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                                 ULSTER KINGS

The Greek Caledonians [Calydonioi], the inhabitants of the Greek city-state of Calydon in Aetolia, Greece, dispersed in all directions during the "Greek Migrations" following the fall of Calydon City at the time of the conquest of the "Early Greeks", that is, the Myceneans, by the "Classical Greeks", that is, the Hellenes, circa 1250BC, and became one of several groups of the so-called Greek Sea-Peoples which roamed the high seas making raids on Mediterranean lands and establishing Greek settlements all over the Mediterranean region. Some settled in the British Isles and became the British Caledonians, while others settled among the Kurds in East Anatolia where they found the Kingdom of Urartu [or, Van] and became the Khaldians; while still others began roving about in the Middle East with Aramaic tribes and were Semiticized and became the Babylonian Chaldeans. Their cousins, the Pelesti, another Mycenean Greek tribe, settled in Canaan which came to be called "Palestine" after them, and was one of the "five tribes of the Philistines", that is, the "five cities of Gaza"; while the Chalcidic Greeks, other Myceneans, settled in South-West Italy and Eastern Sicily where they found a colony whose influence gave their culture and alphabet to the later Romans. The Caledonians of British History, whose story is given in the "Lebor Gabala", are identified with "Partholonís People", the Partholonians of Irish Mythology, so-called for their leader Partholan, a Greek sea-king. As the letter "P" was unknown in Gaelic language, his name must have been copied from a classical document, which means that there must have been a Latin-language original of the Gaelic-language "Lebor Gabala". He is called "Parthi" in medieval Scottish manuscripts. Legend says that Partholon [Portholon], a Greek prince, the son of Sera (Seara), King of the Greek city-state of Calydon, murdered his father to inherit the kingdom, but was resisted by his uncle, who expelled him in a counter-coup. He fled with some followers, called "Partholonians" in Irish myth, and he and his followers appear in Egypt before they came to the British Isles as Greek mercenaries in the employ of the Egyptian pharaoh Rameses III, whose daughter, Dalny (Dealgnaid) [called "Scota" also], was taken by Partholan as his wife. The Greek mercenaries in Egypt revolted against their Egyptian employers, and Rameses III successfully drove the mutinous Greek mercenaries out of Egypt. This episode is documented by writings on Egyptian ruins. Partholan and his followers thereupon took to their ships and departed Egypt with a great deal of booty and set sail for the open sea, where they became pirates.The Partholonians/Caledonians were the first of the Greek Sea-Peoples to reach the British Isles, according to the "Lebor Gabala", the Irish epic. In Ireland, the Partholonians [Caledonians], under Partholan, are said to have fought the Irish aborigines, the Fomorians, called "giants", that is, the "Picts" [Gaelic: "Cruithni"] of British History, under Cichol Gricenchos, their king; and to have conquered a fifth-part of the island, that is, Ulster, where they cleared-out for themselves a settlement, for which Partholan is sometimes called the "first" King of Ireland, establishing his residence in Ulster, on the isle "Inis-Samer" in the river Erne. The descendants of Partholan, another British dynasty, were the chiefs of the British Caledonians and the ancestors of dynasties in Ireland, The Isles [the Hebrides], and Scotland. That is, Partholon [called "Parthi" in ancient Scottish annals], by his Egyptian wife, Dalny (Scota), was the father of three sons, who were: (1) Rudraidhe (Rudraige), the eldest son, the founder of Ulsterís first dynasty, the Rudricans, which reigned over a thousand years into medieval times; (2) Laighline (Luchtai), the second-son, the ancestor of the Scottish branch of the dynasty, which held sway in Scotland over a large territory, the Kings of Kaledonia, whose royal seat or capital city was at Dunkeld; and (3) Slaigne, the third son, was the ancestor of a dynasty of Manx kings, who held sway over Scotland's "Western Islands" [the "Hebrides"]. Legend says that the last male-line descendant of Partholan was Tuan Mac Cairill, a Kaledonian prince, who was a contemporary of St. Columba of Iona and St. Finnian of Moville, to whom he told the story of his ancestors. The father of Tuan, namely, Cairill, the last King of Kaledonia, was a knight in King Arthurís Court, who claimed to be descended from Luchtai, the second-son of Parthi (Partholan). Tuan, the Caledonian heir, lived on into the reign of the Scottish king Aidan "Fradog" (574-608) and died childless at an advanced age.


A. descent-line: ancestry of Ulster's 1st dynasty

00. Agenor, a Greek prince

= Epicaste, dau of Calydon, who gave his name to Calydon City, Greece, & wife, Aeolia, dau of Amythaon & Idomene

01. Portheus (Porthaon), 1st King of Calydon City

= Euryte, dau of Hippodamas

02. Oeneus, 2nd King; his bro, Agrius, was 3rd King

=1 Atthaea; =2 Periboe

issue of 1:

(a) Meleager (below)

(b) Gorge (dau), wife of Andraemon (Andraimon), 4th King

issue of 2:

(c) Tydeus

03. Meleager, was one of the Argonauts

= Atalanta

04. Melanion "of Parthenopaues", was one of the "Seven Against Thebes"

05. Promachus, a hero in the "2nd War vs. Thebes"

three generations of the kings of Calydon City, Greece

09. Sera, King of Calydon

10/01. Partholan (Portholon) (Parthi), a Greek Sea-King, called "1st" King of Ireland, circa 1150BC

= Dalny (Dealgnaid), dau of Pharaoh Rameses III of Egypt

(2a) Rudraighe (Rudrige), called "1st" King of Ulster, ancestor of Ulster's first dynasty; his brothers were

(2b) Laiglinne (Luchtai), ancestor of the Kings of Kaledonia [Scotland], &

(2c) Slaigne, ancestor of a dynasty of the kings of the Hebrides as well as

the Isle of Man also

B. from whom descends Ulster's First Dynasty:

about 40 generations

43. Eadhne, King of Ulster, circa AD 25, with him myth blends into history

44. Lactighe, King of Ulster (50)

45. Cormac, King of Ulster (75)

= Etain, dau of Eochaid "Airem", High-King of Ireland


(a) Conrach (below)

(b) Mes-Buachalla (dau), wife of Eterscel, King of the Irish Eireans (Eranians)

46. Conrach (Conra), King of Ulster (100)

47. [C]Ellim, King of Ulster, also High-King of Ireland AD 101-120

48. Rochride, King of Ulster

49. Maol, King of Ulster, also High-King of Ireland AD 145-150

50. Tibraite "Tireach", King of Ulster (175/200)

51. Fergus "Gallen", King of Ulster

52. Aongus "Goibne", King of Ulster

53. Fiacha "Araide", King of Ulster, whence the Dal-nAraide derive their name

54. Cas, King of Ulster

55. Fedlim, King of Ulster

56. Imchad, King of Ulster

57. Ros, King of Ulster

58. Lugdach (Loche), King of Ulster

59. Eochu "Salbuide", King of Ulster

60. Nest (Ness), dau & heiress

=1 Fachtne "Fathach" [his 2nd =]


=2 Cathbad "Ba Drui" [his 2nd =], his 1st wife was Mage, by whom he begot a son & three daus. He was the ancestor of Ulster's 2nd Dynasty by Nest, its heiress There are several theories of his ancestry, each of which are very interesting but none are provable.

=3 Fergus "Foghae", last King of Ierne [Navan Fort]

issue by 1st:

(a) Lughaid "Lorc", King of Ulster, father of Moindach, King of Ulster, father of Dubtach, King of Ulster, father of Ine (dau) [only child], 2nd wife of Niall "Mor", 1st King of Ireland

issue by 2nd:

(b) Conchobar "Mac Nessa", epic Irish hero (below)

issue by 3rd:

(c) Oengus

61. Conchobar "Mac Nessa", King of Ulster (above), was the first king of Ulster's Second Dynasty [IIA]

62. Sithrighe (Sittride) (Stirne), King of Ulster

63. Rudraighe (Rory "Mor"), King of Ulster

C. Kings of Ulster: 2nd Dynasty

64. Congal "Claringnech", son of above, also called "1st" King of Ulster (AD 425), revived Ulster's old kingdom after a period of civil wars

see regnal-list (below)


D. ancestry of Ulster's 3rd dynasty

00. Eochaid, King of the Eireans (Erin[ioi]) (Eranites), or Kingdom of Ierne (Eire), cap. at Navan Fort (600BC)

= Tamar-Tephi, Jewish princess

00. son (550BC)

from whom descends unknown generations

01. Airgedmar (Argatmair), King of Ierne (100BC)


(a) Aedh "Ruad"

(b) Dithorba, father of five sons

(c) Cimbad

02. Aedh "Ruad", King of Ierne (75/50BC)

03. Macha, queen, circa 50-25BC: only queen-regnant in Irish regnal-lists

=1 Cimbad [uncle]

=2 Eochu "Buadh", King of Laigin [his 2nd =], =1 Taillte

issue of 1:

(a) [Ro]Sin (below)

(b) Fomfor [twin]

(c) Fedach [twin]

issue of 2:

(x) Ugaine "Mor", High-King of Ireland, circa 25BC-AD25 [step-son] [son of Eochu "Buadh" & his 1st wife, Taillte]

04. [Ro]Sin, King of Ierne


(a) Airer "Ghaid", King of Ierne, ancestor of some Ierne kings

(b) Echdach (Eochu), ancestor of Ulster's 2nd Dynasty (below)

(c) Dedad (Ded) (Dethach; Deaghae), ancestor of the dynasty's Scottish branch

05. Echdach (Eochu)

06. Deitsin

07. Dluthig

08. Daire

09. Fiatach "Finn", whence the name Dal-Fiatach derives

10. Oghma (Ogha) or his bro Sjorna (Sjor) was the father of:

(a) Fioncha (Finchad)

(b) Ross, the father of Daire, father of Finchad, father of Fedlim, father of Eirc [see note below]

11. Fioncha (Finchad)

12. Imchad

13. Fergus

14. Oengus

15. Finchad


(a) Maic-Naid, who, by his wife, Sadhbh, dau of Conn "Cetchathach", High-King of Ireland, was the father of Lughaid "Mac Con", the father of the twins Fothaid "Corpthach" & Fothaid "Airgthach"

(b) Imchad (below)

(c) Bran

[note: or Maic-Naid, Imchad, & Bran (above), were the sons of Eirc, the son of Fedlim, the son of Finchad, the son of Daire, the son of Ross, the son of generation # 10 above]

16. Imchad

17. Fergus "Dubhdetach"


(a) Sior, father of Eochaid "Gunnait" & Bressal, father of Imchad

(b) Oengus "Finn", father of Lugaid "Mean" & Imchad, father of Ross "Ruad", father of Fachtne "Fathach", 1st husband of the Ulster heiress, Nest [see 1st Dyn. above]

(c) Feig

18. Feig

19. Eochaid "Eolach"

20. Fergus "Foghae", last King of Ierne (d321/2)

=1 Flidai; =2 Nest, the Ulster heiress [see 1st Dyn. above]

issue of 1:

(a) Buinne

(b) Fiachra "Caech"

(c) Illann

issue of 2:

(d) Oengus

21. Oengus

22. Imchad

23. Ross

24. Lugdach

25. Dallain

26. Forgg (Fergnae)

27. Muiredach "Muindearg" [Mordech "Mwnderg"], also called "1st" King of Ulster (AD 475), was the first king of Ulster's Third Dynasty [IIB]

see regnal-list (below)


E. descent-line: ancestry of Ulster's 4th dynasty

00. Mile "Espaine", ancestor of the Milesian Dynasty

00. Erem ([H]Eremon) (Ermin), bro of Ier & Eber (Heber) (Emher)

from whom descends unknown generations

01. Fionn "Lughe"

02. Eochaid "Feidlech", reck'd the 92nd High-King of Ireland, twin bro of Eochaid "Airem"


(a) Emhir "Finn", reck'd the 94th High-King of Ireland

(b) Fineamhas

(c) Etain (dau), wife of Conaire "Mor"

03. Fineamhas [Bress-Nar-Lothar]

04. Lugaidh "Sraibh nDearg", reck'd the 97th High-King of Ireland

05. Crimthann "Naidnar", reck'd the 99th High-King of Ireland (d c AD 79)

06. Feradach "Find Fechtnach", reck'd the 100th & 102nd High-King of Ireland AD c 79-83 dep & 88-97

= [name], a British princess


(a) Fichad (Fiacha) "Fionnla", High-King of Ireland (below)

(b) Fidach, ancestor of the Kings of Fidach in Scotland

(c) Fibaid, ancestor of the Earls of Fife in Scotland [1st dyn.]

07. Fichad (Fiacha) "Fionnla" [="Findfholaid"], reck'd 104th High-King of Ireland 99-101

= Ethne Imgel

08. Tuathal "Teachtmar" [= "Le Legitime"], reck'd 106th High-King of Ireland 120-145, 1st High-King of Midhe

= Baine

09. Fedlim "Rechtmar", 3rd High-King 150-170

=1 Bente; =2 Ughne; =3 Maeve [her 2nd =; her 1st husband was Onelan "Gaba"]

issue of 1:

(a) Fiacha [I] Suigde"

issue of 2:

(b) Eochaid "Finn Fuathairt"

issue of 3:

(c) Conn "Cetchathach" [son or step-son; sometimes called the son of his mother's first husband, Onelan "Gaba"]

10. Conn "Cetchathach", 6th High-King 185-205

=1 Eithue; =2 Be Chume


(a) Connla, mur 205

(b) Criona, mur 205

(c) Airt "Aonfhir" (below)

(d) Sarait (dau), wife of Conaire [II] "Moglame", 7th High-King 205

(e) Sadhbh (dau), wife of Maic-Naid of Ierne

11. Airt "Aonfhir", 8th High-King 205-225

=1 Etain; =2 Delbchaem; =3 Maeve; =[a] Achtan, mistress

issue of 1:

(a) Doel

issue of 3:

(b) Nia, King of Connacht

issue of "a":

(c) Cormac "Ulfhada"

12. Cormac "Ulfhada" [nat. son], 12th High-King 240-277 abd, d?

= Eithne of Laigin


(a) Cellach, kld 265

(b) Cairbre "Lifechar"

(c) Failge

(d) Grainne (dau), 1st wife of Finn Mac Cool

(e) Ailbhe (dau), 2nd wife of Finn Mac Cool

13. Cairbre "Lifechar", 14th High-King 278-287


(a) Fiacha [II] "Sraibtine"

(b) Eochu Doimlen", father of the three Colla brothers: Colla Uais, Colla Fochrith, aka Muiredach, 1st King of Airgialla, & Colla "Menn"

14. Fiacha [II] "Sraibtine", 16th High-King 289-323

= Aeoifa, a British princess


(a) Muiredach "Tireach"

15. Muiredach "Tireach", 18th High-King 326-356

16. Eochaid "Mugmedon" [Eochu "Moyvone"], 20th & 23rd High-King 357 & 365-389

=1 Mongfind, sis of Crimthann "Mor", 24th High-King 389-396

=2 Carien "Casbub" [concubine], a British princess

issue of 1:

(a) Brian

(b) Fiachra

(c) Ailill

issue of 2:

(d) Niall (Nel) "Mor" &/or "Noigiallach"

17. Niall (Nel) "Mor" &/or "Noigiallach", 25th High-King, reck'd 1st King of Ireland [the Medieval kingdom] 396-423

=1 Riog[hnach]; =2 Ine[achtfee]; =3 Fine[Ö]

issue of 1:

(a) Loegaire

(b) Corpre

(c) Conall "Cremthane"

(d) Maine [Tethbae]

issue of 2:

(e) Eogan

(f) Conall "Gulban"

(g) Endae (Eanni)

issue of 3:

(h) Fiacha Mac Niall

18. Eogan (d465), prince

19. Muiredach (d489)

= Eircae

20. Muirchetach I "Mac Ercae", 6th King of Ireland 512-534

21. Domnall I "Ilchelgach", 9th-B co-king 565-566

22. Aedh III "Uaridnach", 16th King of Ireland 604-612

23. Mael Fithrich (d630), prince

24. Maelduin (d681)

25. Fergal, 27th King of Ireland 710-722

26. Niall II "Frossach", 33rd King of Ireland 763-770 abd, d778

= Dunlaith, dau of Flaherty, 30th King of Ireland 728-734 dep, d765

27. Aedh V "Oirdnide", 35th King of Ireland 797-819

28. Niall III "Caille", 37th King of Ireland 833-838 dep, d846

29. Aedh VI "Findliath", 39th King of Ireland 862-879

30. Niall IV "Glundub", 41st King of Ireland 916-919

= Land of Strathclyde

31. Muirchertach "the Irish Hector" (d943), prince

=1 Flann[a], dau of Donchad II "Donn", 42nd King of Ireland 919-944

=2 Gormflaith

issue of 1:

(a) Domnall IV "Ardmacha"

issue of 2:

(b) Dunlaith (dau), wife of Olaf III "Cuaran", King of Dublin

32. Domnall IV "Ardmacha", 44th King of Ireland 956-980

= Echrad of Ossory

33. Muirchertach "Midheach"

34. Flaherty (Flaithbertach) "an Trostan" (d1036)

35. Aedh "Athlamhan" ["The Handy"] (d1033)

36. Domnall "an tOgdhamh"

37. Flaherty "Locha Hodha"

38. Conchobar "na Fiodh Buidhi"

39. Tadhg "Glinne"

40. Muirchertach "Muighe Line" ["of Moylinny"] (d1160)

41. Aedh "Macaemh-Toinleasg", Prince O'Neill, royal heir of Ireland 1176, a.k.a. Aedh IX, 93rd King of Ulster (d1177) was the first king of Ulster's Fourth Dynasty [IIC]

see regnal-list (below)


regnal-list: KINGS OF ULSTER, medieval era

X(425)X 01. CONGAL "CLARINGNECH", reck'd 1st King of Ulster's medieval kingdom

see his ancestry above


(a) Fergus I "Fodhae", # 2

(b) Cruinn (Crondh) "Badhruighe" or "Ba Drui", the father of Coelub, # 4, & [his bro] Echach "Coba", the father of Conall, the father of Fothad (Fotadh), the father of Maine, the father of Saran, father of Mongan, father of Aedan, father of Fergus II, # 24 (below)

(c) Guaire, # 3


X(445)X 03. GUAIRE



(a) Saran, # 5

(b) Condle (Conlaith) (Connla), father of Eochaid II, # 9, & Eathach, # 11

(c) [name], father of Suibne "Araide", father of Aedh I "Dubh", # 13

X(460)X 05. SARAN


see his ancestry above


(a) Eochaid I, # 7

(b) Cairell I "Coscrach", # 8

479-507 07. EOCHAID I



(a) Deman, # 12

(b) Daigh, # 14

(c) Baetan, # 15

526-547 09. EOCHAID II


(a) Baetan "Caech", prince


issue of Baetan "Caech" (above)

(a) Fiachni II "Lurgan", # 17

(b) Fiachra "Caech", father of Becc, father of Scandal, father of Dungal "Eilni", father of Cu I "Chuaran", # 26, & Ailill, father of Cathussach, # 29

(c) Cumnefinn (dau), wife of Fiachni III "Dubtond", # 18


547-551 10. FERGNAE

son of Oengus "Ibdach", bro of Muiredach "Muindearg", # 6 (above)

551-558 11. EATHACH

558-565 12. DEMAN


(a) Fiachni III "Dubtond", # 18

565-568 13. AEDH I "DUBH", 1st time

X(568)X 14. DAIGH

568-585 15. BAETAN (BAODAN)


(a) Fiachni I, # 16

585-592 (13) AEDH I "DUBH", 2nd time

592-597 16. FIACHNI I

597-622 17. FIACHNI II "LURGAN" or "CRAICH"


(a) Scandal "Sgiathlethan", father of Congal II "Claen", # 19

(b) Eochaid "Iarlaithe", father of Lethlobar, father of Indreachtach, father of Tommaltach, father of Indreachtach (Inrachta), father of Tommaltach, # 31


= Cumnefinn, sis of Fiachni II "Lurgan", # 17


(a) Dunchad I, # 20

(b) Maol I Cobo, # 21

(c) Eoganan (d659)

625-634 19. CONGAL II "CLAEN", dep, d ---


(a) Mugain (dau), wife of Domgart II, King of Dalriada

634-643 20. DUNCHAD I


(a) Congal III "Cendfota", # 23



(a) Blathmac, # 22

(b) Oengus, father of Muiredach, father of Cathal, father of Tommaltach, father of Indrechtach, father of Cathalan, # 37B, & Maol III "Mocheirge", # 44

647-670 22. BLATHMAC


(a) Becc I "Boirche", # 25


674-691 24. FERGUS II

= Mael-Teglaic of Airgialla


(a) Maol Cothaid, father of Fedlim, father of Ailill, father of Maol II Bressail, # 34

(b) Bressail, father of Conchobar, father of Domnall, father of Blathmac, father of Luighne, father of Aitith, # 45

(c) Mael-Teglaic (dau), wife of Ailill, chief/king of the Ciannachta (d702), the parents of Ailbine (dau), wife of Domnall III "Midi", King of Ireland

691-704 25. BECC I "BOIRCHE", abd, d718


(a) Aedh II "Roin", # 27

704-706 26. CU I "CHUARAN" (CUCUARAIN)

706-732 27. AEDH II "ROIN"


(a) Bressail, # 28

(b) Fiachni IV "Dubhdroichtech", # 30

732-733 28. BRESSAIL (BREASAL)




(a) Eochaid III, # 32

(b) Cairiell II, # 33



(a) Loingsech, the father of Lethlobar, # 37A

790-810 32. EOCHAID III


(a) Muiredach II, # 35

(b) Aedh, prince, the father of Ainbith, # 38, Eochagan, # 39, & Airemon, # 40

810-819 33. CAIRELL II

819-825 34. MAOL II BRESSAIL



(a) Matudan I, # 36

839-857 36. MATUDAN I (MADUDHAN)

857-873 37A. LETHLOBAR


(a) Cenn "Eitigh", # 46

(b) Barrdub (dau), wife of Aedh III, # 47

857-871 37B. CATHALAN

873-882 38. AINBITH (AINBHITH)


(a) Fiachni V, # 41

882-883 39. EOCHOGAN


(a) Muiredach III, # 43

(b) Aedh III, # 47

(c) Conall, father of Eochaid IV, # 53

883-886 40. AIREMON (EREAMHON)


(a) Becc II, # 42

(b) Maol IV "Mordha", # 49


886-893 42. BECC II

893-895 43. MUIREDACH III (MOREADY), dep, d897

895-896 44. MAOL III "MOCHEIRGE"

896-898 45. AITITH (AIDIDH)

898-904 46. CENN "EITIGH" (CEINN "EIDIGH")


(a) Loingsech, # 52

904-919 47. AEDH III

= Barrdub, sis of Cenn "Eitigh", # 46


(a) Dubgall, # 51

(b) Matudan II, # 54

(c) Niall I, # 56

908-913 48. CUMUSCACH, rival-king

X(910)X 49. MAOL IV "MORDHA", rival-king





(a) Aedh IV, # 57

932-937 53. EOCHAID IV

937-950 54. MATUDAN II


(a) Ardgal, # 55

(b) Echrad (dau), whose grandparents came from both dynasties, the Kaledonian & the Eirean, wife of Cellach of Ossory, from whom a descent-line is traceable


F. descent-line [from Kings of Ulster to the Kings of England]:

00. Lethlobar, King of Ulster, # 37A, the Kaledonian dynasty

00. Barrdub (dau), wife of Aedh III, King of Ulster, # 47, the Eirean dynasty

00. Matudan II, King of Ulster, # 54

01. Echrad (Eachrad), wife of Cellach II, King of Ossory 900-907

02. Muirchertach (d927), his bros were Cuilen, King of Ossory 928-933, & Madadan, father of Eachred, wife of Domnall IV "Ardmacha", King of Ireland

03. Donchad I, King of Ossory 933-976

= Aoife, dau of Faelan, King of the Deisi

04. Giollapatraic, King of Ossory 976-996

= Maelmuire of Dublin

05. Tadhg (d1027), prince

06. Derbforgaill, sis of Dermot (d1065), through whom another descent-line is traceable

=3 Tirdelvagh I, King of Munster (d1086)

[note: descent-lines are traceable also from her, from her 2nd husband, Tadgh III "in Eich Gil", King of Connacht, as well as from her 4th husband, Dunlaing O'Keely]

07. Dermot, King of Munster, deposed 1115, d1118

08. Tirdelvagh II, King of Munster (d1167)

09. Domnall II "Mor", King of Munster (d1171)

= Urlachen of Leinster

10. Moire, wife of William de Burgh (d1205)

11. Richard "Mor" de Burgh (d1243)

=1 Egida, dau of Hugh de Lacy, English Governor of Ireland (d1186), & his 2nd wife Aoife, dau of Ruaidri II [Rory O'Connor], last King of Ireland, deposed 1186, d1198

=2 Hodierne, dau of Robert de Gernon & wife Agnes [formerly Una], dau of Hugh [Aedh] [son of Cathal VI "Crobderg", King of Connacht 1189-1199 dep, d1224] & wife Ranalt O'Farrell

=3 Gilla (Jille), dau of Walter de Lacy, Lord of Meath (d1241), son of Hugh de Lacy, English Governor of Ireland (d1186), & his 1st wife Rohese [Rose]

issue of 1:

(a) Richard (d1248)

issue of 2:

(b) Elizabeth, wife of William de Courcy

(c) Margaret, wife of Theobald Botiller, ancestor of the Butler Family

issue of 3:

(d) Walter de Burgh (below)

12. Walter de Burgh, Lord of Connacht 1243; Earl of Ulster 1263-1271

=1 Egida, dau of Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster 1205-1243, whose sisters were Egida [wife of Richard "Mor" de Burgh] & Alice [who, =1 Roger Pipard, Seneschal of Ulster; =2 Geoffrey de Marisco, English Governor of Ireland]

=2 Aveline FitzJohn

issue of 1:

(a) Egida, wife of James Stewart, 5th High-Steward of Scotland

issue of 2:

(b) Richard "The Red" (below)

13. Richard "The Red", Earl of Ulster 1271-1326

=1 Margaret of Guisnes; =2 Margaret de Burgh

issue of 1:

(a) John de Burgh (below)

issue of 2:

(b) Joan, wife of Thomas FitzGerald, Earl of Kildare

14. John de Burgh (d1313)

= Elizabeth de Clare

15. William "The Brown", Earl of Ulster 1326-1333

= Maud of Lancaster

16. Elizabeth, Countess of Ulster (d1363)

= Lionel Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence

17. Philippa, Countess of Ulster (d1382)

= Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March (d1381)

18. Roger Mortimer, Earl of March (d1398)

= Eleanor Holland

19. Anne

= Richard, Earl of Cambridge

20. Richard of York

= Cecily Neville

21. Edward IV, King of England

ancestor of

H.M. Queen Elizabeth II



950-957 55. ARDGAL (ARTGHAL)


(a) Eochaid V, # 58

(b) Gille-Comgaill, # 59

(c) Maol V "Ruanaid", # 60

957-971 56. NIALL I


(a) Domnall, father of Matudan III, # 61

971-972 57. AEDH IV, last monarch of Kaledonian dynasty

972-1004 58. EOCHAID V


(a) Dubh "Tuinne", # 62

(b) Niall III, # 66

(c) Eochaid VI, # 67

1004-1006 59. GILLE-COMGAILL


(a) Gormlaith (dau), wife of Maelbridge, Mormaer of Moray

1006-1007 60. MAOL V "RUANAIDH"


(a) Cairell, father of Lochlainn, # 74



(a) Muiredach IV, # 64



(a) Domnall I, # 63

(b) Niall II, # 65


1007-1008 64. MUIREDACH IV


(a) Mathghamhe, father of Dunchad II, # 68

(b) Flaithrigh, father of Cu II "Ulad", # 69

1008-1016 65. NIALL II

1016-1062 66. NIALL III


(a) Eochaid, father of Aedh V "Meranach", # 70, & Donn I "Sleibe", # 72

1062-1063 67. EOCHAID VI

1063-1065 68. DUNCHAD II


(a) Mathghamhne, # 71

(b) Goll-Na-Gorta, # 73

1065-1071 69. CU II "ULAID" (CUULADH) (CULAO), dep, d1072

1071-1074 70. AEDH V "MERANACH"


1074-1094 72. DONN I "SLEIBE" (DUNSLEIVE)


(a) Dunchad III, # 75

(b) Aedh VI, # 76

(c) Eochaid VII, # 77

X(1081)X 73. GOLL-NA-GORTA


(a) Eochaid VIII, # 79

(b) Aedh VII, # 81

(c) Dunchad IV, # 86

X(1094)X 74. LOCHAINN


(a) Domnall, father of Conchobar II, # 85

1094-1101 75. DUNCHAD III, 1st time

1101-1104 76. AEDH VI, 1st time


(a) Cennedig II, # 82



(a) Ragnall, # 83



(a) Cu III "Ulad", # 84

1107-1113 (75) DUNCHAD III, 2nd time


XXXX-1122 (76) AEDH VI, 2nd time

1122-1127 80. NIALL IV

X(1127)X 81. AEDH VII

1127-1128 82. CENNEDIG II (KENNEDY)


1131-1148 84. CU III "ULAID", 1st time


(a) Aedh [IX], anti-king 1160

(b) Conchobar III, # 87

(c) Donn "Sleibe", father of David, anti-king 1164

X(1136)X 85. CONCHOBAR II, rival-king

1148-1149 86. DUNCHAD IV

1149-1157 (84) CU III "ULAID", 2nd time

1157-1158 87. CONCHOBAR III


(a) Aedh, # 88

(b) Eochaid IX, # 89

(c) Magnus I, # 90

(d) Donn II "Sleibe", # 91


1158-1166 89. EOCHAID IX, dep, d1172

X(1160)X XX AEDH [IX], rival-king

X(1164)X XX DAVID, rival-king

1166-1171 90. MAGNUS I



(a) Cu IV "Ulad", # 92

(b) Magnus II, # 97

(c) Ruaidri, # 99

1172-1176 92. CU IV "ULAID" [COOLEY MAC DONSLEVY], dep, d1178

1176-1177 93. AEDH IX "AN MACAEMH TOINLEASC", PRINCE O'NEILL, was the first king of Ulster's Fourth Dynasty [IIC], the Gaelic Dynasty


(a) Aedh X "The Fat", # 100

(b) Niall V "The Red", # 101


1181-1188 95. DOMNALL II

1188-1196 96. MUIRCHERTACH

X(1196)X 97. MAGNUS II

1196-1197 98. FLATHERY UA MAOLORAIDH, usurper

1197-1201 99. RUAIDRI [RORY MAC DONLEVY], was defeated by Normans, 1201, was the last king of Ulster's Eirean Dynasty

1196/1201 100. AEDH X "METH" or "DUBH" or "THE FAT", 1st time; twice repulsed invasions by John de Courcy, 1199 & 1200; but defeated by William de Burgh, 1201

XXXX 1201 XX CONCHOBAR IV MACLOCHLAINN, killed by the O'Donnells

1201-1230 (100) AEDH X "METH" or "DUBH" or "THE FAT", 2nd time; repelled an invasion by Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, 1207; won a great victory over John de Grey, Governor of Ireland, 1211; made peace with William, Earl of Pembroke, Marshall of England, 1224; = Beanmidhe, dau of Ua h-Eignigh [O'Hegny] of Fermanagh, King of Oriel [d1201]

XXXX 1230 101. NIALL V "RUADH" ["THE RED"]; = [name], dau of Cathal Crobhdearg O'Conor, King of Connacht [1201-1224]; reigned only one month.

1230-1231 102. DOMNALL III MACLOCHLAINN, 1st time

1231-1234 103. DOMNALL IV "OG", deposed his predecessor, 1231; but was killed by him, 1234, who resumed his reign; = Cecily, sister of [his enemy] DOMNALL III MACLOCHAINN

1234-1241 (102) DOMNALL III MACLOCHLAINN, 2nd time; killed in the Battle of Cameirghe fighting his successor

1241-1260 104. BRIAN I "CATHA AN DUIN", proclaimed self King of Ireland as BRIAN II in 1258; smashed the rival MacLochlainn branch of his dynasty at the battle of Cameirghe; formed a great Irish confederacy to drive out the English, 1256; received hostages from the O'Conor Family of Connacht, the O'Melaghlin Family of Meath; and the O'Brien Family of Munster, 1258, and, acclaimed "King of Ireland" by his peers; was killed fighting the English in the Battle of Downpatrick, 1260. He = Jill of Argyll, prob. dau. of Duncan MacDungall, King in the Hebrides and Lord of Lorn

1260-1261 105. AEDH XI "BUIDHE", 1st time; was deposed and banished in favor of his brother, NIALL VI, but restored, 1263

1261-1263 106. NIALL VI "CULANAGH", 1st time; expelled by his brother and seized the throne, 1261, but was deposed by him, 1263; sought the support of Richard de Burgh, "The Red", Earl of Ulster, who deposed his cousin, DOMNALL V, and restored him on the throne, 1286

1263-1283 (105) AEDH XI "BUIDHE", 2nd time; sent ambassadors to King Haakon of Norway requesting aid against the English, 1263; defeated the English in a battle, 1275; was killed in battle by Brian MacMahon, King of Oriel, 1283; = X, Mac Costello, prob. dau. of Philip de Nangle, a Norman baron

1283-1286 107. DOMNALL V, 1st time; was deposed by Richard de Burgh, "The Red", Earl of Ulster, 1286, but restored, 1290

1286-1290 (106) NIALL VI "CULANAGH", 2nd time; expelled by his cousin, 1290, who resumed his reign; returned with the Red Earl of Ulster and overthrew his cousin, and resumed his reign

1290-1291 (107) DOMNALL V, 2nd time, deposed again by the Red Earl of Ulster, who restored his cousin

XXXX 1291 (107) NIALL VI "CULANAGH", 3rd time; was murdered by DOMNALL V's supporters, 1291

1291-1295 108. BRIAN II [nephew], slain by his cousin, DOMNALL V, who resumed his reign

1295-1325 (107) DOMNALL V, 3rd time; sent aid to Robert Bruce in Scotland against the English, 1295; renounced rights to the Irish throne, i.e., high-kingship, in favor of Edward Bruce, 1316; headed the 22 Irish dynasts who addressed the Remonstrance to Pope John XXII, 1317; fought on the side of Edward Bruce in the Battle of Dundalk, 1318. He died 1325.

1325-1344 109. HENRY I [EINRI; ENRI], head of the senior or ClannaBoy branch of the dynasty; took advantage of the attack by the Scots on the English in Ireland under Edward Bruce, 1318, to expand his power, and was in position to take the Ulster throne on the death of DOMNALL V, 1325; deposed by his successor, AEDH XII, 1344, which triggered a civil war, 1344-1347; gathered his followers and repulsed the attacks of his foe; died 1347, and left issue. His descendants consider themselves the dynasty's senior-line.

1344-1364 110. AEDH XII "REAMHAR" ["THE STOUT"], deposed his predecessor, with the assistance of the English under Ralph de Ufford, the Governor of Ireland, 1344; = Gormfhlaith (d1353), dau. of Aedh O'Donnell, King of Tirconnell

1364-1394 111. NIALL VII "BOG", "THE BIG", opposed by his brother, Domnall, but defeated him and his supporters; = Beanmidhe (d1386), dau of Brian MacMahon, King of Oriel [1365-72]; abd, d1328

1394-1403 112. NIALL VIII "OGE", styled self "LE GRAND O'NEILL" [which style was used by this branch of the dynasty to distinguish them from their rivals of the senior or ClannaBoy branch]; was knighted at Dublin by King Richard II of England, 1394; = Una (d1417), dau of Domnall O'Neill

XXXX 1403 113. BRIAN III "OG"

1404?-1410 114. DOMNALL VI, 1st time; his reign was a long struggle with his eventual successor, Eogan O'Neill

1410-1414 115. EOGAN, 1st time; deposed his predecessor whom he held prisoner 1410-14

1414-1419 (114) DOMNALL VI, 2nd time

1419-1421 (115) EOGAN, 2nd time

1421-1432 (114) DOMNALL VI, 3rd time; defeated the Mayor of Dublin, 1432; slain in a skirmish, 1432

1432-1455 (115) EOGAN, 3rd time, was opposed by his predecessor's son, Brian O'Neill, whom he captured, mutilated and murdered along with his two sons, 1435; = Catherine (Catairona) (d1427), dau of Ardgal MacMahon, King of Oriel [1402-16]; abd. in favor of his son, 1455; d1456.

1455-1483 116. HENRY II; sent aid to the Duke of York in the War of the Roses, 1460; = Gormfhlaith (d1465), dau of Domnall "Kavanagh" McMurrough, Earl of Leinster; abd. in favor of his son, d1489.

1483-1493 117. CONN I "BOG", "THE BIG"; = [2nd wife] Eleanor, dau of Thomas FitzGerald, 7th Earl of Kildare, Governor of Ireland [dates]; slain by a party led by his brother, Henry, 1493

1493-1498 118. HENRY III "OGE", murdered brother whom he succeeded on the throne

1498-1509 119. DOMNALL VII "CLARACH"

1509-1514 120. AIRT I

1514-1519 121. AIRT II "OGE"; defeated the O'Donnells of Tirconnell

1519-1542 122. CONN II "BACAGH" ["THE LAME"], 1st Earl of Tyrone 1542-1559 [in THE BRITISH PEERAGE], after long wars was compelled to submit to King HENRY VIII's authority; thereupon, the Kingdom of Ulster became the Earldom of Tyrone and was incorporated into the [then] ďEnglishĒ Kingdom of Ireland [the only period in Ulsterís history when it was united with Ireland], 1542; ; =1 Alice, dau of Gerald FitzGerald, 8th Earl of Kildare; =2 Mary, dau of Aedh "Buidhe" O'Neill, Prince of ClannaBoy; =3 Mary, dau of Alexander "Mac Randall Buy" McDonnell of Dunluce; his mistress, Alison O'Kelly, was the mother of his illegitimate son, Ferdorcha [Matthew], 1st Baron of Dungannon, whom he adopted as his son and made his heir over his legitimate son, Shane "The Proud"; from whom he sought refuge in "The Pale", where he died, 1559.

1559-1567 123. SHANE "THE PROUD", Prince of Ulster; murdered his half-brother, Ferdorcha [Matthew], 1558; rebelled and deposed his father, CONN II "BACAGH", 1559; sought to eradicate all of the offspring of his half-brother, Ferdorcha [Matthew], to clear his own title; was often at war with the Earl of Sussex, Governor of Ireland, but made peace, visiting Queen ELIZABETH I in London to submit in person, 1562; was murdered by the McDonnells at a conference; =1 Catherine, dau of James McDonnell of Islay, Lord of Kintyre; =2 Catherine, dau of Lachlan Maclean of Durat, Chief of the Clan Gillean in the Hebrides

1567-1593 124. TERENCE "LEYNAGH" (TURLOUGH "LYNAGH"), Prince of Ulster, fought the English under Essex, 1574; after many battles against his rival, Aedh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, abd, d1595

1593-1603 125. AEDH XIII (HUGH "THE RED"), "THE GREAT O'NEILL", 2nd Earl of Tyrone 1562/1585; opposed his predecessor, whom he fought in a series of battles; reckoned the last king of Ulster's Gaelic Dynasty; was last to be inaugurated "King of Ulster" on the stone at Tulach Og [Tullahogue], according to tradition, 1593; led Irish resistance to English rule, 1598-1603; defeated in the Battle of Kinsale, 1601; compelled to submit to Lord Mountjoy, Governor of Ireland [dates], 1603; resigned the title "king" in deference to King JAMES I of Britain in 1603; anticipating arrest for treasonable activities, fled Ireland with all the other Irish earls, which is called "The Flight of The Earls", 1607, thus, forfeiting his title & estate, 1608; died in exile in Rome 1616, and left issue; =1 X, dau of Brian O'Neill, Prince ClannaBoy; =2 Joan, sis of Ruari O'Donnell, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell; =3 Mabel, sis of [his enemy] Henry Bagenal, Marshall of Ireland [whom he slew in battle]; =4 Catherine, sis of Arthur Magennis, 1st Viscount of Iveagh; his son, Henry (Einri) [son of 2nd wife], succeeded his father as the 3rd Earl of Tyrone upon his fatherís forfeiture. Henry died childless, 1617, and was succeeded by his brother, Sean (John) [son of 4th wife], 4th Earl of Tyrone, 1617-1641. Sean, by Isabel O'Donnell [cousin of Tyrconnell], begot a son, Hugh, who succeeded his father as the 5th Earl of Tyrone, 1641-1660. He died childless, and the succession to the earldom passed to his 2nd cousin, Hugh "Dubn", the 6th Earl of Tyrone [for continuance see EARLS OF TYRONE in the BRITISH PEERAGE]. The male-line descent of Aedh XIII [Hugh "The Red"] died out on the death of his grandson, the 5th Earl Tyrone, in 1660, however, he left three daughters through whom descent may be traced to the present time; the eldest of whom, Sorcha, is an ancestress of Ulster's present monarch, Queen Elizabeth.


G. descent-line [from Ulster to England]:

01. AEDH XIII (HUGH "THE RED"), "THE GREAT O'NEILL, King of Ulster 1593-1603, was the last king of Ulster's Gaelic dynasty (above)

02. Sorcha

= Arthur Magennis, Viscount of Iveagh, d1629

03. Evelyn

= Alexander McDonnell, Baronet of Moyanne, d1634

04. James McDonnell, Baronet of Moyanne, d1691

= X

05. Sarah

= Francis Stafford

06. Edmund Stafford

= X

07. Anne (d1799)

= Arthur Hill-Trevor, Viscount Dungannon, d1771

08. Anne (d1831)

= Garret Wellesley (d1781), Earl of Mornington

09. Richard Wellesley, Governor-General of India, d1842, brother of the Duke of Wellington

= Hyacinthe Roland

10. Anne (d1875), called "Abdy"

= William Charles Augustus, Lord Cavendish-Bentinck, d1826

11. Charles William Frederick, Lord Cavendish-Bentinck, d1885

= Caroline Burnaby [2nd wife]

12. Nina Cecilia (d1938)

= Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne, d1944

13. Elizabeth (d2001)

= GEORGE VI ALBERT, King of Britain, etc., 1936-1952

14. H.M. ELIZABETH [II], Queen of Ulster, Britain, etc. (below)


H. Ulster's 5th Dynasty: British Monarchs


1593-1603 125. AEDH XIII (HUGH "THE RED"), "THE GREAT O'NEILL", last king of Ulster's 4th Dynasty (above)

1603-1625 126. JAMES I [VI of Scotland], first king of Ulster's 5th Dynasty

1625-1649 127. CHARLES I "THE MARTYR", executed

-------------- interregnum: 30 Jan 1649 - 29 May 1660


1685-1689 129. JAMES II, deposed, d1701

-------------- interregnum: 11 Dec 1688 - 13 Feb 1689

1689-1694 130A. MARY [II], co-sovereign

1689-1702 130B. WILLIAM [III], co-sovereign, alone after 1694

1702-1714 131. ANNE

1714-1727 132. GEORGE I LOUIS

1727-1760 133. GEORGE II AUGUSTUS

1760-1820 134. GEORGE III



1837-1901 137. VICTORIA "GLORIANA"

1901-1910 138. EDWARD VII "PEACE-MAKER"

1910-1936 139. GEORGE V

XXXX 1936 140. EDWARD VIII (eleven months), abdicated, d1972

1936-1952 141. GEORGE VI ALBERT

1952-XXXX 142. ELIZABETH II, now reigning Queen of Ulster, etc.


David Hughes, 2005,