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note: The genealogy of the early Frankish kings was confused by medieval clerics who had few sources available to them, but modern scholarship has come along to untangle the mess using multiple sources that have come to be available over the years from discoveries made in the libraries of old monasteries. For example, the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Frankish kings, namely, Faramond [Pharamond], Chlodio, and Merovech, are NOT father, son, and grandson, as they appear in the traditional genealogy of the Merovingians, but rather each came from entirely different families. Faramond's mother and both of his wives were Frankish princesses. His successor, Chlodio, murdered Faramond's only son upon Faramond's death to clear his own succession. Chlodio's wife, Argotta [aka Siegse], was one of Faramond's two daughters. Argotta brought into the marriage a son, Merovech, from a previous marriage to Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence. It was the civil war between Merovech and his half-brother, Cloderic, that was the pretext for the invasion of Gaul by Attila "The Hun". And, the confusion of the parentage of King Clovis "The Great", who was not the son of the Frankish King Childeric I, is due to the fact that the wife of Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son], namely, Dochilt, married [the future] King Clovis "The Great" upon the premature death of her husband, Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son], thus, the misidentification of Prince Clovis [King Childeric I's son] with King Clovis "The Great" by medieval clerics is understandable.


various genealogical-tracts below


01. [name unsure], an early Frankish king

02. Regaise (d306), bro of Ascaric (d306), co-kings

03. Antharic, early Frankish king

04. Ratheric, early Frankish king

05. Mellobaude, early Frankish king (376)


a. Richemar (d384) (below)

b. Bauto (below)

c. Himbald (below)

06. Richemar (d384)

= Ascyla (d413), dau of Asyllius

07. Teudemar (d413)

= Valentina Justina

08. Clovis, King of Cologne (425)

= Ildegonde, dau of Weldiphas, King of Cologne

09. Childebert, King of Cologne (450)

= Amalberge

10. Sigebert "The Lame", King of Cologne



family of (b) Bauto (above)

06. Bauto, a Frankish prince (385) (above)


a. Arbogast, a Frankish prince (394), in Roman service, father of Asturius

b. Basogast, a Frankish prince, father of Imbegride, 1st wife of Faramond


descent-line of (c) Himbald (above)

06. Himbald, early Frankish king

07. Hatilde (dau)

= Frotmund, son of Fridolin of Provence, son of Iohanan, a desposynic prince

08. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France


family of Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France

01. Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France 418 (d428)

=1 Imbegride, dau of Basogast, a Frankish prince (above)

=2 Rosamunde, dau of Genobald, early Frankish king

issue by 1:

a. son [name unsure], mur 428

issue by 2:

b. Argotta [Siegse], mother of Merovech by 1st marriage

=1 Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence, a desposynic prince in Roman service (d438), descended from ten generations of "Fisher-Kings"

=2 Chlodio "Le Chevalu", King of France, a Balthae prince (below)

c. Belizde (dau)

= Gundicar [Gunther], King of Burgundy


genealogy of Rosamunde, 2nd wife of Faramund [Pharamond], 1st King of France

01. Malaric II, early Frankish king (d360)

02. Priaric, early Frankish king (d396)


a. Marcomir, early Frankish king (d404)

b. Sunno [Huano], early Frankish king, father of (a) Alberic of Moselle, (b) Merovech (d445), & (c) Sigimer of Tournai

c. Genobald, early Frankish king (d419), father of Rosamunde, 2nd wife of Faramund, 1st King of France


family of Chlodio, 2nd King of France

01. Chlodio "Le Chevalu", King of France 428-447, id. with Letho, King of Lombards

son of Heidrek [Hattaric; Heithrek], a Balthae prince, son of Alavivaz, King of Goths & Danes

=1 [name], a Burgundian princess

=2 [name], a Lombardic princess

=3 Argotta, a Frankish princess, mother of Merovech by previous marriage

issue of 1:

a. Chlodebald (son)

b. Chlotswithe (dau), 2nd wife of King Merovech of France

issue of 2:

c. Claffo, King of Lombards

issue of 3:

d. Cloderic, claimant to French throne (447); fought half-bro Merovech [mother's side] (d451)

e. Gunderic, King of Burgundy 436-473, father of Burgundian-King Chilperic [Hjalprek] (d486) by 1st wife [dau of Burgundian-King Gunther] & father of Burgundian-King Gundobad [Genniod] by 2nd wife [sis of Ricimer, a Suevic prince in Roman service]

f. Childeric I, King of France [appears as Hildeoc in the Lombard genealogy]


family of Merovech, 3rd King of France

01. Quintus Tarus, Prefect of Provence, a desposynic prince (d438), descended from ten generations of "Fisher-Kings"

= Argotta [Siegse], dau of Faramund [Pharamond], King of France, her 1st marriage

02. Merovech [Merovee], King of France 447-457/8

=1 Merira; =2 Clotswithe; =3 Verica

issue by one of his three wives:

03. Childeric, a Frankish prince


a. Clovis "The Great", King of France

b. [name] (dau), mother of Isembard, a French duke [Clovis' nephew]

04. Clovis "The Great", King of France


family of Chilperic I, 4th King of France

01. Chilperic I, King of France 457/8-481

= Basine, a Thuringian princess


a. Clovis (d475)

= Dochilt, she =2ndly [another] Clovis (below)

b. Albofleda, wife of Ragnachar of Germany

c. Lanthilde, wife of Ban of Samur, parents of [W]Lanc[a] [Lancelot], a French duke

d. Andetleda, wife of Ostro-Goth King Theodoric "The Great" of Italy


family of Clovis "The Great", 5th King of France

01. Clovis "The Great", King of France 481-511

=1 Dochilt, widow of the French crown-prince Clovis, King Childeric I's son

=2 Evochilde, an Ostro-Goth princess

=3 Clotilda, a Burgundian princess

issue of 1:

a. Ingomer (d494)

issue of 2:

b. Thierry I, King of East Franks 511-534

issue of 3:

c. Clodomir

d. Childebert I

e. Clothaire I

f. Clotilde (dau), wife of King Amalaric of Spain


compiled by David Hughes