Arizona. But she's not staying in New York either. Neener, neener, Noel and his stupid advice! ["Foiled again, Fat Lips!" -- Bitchavia] Sorry. Ahem. She says that she's not sure where she's going to go, which only infuriates me more. If she doesn't know what she wants or where she wants it, why can't she be in Arizona? ["Exactly. I grunted at the TV. Felicity is being wishy-washy again. -Dyslexia] As I hurl obscenities and wads of whatever is lying around, Ben comes into the screen, and I immediately calm down. He slides right in behind Felicity, and they both get this sort of sexy, shifty look in their eyes. Ben tells them that he's going to take off, and Felicity promises Noel that she'll see him before she leaves. Ben and Felicity keep looking at each other like they have a secret. You can tell what's going on. They can tell what's going on. Oh yeah, baby. Oh yeah. I know it's a sad scene, but it was just so sexy at the same time. Mmmhmm.

Back at the loft, Ben gives Felicity a pile of her stuff. She thanks him, and they both get quiet. He says that he was surprised at how quickly he was able to pack up all of his things, and that he thought that, after four years, it would take longer. Felicity starts to cry (as we all do), and Ben immediately goes to her, and pulls her into one of their amazing hugs. He rocks her a little bit and buries his face in her neck; she just tries to hold him as closely as she can. And then, God save us all, with Felicity still crying, they rest their foreheads together and kiss.this amazing, beautiful, heart wrenching kiss. ["It was the best Felicity and Ben kiss of all time. I know because I've watched all their wonderful kisses about a gazillion times. Don't challenge me." -Litigia] ["It was amazing. I think Keri and Scott wanted to give their fans a nice show because they have deprived us for far too long. Plus it didn't seem to me like they minded. Keri, Keri, could your life get any sweeter"" -Dyslexia] God, how much of a sap am I right now? I can't help it, and I don't want to try! Still kissing, they fall back on the bed together, and then we segue into the morning.

Felicity is asleep in bed, alone. Ben walks to the bed, and kneels down, so that he is at face-level with her, and places his hands on her arm. They exchange "hey"s, and he says that he has to go. Ben takes some deep breaths, like he's trying not to lose it. ["I wonder if Keri and Scott even had to act here" It was quite an emotional scene. -Dyslexia] I don't do such a good job. Already with tears in her eyes, Felicity asks if he wants help with his bags, and he tells her to stay in bed. Ben says, "Just." and she replies that she knows. Oh my God, I am just a sobbing wreck. ["Me, too." -Litigia] He puts his face up to her ear and whispers, "I love you." She responds that she loves him, too, and he just rests his face against hers for a second ["And kisses her cheek!" -Litigia], and then leaves. He looks back at her for a second, and you can see his heart break. Felicity puts her head back down on the pillow and just cries. Don't we all. My Lord, if that doesn't affect you, I don't know what will. ["Seriously, if you didn't cry in this scene, then you have no heart. Or you're a diehard FAN (Felicity/Noel lover), which is even worse." -Litigia] What an absolutely beautiful scene. Just perfect. ["Unbelievably and amazingly perfect." -Litigia]

That morning, Meghan, Sean, and Felicity sit at the table, eating breakfast. Felicity says that she has to pack, and Sean gives her a big hug and says that he won't miss her at all. Meghan looks like she's furious and so, so sad. Both she and Felicity are trying their best to hold back tears, but again, I don't do a very good job. As Felicity leaves, Meghan bites her lip, trying not to burst into hysterical sobbing, and Sean just hugs her as she says that it "sucks." Right she is.

Time to say good-bye to Elena and Javier. Elena, not surprisingly, doesn't really do anything ["But she's got a really scary Farrah Fawcett/Jon Bon Jovi flip hairstyle going; and she's wearing a maternity top. Whatev. Actually I'm surprised they let Elena say good-bye. I thought maybe she'd just be silent and wave." -- Bitchavia] , but Javier gives Felicity a permanent Dean & Deluca Employee of the Month plaque. It's very sweet, and everyone cries. Felicity looks around her mansion of a dorm, and then goes into the closet to sign her name to the wall, a la "Felicity Was Here." My dorm room doesn't have a closet, or I'd do the same thing, just because it's good to have solidarity with fictional characters, I think.

Noel shows up to take Felicity to the airport. They're in the cab, where we first saw them at the beginning of the episode. And then, they're at the airport, saying good-bye. Felicity asks him if he ever wonders what would have happened if they.fill in the blank. Noel lies, and says he doesn't. ["Good for Noel." -Litigia] ["I believe that line would have been left out if this were the actual season finale. Sometimes I wish it were, but I'm too greedy for more Ben eye-candy." -Dyslexia] They hug. And cry. I sense a theme here! It actually is pretty sad. But you know, it's Noel, so I keep myself under control. Felicity is on the plane, still weepy, and then we hear her voice-over again.

Felicity is making a tape to Ben, six months after graduation, to catch him up on what everyone has been doing. ["I'm glad you say it's a tape, because I think some people were led to believe that it was a letter. A tape is so much better, and I could just picture Ben getting warm fuzzies over Felicity's sweet voice." --Dyslexia] She tells him that things are good with her, but it sounds to me like she's trying her hardest to put up a strong, brave, collected front. So.Meghan is studying to be a shrink, which is both terrifying and really fucking cool..Noel and Sean are doing well, still in business together.and Elena and Javier don't merit a mention. Too bad for them! As for Felicity, she's in Palo Alto, in school. She's taking pre-med classes again, and has realized that she really, truly does want to be a doctor. Not because her parents wanted it for her, but because she wants it. Isn't that nice? I think that's nice. I think that Ben and Felicity should go into medicine together and open up a practice, and Ben can be, like, my gynecologist. ["Breast exam!" -Litigia] ["Oh, you can do better than that. I could get very descriptive in the ways that you could get better than that, but there may be young children reading this." --Carmexa] But I'm digressing from the very sad, serious thing we've got going on here, so I'm going to get back on track. For now! She tells him to write her or call her or make her a tape, because she wants to hear his voice. "Love Always, Felicity." During her voice-over, we see a montage of scenes of her on campus in Palo Alto and of Meghan/Sean/Noel back in New York, talking to her on the phone and shit. It's all very nice. I miss Ben.

The montage ends with Felicity standing at an outdoor bulletin board on the Stanford campus. As she looks at the board, we see a familiar, perfect shoulder enter the screen, and then a familiar, perfect "hey." ["And the ever-familiar plaid shirt. Mmmm, plaid." --Dyslexia] She keeps staring at the board, like she can't believe that it might actually be Ben. And then, she turns around and faces the god himself. He tells her that he was just at the registrar, signing up for classes, and that he talked Alky-Whore into moving back to San Francisco. And then: "You were right. It was my turn." Well, I still don't think that it was his turn, or that there should be any sort of quid pro quo, but God, I am so happy to see him that I don't care. Felicity obviously feels the same way, because she gets the biggest, happiest smile on her face. You see? It was meant to be, and so it was. With the huge smile on her face, she hugs Ben, and he starts to cry. And so do I. Again. ["Me, too! Dammit, I'm a total wreck." -- Litigia] He wipes his eyes a couple of times on her shoulder, and then they finally separate. Ben picks up her bag ["Her Banana Republic bag. She's also wearing a BR jacket. This whole segment is like a BR ad. Except for the touching emotional parts. I swear, I'm not just looking at the clothes. I'm touched. I'm crying. Sniff. Sniff. " -- Bitchavia] from the ground, and they walk into the sunset together, holding hands. For once, we are all so, so, so blissfully happy. This was supposed to be the finale, and in my mind, it always will be. Why? Because it was perfect.

Next week: I don't wanna talk about it. I am happy! And I don't want to hear any other nonsense!



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