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note: there are different theories of the ancestry of the Carolingians; this one follows that proposed by Anthony Wagner of their male-line descent from the Roman "Forum Iulii"

01. ["Forum Iulii"] [male-line descendant of Sextus Caesar, JULIUS CAESAR's cousin, represents a collateral-line of the imperial house]

= Gordiana, sis of RE GORDIAN [III] 238-244, &, dau of Junius Licinus Balbus, son of Junius Licinus Balbus & Servilia, dau of Servilius Pudens & Ceionia Plautia, dau of Aelius Caesar (d138), son of L. Ceionius Commodus (d106) & Plautia, dau of Plautius Aelianus (d81) & Domitia Longina, dau of Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo (d67) & Cassia Longina (d50), dau of Cassius Longinus (d69) & Junia Lepidia (d65), dau of M. Junius Silanus Torquatus (d35) & Aemilia Lepidia (d26), dau of Lucius Aemilius Paulus (dAD14) & Julia (dAD28), dau of Marcellus (d23BC), ?her 1st =, or Agrippa (d12BC), ?her 2nd =, & Julia (dAD14), dau of OCTAVIUS AUGUSTUS, RE 27BC-AD14


(a) Eutropius (below)

(b) Eutropia (dau) (d324) (below)


(b) Eutropia (dau) (d324) (above)

=1 Afranius Hanibalin, Prince of Syria (d292)

=2 MAXIMIAN, RE 292-305, 307-8, 310

issue of 1:

(a) Dalmatius (d337), father of Aelia, wife of Flavius Sanctus, Roman Governor of Britain 348-353

(b) Afranius, father of [another] Afranius, father of Afranius Flaccillus Aelianus, father of Aela, 1st wife of RE THEODOSIUS I "THE GREAT"

(c) Theodora (dau)

= CONSTANTIUS I "CHLORUS", RE 305-306, his 2nd =

issue of 2:

(d) MAXENTIUS, RE 306-312, father of two sons: one [name] mur 309, &, the other [name] mur 312

(e) Flavia Maxima Fausta (d326), 3rd wife of CONSTANTINE "THE GREAT"


02. Eutropius, one time governor of what was formerly Yugoslavia, or the Roman province of Illyria (d305)

= Claudia, dau of Flavius Crispus, bro of RE CLAUDIUS II "GOTHICUS" 268-270 & RE QUINTILLUS 270, son[s] of Flavius Numerius, a Greek prince, &, wife, Claudia, dau of Claudius Apellinus, provincial governor, & Bassina, dau of SEVERUS, RE 197-211, & Aurelia, dau of Commodus Pompeianus (d209), son of Pompeianus Quintianus (d183) & Aurelia, daughter LUCIUS VERUS, co-ruler 161-169, &, wife, Annia Lucilla, daughter of MARCUS AURELIUS, RE 161-180


(a) Flavius Valerius Constantius, became RE CONSTANTIUS I "CHLORUS"

(b) Valerius Constantine Dardanus (# 3, below)

(c) Anastasia Constantina Eutropia (dau), wife of ?

03. Valerius Constantine Dardanus, bro of RE CONSTANTIUS I "CHLORUS" 305-6

04. Maximianus Constans, cousin of RE CONSTANTINE I "THE GREAT" 306/312-337

= Flavia, dau of Marcus Actius, Roman Governor of Britain 401-6, British Emperor 406, &, wife, Anicia, dau of Dionotus [II], King of Britain 392-394

05. Eucherius, twice Roman Governor of Britain 355-358 & 370-372, bro of "Count" Theodosius (d376), the father of Roman Emperor THEODOSIUS I "THE GREAT"

= Flavia, dau of the British Emperor CARAUSIUS [II], usurper 354-8


(a) Maximus, Roman Emperor 383-388, below

(b) Marcellinus, ancestor of the Carolingians of France (# 6, below)

(c) Malvius, father of Roman Emperor CONSTANTIUS III (418)

06. Marcellinus (d388), middle bro (above)

07. Andragathius (d388), executed by JUSTINIAN I "THE GREAT"

08. Theodosiolus (400/425), a Roman prince

09. Ferreolus, Tribune of Gaul (453)

= sis of Aegidius, Governor of Gaul (d464), descended from Old Gallic Royalty

10. Ferreolus [Frolle], Prefect of Gaul (d471); kld vs the British King Ambrosius

= Papianille Minor, dau of RE AVITUS 455-456, &, sis of Papianille Major, wife of Sidonius Apollinaris

11. Tontantius [Tonnance] (500)

= sis of Ruricius, Bp of Limoges (d507), &, dau of Faltonius, son of Adelphius & Italica, dau of Anicius Auchenius Bassus (d431), son of Anicius Auchenius Bassus (d408), son of Ancius Auchenius Bassus (d385), son of Amnius Nicomachus Anicius Paulinus (d335), son of Amnius Julianus Anicius (d329), son of Anicius Faustus (dc300), son of Quintus Anicius Faustus, son of Quintus Paulinus Anicius (d225), son of Quintus Anicius Faustus, son of A. Asinius Quadratus, son of C. Asinius Rufus & Julia, dau of Aur. Jul. Proculus (d156), son of C.J. Lupus T.V. Varus Laevillus & Julia, dau of C. Jul. Quadratus Bassus & Julia, dau of L. Oct. Laenas, son of C. Oct. Laenas (dAD38) & Rubellia Bassa, dau of Rubellius Blandus (d38) & Julia (dAD48), dau of Drusus (dAD23), son of RE TIBERIUS (AD14-37)

12. Tonantius (525), bro of Ruricius, Bp of Uzes (d506)

= dau of Firminus, Bp of Arles (d475/480), son of [name] & Anonyma, sis of RE AVITUS (455-6), &, dau of Agricola, Prefect of Gaul 416-418

13. Ferreolus (550), bro of Firminus, Bp of Uzes (d533)

= Industrie, daughter of Florentinus, Bishop of Geneva (d513), &, wife, Arthemia, daughter of Rusticus [Rustique], Bishop of Lyons (d501) [son of Aquilin[us], Bp of Lyons, (d470), who has an "ancient ancestry", see], &, wife, Ommace, daughter of Ruricius [Rurike], Bishop of Limoges (d507), son of Faltonius (above) & Fidia Perpetua Julia, daughter of Fidius Atticus & Laeta, daughter of Toxotius, Jr., son of Toxotius, Sr. & St. Paula (d404), daughter of Rogatus, a Greek prince, &, wife, Blesilla, daughter of Maecius Memmius (d347) & Constantina, sister of CONSTANTINE I "THE GREAT", RE 312/324-337


(14a) Ansbert[us] "Gallo", a senator (d570) (below)

(14b) Deoterius, Bp of Arisitum

(14c) Raginfred[us] (below)

(14d) Agivald[us] Babo

(14e) Firminus, Bp of Ucellum

(14f) Munderic, Bp of Arisitum (578) (below)

(14g) Agilulf[us], Bp of Metz (d591/601)


issue of (14a) Ansbert[us] "Gallo", a senator (d570)

14. Ansbert[us] "Gallo", a senator (d570) (above/below)

= Blithilde, dau of King Clothaire I of France


(15a) Ferreolus, Bp of Uzes (d581) (below)

(15b) Tarsice Fadence

(15c) Modoald (Moderic), St., Bp of Treves



issue of (14c) Raginfred[us] (above)

14C Raginfred[us]

begot 3 sons:

(15a) Mummolus

= [name] [his cousin's dau] & begot (16) Chramnsigo, father of 2 sons & 1 dau: (17a) Sigoald, Bp of Metz, (17b) Babo, Duke of Albi, & (17c) Sigolena, an abbess

(15b) Hector

(15c) Maurilio (d580), a duke, father of (16a) Aunulf, a duke (d575/600), & (16b) Arnulf, a duke, (d616)


issue of (f) Munderic, Bp of Arisitum (578) (above/below)

14F Munderic, Bp of Arisitum (578)

= Arthemia, dau of Aurelian, Bp of Arles (d551), son of Sacerdos, Bp of Lyons (d559), son of Rusticus [Rustique], Bp of Lyons (d501) [son of Aquilin[us], Bp of Lyons (d470)], &, wife, Ommace, dau of Ruricius [Rurike], Bp of Limoges (d507) [&, wife, Hiberie], son of Faltonius [&, wife, Fidia Perpetua Julia], son of Adelphius (d451), son of Valerius Adelphius Pontius & [wife] Anicia, dau of Q. Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius (379) & [wife] Juliana, dau of Anicius Auchenius Bassus (382) [&, wife, Turrenia Honorata], son of Manius Caesonius Paulinus Honorius (334), son of Amnius Anicius (322), son of Sextus Anicius Faustus (298), son of Quintus Anicius Faustus, & [wife] Juliana, dau of Nicomachus (250), son of Protimus (220), son of Quadratus (180), son of Asinius (145), son of Quadratus (105) [&, wife, Asinia Marcella], son of Bassus, gov. of Bithynia (98), son of Caius Julius Severus, son of Artemidoros, son of Amyntas, gov. of Trocmes, son of Brogitarix, King of Galatia 50-41BC, & [wife] Adobogiona, dau of Deiotarix I, King of Galatia 63-50BC [son of Sinorix], & [wife] Berenice, dau of [name], son of [name] & [wife] Stratonike, dau of Attalus III, King of Pergamus 138-133BC, whose mother was Stratonike, dau of Ariarathes IV Philopator, King of Cappadocia, son of Ariarathes III, King of Cappadocia, & [wife] Stratonike, dau of Antiochus II "Theos", King of Syria 261-246BC, etc.

begot 3 sons:

(15a) St. Gundulf [Gondoule], Bp of Metz (d591)

(15b) Mummolin[us], Ct of Soissons (d567/70) (below)

(15c) Bodegisel, duke of Swabia (d581) (below)


issue of (15a) Gundulf [Gondoule], Bp of Metz (d591):

(16a) Carloman (below)

(16b) Dode, wife of Arnold, Margrave, d601


issue of (16a) Carloman (above)

16X Carloman

= Gertrude of Bavaria


(17a) Pepin [I] of Landen, Major Domo (d639) (below)

(17b) Waldrade (dau), wife of Gamard Bobo

(17c) Amalberg (dau), wife of Vitgar, a count, &, mother of two sons


issue of (17a) Pepin [I] of Landen, Major Domo (d639) (above)

17X Pepin [I] of Landen, Major Domo (d639)

= Itite (Iduberg), dau of Grimoalde, Duke of Aquitaine


(18a) Grimoald, Major Domo, [?] father of (19) Childebert 'L'Adopte"

(18b) Gertrude, abbess

(18c) Begue (Begga) (d694), wife of Ansegis, Major Domo (below)


issue of (15b) Mummolen[us], Ct of Soissons (d567/70) (above)

15X Mummolen[us], Ct of Soissons (d567/70)

= Berthe of Angouleme

begot 3 sons:

(16a) Bodegisel [Baudgise] [I], Duke of Aquitaine (below)

(16b) Gundulf [Gondoule], Bp of Tongres (d607) (below)

(16c) Gamard[us] Babo (d584/8) (below)


issue of (16a) Bodegisel [Baudgise] [I], Duke of Aquitaine (above)

16X Bodegisel [Baudgise] [I], Duke of Aquitaine (d589)

= Sancha of Gascogne


(17a) Arnold, St., Bp of Metz (d639) (below)

(17b) Clothilde (dau)


issue of (17a) Arnold, St. (above)

17X Arnold, St., Bp of Metz

= Doda, dau of Arnold, Margrave of the Scheldt, & [wife] Doda, dau of Gundulf, Bp of Metz


(18a) Chlodulf (d657), father of (19) Aunulf

(18b) Clotilde (dau), wife of ...


issue of (16b) Gundulf [Gondoule], Bp of Tongres (d607)

16X Gundulf [Gondoule], Bp of Tongres (d607)


(17a) Bodegisel [II], Duke of Aquitaine


issue of (16c) Gamard[us] [Chamard] Babo (d584/8) (above)

16X Gamard[us] [Chamard] Babo (d584/8)

= Waldrada, sis of Pepin [I] of Landen, Major Domo


(17a) Sigo[en], father of (18a) Ansbert, Bp of Autun (685), (18b) Autharius, Ct of Soissons [father of (19a) Rado & (19b) Audoen, Bp of Rouen], & (18c) Sigolena (dau), wife of ...

(17b) Goeric Abbo, Bp of Metz (d647)

(17c) Adalgisel Grimo (d634)

(17d) Waldegils, father of (18) Segislius

(17e) Addo, father of 3 sons: (18a) Adregisel (648), (18b) Babo, duke, & (18c) Adalgisel (634), father of 3 sons: (19a) Regenfrid (694), (19b) Bodegisel (693/702) [father of (20) Hildefrid], & (19c) Adalgisel Alloaic (693/713)

(17f) Godin Hedin

(17g) Radbert [Rado]

(17h) Babo, Bp of Autun (614/627), father of (18) Ferreolus, Bp of Autun (627/650)


issue of (15c) Bodegisel (d581/5) (above), bro of Mummolin[us] & Gundulf [Gondoule], Bp of Metz

15X Bodegisel, Duke of Swabia (d581/5)

= Palatine, dau of Gallus Magnus, Bp of Troyes], [the Bodegisel afore] son of Munderic, Bp of Arisitum (578) [not to be confused with Munderic, King of Cologne], &, wife, Arthemia, dau of Aurelian, Bp of Arles, son of Sacerdos, Bp of Lyons (d552), son of Rusticus [Rustique], Bishop of Lyons (d501), son of Aquilin[us], Bishop of Lyons (d470), of ancient descent


(16a) Bodegisel "The Roman", an ambassador (d588) (below)


issue of (16a) Bodegisel "The Roman", an ambassador (d588) (below)

16X Bodegisel "The Roman", an ambassador (d588) (below) (above)

= Chrodoare of Swabia


(17a) Arnold, Duke of Verdun, father of (18) Walchise, Duke of Verdun, father of (19) Valtrude (dau), wife of Eudes, Duke of Aquitaine (d718/735)

(17b) Haldgisel, father of (18) Lodupigus

(17c) Clothilde (dau), wife of St. Arnulf, Bp of Metz (d641), compare


15. Ferreolus, Bp of Uzes (d581)

= Arnegonde (d573), dau of Clodomir II, King of Cologne/Worms [son of Munderic, King of Cologne (d532), son of Cloderic "The Parricide", King of Cologne (d509), son of Sigebert "The Lame", King of Cologne (d509), son of Childebert, King of Cologne (475), son of Clovis, King of Cologne (450), etc.] & Clodonde, dau of Cariaric


(16a) Arnold (# 16, below)

(16b) Munderic

(16c) Gripho

16. Arnold[us], Margrave of the Scheldt (d601) [not St. Arnold, his relative]

= Dode, dau of Gundulf[us] (Gondoule), Bp of Metz (d591) [note: not to be confused with Gundulf[us] (Gondoule), Bishop of Tongres]


(17a) Arnulf[us], Bp of Metz (d641) (below)

(17b) Dode (dau), wife of St. Arnold, Bp of Metz (d639), son of Bodegisel [I], Duke of Aquitaine

17. Arnulf[us], Bp of Metz (d641) (above) [note: "son-in-law", not "son" of Bodegisel "The Roman"]

= Clothilde, sis, not dau, of Arnold of Verdun, &, dau of Bodegisel "The Roman", & wife, Chrodoare of Swabia


(18a) Clodule, St. (d696) [who, by wife, Sigrade of Alsace] begot 1 son & 1 dau: (a) Bazin, Bp of Treves, & (b) Kunza, wife of Warin, Count of Paris

(18b) Ansgise (d685) (below)

18. Ansgise [Anschis; Ansegis] (d685) (above)

= Begue (Begga) (d694), daughter of Pepin [I] of Landen, Major Domo of France (d639), &, wife, Itite (d652), daughter of Grimoalde, Duke of Aquitaine (d599), son of Thibaut [Theudebald], King of France 548-555, &, 1st wife, Walderade


(19a) Pepin [II] of Heristal Major Domo (d714) (below)

(19b) Martin, St.

(19c) Bogis, Duke of Aquitaine (below)


issue of (19c) Bogis, Duke of Aquitaine (above)

19X Bogis, Duke of Aquitaine (d688)

= Dode of Gascony

20X Eudes (d718)

= Valtrude, dau of Walchise of Verdun

begot 3 sons:

(21a) Aznar, father of Aznar, 1st Count of Aragon (778), ancestor of the counts & later kings of Aragon

(21b) Hunold (d748), father of Weifar, Duke of Aquitaine (d768) [who, by wife, Adela, dau of Loup I, Duke of Gascogne] begot Loup II, Duke of Gascogne (d778), father of Adalric (d812), father of Ximeno, Duke of Gascogne (d816), father of Ingio "Aristo", 1st King of Navarre (840) (d851), ancestor of the Kings of Navarre

(21c) Atton, ancestor of later dukes of Gascogne


19. Pepin [II] of Heristal, Major Domo (d714) (above)

=1 Plectrude, sis of Florbert, Bp of Liege, &, dau of Hugobert, Seneschal of France (d693) [&, wife, Theodrade, dau of Theodhard, Bp of Liege (d673), &, wife Irmine d'Oeren], son of Alberich of Aquitaine [&, wife, Adela], son of Hugo, Duke of Aquitaine (d640), son of Severus, Duke of Aquitaine, son of Auriolo "Manse", vis. of Barthe

=2 Aupais, dau of Ervigio, King of Spain 680-687, &, widow of [name] de Bruyeres

=3 Chalpaida [Elphilde], sis of Clodulphe, Duke of Austrasia (d718), &, dau of Childebrand, son of Chilperic (d632), son of King Caribert II of France [W] 629

issue of 1:

(20a) Grimoald [II], Major Domo (d714), father of (21) Theobald, Major Domo (d741)

(20b) Drogo, Duke of Champagne (below)

(20c) Childebrand [I], Seigneur of Perrecy (d743/752) (below)

(20e) dau, had issue

issue of 2:

(20f) Charles "Martel", Duke of France (below)

issue of 3:

(20g) Gripho, Count of Paris, father of (21) Federico [Friedrich] de [von] Langeberg (d785), [supposed] ancestor of the collateral-lines of Hohenstaufen & Hohenzollern families


issue of (20b) Drogo, Duke of Champagne (above)

(21a) Arnold (d723)

(21b) Hugues

(21c) Jumieges

(21d) Godofroy (d723)

(21e) Pepin (d723)


issue of (20c) Childebrand [I], Seigneur of Perrecy (d743/752) (above)

20X Childebrand [I], Seigneur of Perrecy (d743/752)

21X Nebelong [Nivelon], Count of Madrie (d768)

begot 3 sons:

(22a) Nebelong [II], father of Griffon, Ct of Vexin, & Thibert [I], Ct of Madrie (802)

(22b) Childebrand [II], Seigneur of Perrecy (d796) (below)

(22c) Gautier, Count of Vexin (770)


issue of (22b) Childebrand [II], Seigneur of Perrecy (d796) (above)

22X Childebrand [II], Seigneur of Perrecy (d796)

begot 3 sons:

(23a) Guinetier [I] (805)

(23b) Nebelong [III], Count of Vexin (d805) (below)

(23c) Schilbunc (805)


issue of (23b) Nebelong [III], Count of Vexin (d805) (above)

23X Nebelong [III], Count of Vexin (d805)

begot 5 sons:

(24a) Thibert [III], Count of Madrie (d830)

(24b) Childebrand [III], Seigneur of Perracy (d826/832-6) (below)

(24c) Eckhard I, Count of Amiens (d844)

(24d) Adalbert [Aubert], Count of Avallon (d842), father of 3 sons: (a) Thierri (870), Nebelong [V] (d870), & (c) Fouchard, Count of Limoges

(24e) Gautier, Count of Vexin, father of Nebelong [VI] (d875/8)


issue of (24b) Childebrand [III], Seigneur of Perracy (d826/832-6) (above)

24X Childebrand [III], Seigneur of Perracy (d826/832-6)

begot 3 sons:

(25a) Nebelong [IV], Count of Vexin (d868), father of 3 sons: (26a) Aimar [Ademar], Sire of Bourbon (d921/44); (26b) Guido (26c) Folmar (dc 930)

(25b) Eckhard [II], Count of Morvois & Count of Challon (d876)

(25c) Thierri [I], Count of Autun (d879/883-8) (below)


issue of (25c) Thierri [I], Count of Autun (d879/883-8) (above)

25X Thierri [I], Count of Autun (d879/883-8)

= Thiberge, dau of Richard, Count of Beauvais

begot 7 sons:

(26a) Boso, Count of Turin 874-?

(26b) Richard d'Autun (d876?), father of (27) Garnier de Sens, father of (28) Fremont de Sens (d951)

(26c) Garnier, vicomte de Troyes (d925), father of 3 sons: (27a) Boso I of Provence (d948); (27b) Rotbold (d949) [father of (28) Boso II of Provence (d968)], & (27c) Pons de Marseille

(26d) Thierri [II], Ct of Chaumois; Ct of Beauvais (d893/4), father of (27a) Thierri, Count of Ardenne (dc900) & (27b) Aleran (dc 900), father of (28a) Bernard, Ct of Beauvais (936), & (28b) [name], father of (29) Thierri (d949)

(26e) Bernard, father of (27) Guinetier [II] (d904), father of (28) Thierri

(26f) Thibaud, Count of Arles (d895) (below)

(26g) Hugh of Provence (c927), father of (27) Thibaut (dc950), etc.


issue of (f) Thibaud, Count of Arles (d895) (above)

26X Thibaud, Count of Arles (d895)

= Bertha, dau of HRE LOTHAIRE I

begot 3 sons:

(27a) Boso [VI], Count of Arles (d936)

(27b) Hugh, Count of Vienne, King of Italy 926-945 (d947/8), father of (28a) LOTHAIRE II, HRE, King of Italy (d950), & (28b) Humbert, Marquis of Tuscany (936) (d976) [who, of his wife, [name] of Spoleto] begot (29) Amadeus of Gaul, Count of Maurienne-Savoy (d980), father of (30) Humbert "The White-Handed", [1st] Count of Savoy (d1047/51), ancestor of the House of Savoy

(27c) Yves, Seigneur of Creil (945) (d983?)


20. CHARLES "MARTEL", Duke of France 737-741 (above)

=1 Rotrude (d724), dau of St. Lievin, Bp of Treves (d713/717) [&, wife, Willigarde], son of Warin, Count of Poitiers (d676) [&, wife, Kunza], son of Bodilon of Treves [&, wife Sigree, dau of Ansaud de Dijon], son of Liutvin, St., Bp of Treves [&, wife, Aviena], son of Warner, Bp of Treves (d599) [&, wife, dau of Duke of Toulouse & his wife, Desiree of Lyons], son of Gaucher, son of Warnachar, son of Gauciolen, son of Torquate, son of Agillus, son of Syagrius, last Roman Governor of Gaul

=2 Swanhilde, dau of Tassilo II, Duke of Bavaria

=3 [name]

issue of 1:

(21a) Pepin "Le Korte" (below)

(21b) Carloman (d754), who, by wife, Alard, begot 1 son & 1 dau: Drogo (d747) & Rotrou, wife of Girard, Count of Paris

(21c) St. Bernard (d784/7), begot 3 sons & 2 daus: (a) Adalhard, St. (d826), (b) Bernier (d821), & (c) Walla (d836), plus (d) Gondree (dau), 2nd wife of Pepin [I], King of Italy (d810), & (e) Thierre (dau), wife of ...

issue of 2:

(21d) Gripho [II], Count of Paris (d753)

(21e) Hiltrude, wife of Odilo, Duke of Bavaria (d748)

issue of 3:

(21f) Jerome (d787), begot 3 sons: (22a) Audoen (d814), (22b) Fulrad (d826), & (22c) Foukin (d855)

(21g) Heironymus

(21h) Landree, wife of Sigrand, a count

21. PEPIN "LE KORTE", "THE USURPER", King of France 751-768

= Bertha "The White-Lady", dau of Caribert [II], Count of Laon, & Bertha, sis of Clothaire IV, King of France


(22a) Charles "The Great", aka Charlemagne

(22b) Carloman (d771), father of Pepin & Siagre

(22c) Pepin (d762)

(22d) Bertha, wife of Millo, &, mother of Roland (Orlando) "The Paladin"

(22e) Ermengarde, wife of Aymon, &, mother of Rinaldo

(22f) Aldana, wife of Theodore [Makhir] of Narbonne, &, mother of St. William

22. CHARLEMAGNE, HRE 800-814

=1 Regina, dau of Radolf III, Count of Franconia

=2 Himiltrude, dau of Mauregato, King of Spain

=3 Vastrada, dau of Ratchis, King of Italy

=4 Hildegarde, dau of Geraud, Duke of Swabia

=5 Desideria, dau of Desiderius, King of Italy

=6 Liutgarde "of Germany"

=7 Sigradane

=8 Madelgarde

=9 Gersvinde

=10 Adelaide, widow, =2(814) OGIER "THE DANE"

issue of 1:

(23a) Charles (d774)

(23b) Elphilde (dau), wife of Eardulf, King of Northumbrie (d808)

issue of 2:

(23c) Aupais (dau), wife of Begue, Count of Paris (d816)

issue of 3:

(23d) Redburh (Ratperga) (dau), wife of Egbert, King of Wessex (d839)

issue of 4:

(23e) Charles (772-811)

(23f) Pepin, King of Italy (d810) (below)

(23g) LOUIS I "THE PIOUS", King of France 814-840 (below)

(x) others

23. LOUIS I "THE PIOUS", King of France 814-840 (above)

= thrice

issue of 1:

(24a) Louis (d876), father of (25) CHARLES III "THE FAT", King of France 884-7 dep, d888

issue of 2:

(24b) CHARLES II "THE BALD", King of France 840/843-877 (below)

issue of 3:

(24c) Arnulf (d841)

24. CHARLES II "THE BALD", King of France 840/843-877 (above)

= twice

issue of 1:

(25a) LOUIS II "THE STAMMERER", King of France 877-879 (below)

(25b) Judith (dau)

=1 Ethelwulf, King of Wessex

=2 Ethelbald, King of Wessex

=3 Baldwin I, Count of Flanders

25. LOUIS II "THE STAMMERER", King of France 877-879 (above)

=1 Ansgarde (d878)

=2 Adelaide (d901)

issue of 1:

(26a) LOUIS III, King of France 879-882

(26b) CARLOMAN, King of France 882-884

issue of 2:

(26c) CHARLES IV "THE SIMPLE", King of France 898-922 dep/d929 (below)

26. CHARLES IV "THE SIMPLE", King of France 898-922 dep/d929 (above)

=1 [name]

=2 Frederune

=3 Odgive of England

issue of 1:

(27a) Gisela (dau), wife of Rollo, Duke of Normandy

issue of 2:

(b-f) 5 daus

issue of 3:

(27g) LOUIS IV "D'OUTRE MERE", King of France 936-954 (below)

27. LOUIS IV "D'OUTRE MERE", King of France 936-954 (above)


(28a) LOTHAIRE, King of France 954-986, father of (29) LOUIS V "THE INDOLENT", King of France 986-7 mur

(28b) Charles, Duke of Lorraine, royal-heir

=1 Alice of Verdun

=2 Agnes of Vermandois

=3 Bonne of Verdun

issue of 1:

(29a) Otto, Duke of Lower Lorraine (d1012) [who, by wife, Helvise, widow of Geoffrey II, vicomte of Chateau-Dune], begot (30) WARIN OF LORRAINE

issue of 2:

(29b) Gerberge (dau), wife of Lambert I, Count of Louvain (d1015)

(29c) Ermengarde (dau), wife of Albert I, Count of Namur (d1011), &, mother of Ermengarde (dau), wife of (30) Otto, Count of Chiny [Warcq] (d986/7)

issue of 3:

(29d) Eudes (Odo) (d1005)

(29e) Charles [Karl]

(29f) Louis (d995; age 6)


(30) WARIN OF LORRAINE (d1068/71), one of the "Conqueror's Companions"

= Beatrix [Biautris], dau of Gozelo I, Duke of Lower (1023) & Upper (1033) Lorraine [her 3rd =; she =1 Sigboto of Santois; =2 Henrich "Furious", pfgf of Lower Lorraine]

(31) HELYAS "THE SWAN-KNIGHT" (nat. son), epic-hero of the First Crusade 1096-1099 (d1101)

=1 Ida of Louvain, widow of the Duke of Bouillon; she =3 Eustace II, Count of Boulogne

=2 Elsa of Brabant, div. wife of Regnier, Count of Hainault; she =3 Hajo "Der Ditmarse", Count of Uprustringen

=3 Beatrix of Cleves, dau of Rutger II, Count of Cleves, widow of the Count of Lizaborye; she =3 Dietrich I, Count of Cleves (d1056)

issue of 1:

(32a) Geoffrey, Count of Bouillon (d1100)

issue of 2:

(32b) Elimar, Count of Oldenburg (d1108), ancestor of the House of Oldenburg/Oldcastle, male-line ancestor of HRH Prince Philip

issue of 3:

(32c) Dietrich [II], Count of Cleves (d1118), ancestor of a dynasty of counts in Cleves



22. CHARLEMAGNE (above)

23. Pepin, King of Italy (d810) (above)

24. Bernard, King of Italy (d818)

25. Pepin [II], Seigneur of Peronne (d842)

= Rothaide of Vermandois, heiress

26. Herbert I, Count of Vermandois (d907)

27. Herbert II, Count of Vermandois (d943)

28. Albert "The Pious", Count of Vermandois (d987)

= Mathilde de Chiny, heiress

29/30. Otto I, Count of Chiny [Warcq] (d986/7)

= Ermengarde, dau of Albert I of Namur & Ermengarde, dau of Charles of Lorraine

30. Louis [I], Count of Chiny (d1025)

= Adelaide of Lorraine


31B Louis II, Count of Chiny, bro of (31A) ? Warin of Lorraine, compare above

32. Arnulf I, Count of Chiny (d1106)

33. Otto II, Count of Chiny (1106)

34. Albert, Count of Chiny (1131)

35. Thierry, Sire of Mellier (1207)

36. Hugues, Sire of Mellier (1224/1229)

37. Thibaut [I], Sire of Mellier (d1271)

38. Arnulf, Seigneur de Neufchateau, his bro was Boemond, was a clerk in the civil-service (1317)

39. Henri, Seigneur de Neufchateau (1325)

40. Thibaut II, Seigneur de Neufchateau (1350)

41. Thierry, vicomte (1375)

42. Louis, a count (1400)

had issue

note: their estate "Neufchateau" can be translated meaning "New Castle", which passed down through their heirs

46. name

= de Gulpen, heiress

47. Frambach, Seigneur de Neufchateau

48. Adolphe, Seigneur de Neufchateau

= Jossette d'Oultremont

49. name


David Hughes, 2005,, genealogical charts available


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