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male-line ancestry of the Capetians of France & the Plantagenets of England from the Gallic Heracleidae

01. ALBIORIX "GALATES", 1st Celtic Emperor, c. 1150BC, son of the epic Greek hero HERCULES and the Gallic Queen Galatea Keltine, only child & daughter of Narbos Celtae, last male-line descendant of the Old Celtic Royal House; begot

02. Arbonus, bro of Camulos, King of Britain

03. Lugdus

04. Beligios

05. Jasius

06. Janigenas

07. Allobrox

08. Romus

09. Paris

10. Lemannus

11. Olbius

12. Galates II, fl. c 750BC

from whom descends

01. AMBIGATUS "THE GREAT", "the Celtic Charlemagne", 1st King of Gaul, c 500BC

from whom descends

04. Galates III, deposed c 400; had two sisters

05. Namnes, restored c 375

from whom descends

08. AKICHORIX "THE GREAT", King of Gaul, c 300/250BC

09. Brennus, bro of Belgios

10. Eporedorix, King of Gaul c 250BC


a. Concolitanus (d225BC)

b. Aneroestus (d225BC)

c. Viridomarus (d221BC)

11. Concolitanus, King of Gaul (d225BC)


a. Aritasgix

b. Anextiomar

c. Ambisagrix

12. ARITASGIX [ORTIAGONE], King of Gaul, c 200BC

= Chiomara


a. Luxovinus

b. Luernus

c. Lugodumnus

13. Luxovinus

= Brixia, a British princess

14. Moritasgus, King of Gaul c 150BC

15. Bituitus, King of Gaul, defeated & deposed by the Romans 122BC

16. Congentiatus, King of Gaul c 100BC


a. Divitaticus [Divico], King of Gaul, = twice; begot 2 sons of 1st wife

b. Fonteius, governor 79-76BC

c. Boduognatos [Boduogus], father of Indutiomarus [Indutius]

17. Fonteius, governor 79-76BC


a. dau

= uncle

b. Ambiorix "The Heroic Gaul"

c. dau

= Celtillos, the parents of Vercongetorix, last King of Gaul, deposed 52BC, executed 46BC, whose sons & daus disappear


19. [...]oroix, governor c 40-35BC

1= Cesair [II]


a. Ante[...], governor

b. Cesair [III], wife of Ugaine "Mor", King of Ireland

20. ANTE[...], governor

21. Sacrovir, claimant AD21

= Aeduana

ten generations

32. Solinius, nephew of Rian[], a Gallic prince, who claimed descent from the Gallic Heracleidae, that is, the pre-Roman Gallic high-kings, who claimed descent from Galatea-Keltine, Queen of Gaul, only child and heiress of Narbo Celtae, King of Celts (1250BC), the last male-line descendant of SAMOTHES, 1st King of Celts (2050BC), and the Greek epic hero HERCULES; which would make Solinius descended from Sacrovir, a Gallic prince, son of Ante[], governor, son of []oroix, governor, circa 40-35BC, son of Ambiorix "The Heroic Gaul", who fought Julius Caesar 53BC

33. Flavivus, notary 369, magister officiorum 379, prefect 381, consul 382

34. Zelopius, a bishop

35. Hilarius, a bishop; failed in attempt to revive the Old Gallic Monarchy in AD 445

36. Afranius, Governor of Gaul (d457)

37. Aegidius, Governor of Gaul (d461/4) [id. with "Count Gilles" of medieval French romance]

38. Syagrius, Governor of Gaul 464-486, independent from 476 (d487)

39. Agillius (fl. 490), bro of Accolone & Aganippus

40. Torquatus, 1st Count of Anjou, bro of Syagrius, Bp of Lyons (525), bro of Eliavres, 1st Count of Touraine, bro of Borellus, 1st Count of Maine, bro of Celynius, a bishop

= a non-European woman, identity unsure, called by locals "the Devil's daughter" because she was not Christian and practiced pagan rituals, whence the tradition arose that the Plantagenets were "Satan's Spawns"

41.Gauciolenus, bro of Geoffridus, Count of Anjou (531), bro of Desideratus, Bp of Verodunum (d550), bro of Pretextatus, Bp of Rheims (d552), bro of Syagrius, Bp of Rheims 552-570

42. Warnacharus, bro of Syagrius, a count [father of Nanthinus, Syagrius, Bp of Autun, & Gautierus], bro of Maracharius, Count of Angouleme

43. Gaucherus

44. Warner [I], Bp of Treves (d599)

= [name], dau of [name] of Toulouse, & wife Desiree, dau of Gundebald of Lyons

45. Liutvin [St.], Bp of Treves, bro of Warner II, Major Domo of France 613-627, bro of Landree, Major Domo (600)

46. Bodilon, bro of Erlebert, Robert (630) (below), Aldebert, & Ansoud, Bp of Poitiers

= Sigrada [his niece]


a. Warin, below

b. St. Leger, Bp of Autun, Major Domo d677/9

c. Didon, Bp of Poitiers 656-697

[note: Erlebert (above) was the father of Lambert (Landbert), Bp of Lyons (678), & Robert, Major Domo 654-663 & Bp of Tours 665-675, the father of Lambert, Bp of Maastrich 698-704 & [Theodon], the father of Lambert, Warner of Hornbach, & Adalard]

[note: another bro of Bodilon & Erlebert above, namely, Robert (630), was the father of Lambert (650), the father of Robert, Count of Arras, Bp of Worms, & Major Domo (d678), his bro Amalwine, &, another bro, Rotgar, Duke of Le Mans]

47. Warin, Count of Paris (d676/7), above

= Kunza, dau of St. Clodule


a. Lievin, Bp of Treves 693/704 (d713/717), the father of Guido, Bp of Treves 704-722, Millo, Bp of Treves (d751/7), & Hugue, Count of Paris

b. Grimbert, Count of Paris 691-710

c. Lambert (d715/725), below

48. Lambert (d715/725), above

49. Robert, Duke of Hesbaye 722-742

issue [twin sons]:

(a) Warin [male-line ancestor of the Plantagenets of England] &

(b) Mille [male-line ancestor of the Capetians of France]


male-line descendants of Warin; followed by those of Mille

50. Warin, count in the Thurgovie (757) (d772), bro of Mille (below)

= Adelinda

51. Bouchard "The Constable", "Magister Palati" (d811)

52. Aubri, Count of Fezensac (d801), the bro of Hunfrid, Count of Istria (814-823), and Warin [I], Count of Auvergne (819), Macon (826), & Chalons (834) (d839)

53. Bouchard of Frezensac (d836), bro of Rodulfe, Duke of Turenne (d843), & Hardoin, Count of Neustrie (d862)

54. Geoffrey, Sire of Gatinais, bro of Aimery of Thouars, & Walter, Bishop of Chalons

55. Aubri I, Count of Gatinais (date) & Viscount of Orleans (886)

bro of Geoffrey of Charroux (890), & Walter, Arch-Bishop of Sens (887-924)

56. Geoffrey I, Count of Gatinais (d942), bro of Bettou, Bishop of Auxerre, & Walter, Arch-Bishop of Sens (924-928)

57. Aubri II, Count of Gatinais (d996)

58. Geoffrey II, Count of Gatinais (d985/7)

59. Aubri III, Count of Gatinais (990), bro of Bouchard [I], Count of Vendome (958), & Walter, Seigneur of St. Martin (990) [ancestor of the Mortimer Family]

60. Geoffrey III, Count of Gatinais (1000)

61. Geoffrey "Ferole" de Chateau-Landon (d1043/6), bro of Aubri IV, Count of Gatinais (1026), & Hugues, Bishop of Coustances

= Ermengarde, heiress of Anjou, etc. (d1076), sister of Geoffrey II "The Hammer", Count of Anjou (1040), Touraine (1044), & Maine (1051) (d1060)

62. Foulque IV [Fulke] "The Bad-Tempered", Count of Anjou, Touraine, & Maine (1069), abd (1103), (d1109), bro of Geoffrey III "Le Barbu" [="The Bearded"], Count of Anjou (1060-1069), who founds the 3rd Angevin dynasty

63. Foulque V [Fulke], Count of Anjou, Touraine, & Maine (1106), abd (1129), King of Jerusalem (1131-1142) (d1143), bro of Geoffrey IV, Count of Anjou, Touraine, & Maine (1103-1106)

64. Geoffrey V "The Handsome", nicked-named "Plantagenet", Count of Anjou, Touraine, & Maine (1129-1151)

= MATILDA, Queen of England (1141), only surviving child & daughter of King HENRY I of England

65. HENRY II, King of England [among numerous other titles], founds the Angevin [or "Plantagenet"] Dynasty

the ancestor of the succeeding Kings of England


male-line descendants of Mille; bro of Warin (descendants, above)

50. Mille, Count of Neustrie (757), bro of Warin (above)


a. Robert [I], below

b. Turincbert (d767), father of Robert [II], Count in Wormsgau (807)

c. Landrade (d772), father of Rodegant

51. Robert [I] (Rupert), above, a count in the Oberrheingau (764)

= Wiliswinte, dau of Adelhelm


a. Cancor, a count in the Rheingau (d771/782) [father of a son, Heimrich, a count in the Rheingau, & two daus, Rachilt & Eusemie]

b. Humbert, Count of Worms 778-814 [father of Robert "missus" in Touraine (822) & Eudes, Count of Worms 821-824, the father of Aubert, count in the Anglachgau, Geraud I, Count of Aurillac, & Vougrin, Count of Angouleme]

c. Alleaume, Count of Laon, below

52. Alleaume, Count of Laon 785-805

= Tietrade


a. Robert [III], Count of Worms 814-822

b. Guido, Marquis of Bretagne 799-834

c. Witichin, below

53. Witichin, Count of Soissons 835-844

= Vaudree of Orleans

54. Robert [IV] "The Strong"/or "Le Fort", Count of Paris (d866)

= Aelia, dau of Hugh of Tours

55. Robert I, King of France (d923), bro of Eudes, Count of Paris

=1 Adelaide; =2 Beatrice

56. Hugh "The Great", Duke of France (d956)

57. Hugh "Capet", King of France 987-996, ancestor of the Capetians of France


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