We know time is tight, and life is short, so we've decided to make things easier for you (well, and for us.   Yeah, mostly for us.  All for us, actually.), and so we're proud to introduce you to Felicity-a-Minute.......all the Felicity memories, without the costly time investment.


Ben:  Mmmm, studying with Felicity turns me on.   I want to kiss her.  But wait, she is my stalker.  I'll just flick this cilantro from the salsa out of her teeth instead!

Felicity:  I think Ben is starting to like me.   His paper is good, but if I re-write major parts for him, he'll get an A and then he'll be in love with me!

Professor:  Ben, this paper is a lot better than your last paper.  You're a cheater.

Ben:  That professor is a dick!

Felicity:  Um, Ben, I re-wrote your paper. 

Ben:  You what?  You're crazy.  Stay away from me.  I'm gonna learn everything I wrote in my paper and convince that dick professor that I wrote it.

Professor:  Ben, please explain the meaning of some stupid literary device that you would know about if you really wrote this paper.

Ben:  I didn't write it!

Felicity:  I re-wrote it!  I'm a crazy stalker and I'm in love with him, so I re-wrote it without his knowledge!  Don't kick him out of school!

Ben:  Why did you re-write my paper?  Am I that stupid?  Was it that bad?

Felicity:  No, but I'm a nerd and knew I could do it better.  I never wanted you to feel anything less than amazing.  Does this mean you're never going to fall in love with me?

Professor:  Because you're both gorgeous and this is a silly misunderstanding, I'm just going to fail you on this one project.  Be good from now on.



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