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               & DESCENDANTS

PART 1: ANCESTORS OF KING ARTHUR, three ancestral-lines

LINE 1A: male-line ancestry

01. [name], said to have been of the "Forum Iulii", which descended in the male-line from Julius Caesar's cousin, Sextus [note: one of his ancestors may have been Maximus, Roman Governor of Britain 224-226]

= Gordiana, sis of Roman Emperor Gordian [III] 238-244

02. Eutropius (d305), one time governor of what was formerly Yugoslavia, or the Roman province of Illyria

= Claudia, dau of Flavius Crispus, bro of Roman Emperor Claudius II "Gothicus" & Roman Emperor Quintillus

03. Valerius Constantine Dardanus, bro of Roman Emperor Constantius I "Chlorus"

04. Maximianus Constans

05. Eucherius, twice Roman Governor of Britain 355-358 & 370-372, bro of Count Theodosius, the father of Roman Emperor Theodosius I "The Great"

= Flavia, dau of the British Emperor CARAUSIUS [II], usurper 354-8


(6a) Maximus, Roman Emperor 383-388, below

(6b) Marcellinus, ancestor of the Carolingians of France

(6c) Malvius, father of Roman Emperor Constantius III

06. Maximus, Roman Emperor 383-388, previously Roman Governor of Britain 375-382, then, King of Britain 382-383

=1 Dode, dau of the British prince Llwydrod (Leolinus), nephew of King Cole II

=2 Ceindrech, dau of the British prince Rheidon map Eledi

=3 Elen, dau of the British King Eudaf "Hen" [a.k.a. the British King Octavius "The Old" 328-382, not to be confused with his namesake Eudaf II "Oge", a.k.a, the British King Octavius "The Young[er]" 389-392]

issue of 1st:

(7a) Victor [II], Gallic Emperor 388 [him, his wife, and his son, all mur]

issue of 2nd:

(7b) Eugenius "The Apostate", Roman Emperor 392-394 [previously the Welsh Owain, King of Britain 389]

(7c) Publicius "The Saint" [St. Peblig], a bishop

issue of 3rd:

(7d) Dionotus [II], King of Britain 392-394

(7e) Aldroenus (Androenus) [the Welsh Aldwr], Prefect of Armorica (d407)

(7f) Constantine III "the Tyrant", Roman Emperor 407-411, identified with the British King Custennin (Constantine) II "The Blessed" (below)

(7g) Antonius "Donatus", identified with the Welsh Authun of Galloway (418)

(7h) Strada (dau), wife of Coilus "Votepacus", "Dux Britannorum"

(7i) Gratia (dau), wife of Tudwallus, "Dux Cornovia" [Cornwall]

(7j) Constantina (dau), wife of Nicanor[us], a Gallic prefect

(7k) Magna (dau), wife of Ennodius, Prefect of North Africa

(7l) Severa (dau), wife of Vitalinus, a.k.a. Vortigern, King of Britain 425-456

07. Constantine III "the Tyrant", Roman Emperor 407-411, identified with the British King Custennin (Constantine) II "The Blessed" 406-409, above

= Severa, dau of the imperial prince Honorius, bro of the Roman Emperor Theodosius I "The Great"


(8a) Julian Constans Caesar (ex 411), who, by wife Martiana, begot an only child, a dau, Marcia, Empress of Britain 418

(8b) Justus (d409), father of Dervacus, father of Xantus "Santus", father of the Welsh St. David, a British bishop (d538)

(8c) Constans "The Monk" (below)

(8d) Magna Major, wife of Agricola, Prefect of Gaul 416-418

(8e) Magna Minor, wife of Peibio "Glafrog", a British prince

08. Constans "The Monk" ["Mynach"], identified with the British King Konstant "Vynarch" 412-417 (above)

=1 Ivoire

=2 Marcia (d417), dau of Roman General Stilicho, and, sis-in-law of the Roman Emperor Honorius

issue of 1st:

(9a) Moynes [Ivoine], heir, mur 417 along with father and step-mother

issue of 2nd:

(9b) Ambrosius (414-473), the Welsh Emreis "Wledic", Roman Governor of Britain 434/437-441, King of Britain 457-473, Roman Emperor 472-473 [3 months]

(9c) Eutherius "Pen Draco" (below)

09. Eutherius "Pen Draco" (417-479), the Welsh Uthyr "Pendragon", "Comes Britanniae" 437-441 & 457-473, King of Britain 473-479 (above), bro of British King/Roman Emperor AMBROSIUS

=1 Arnive

x2 Dyagenne [married mistress]

x3 Ygerne (Igraine), dau of the British King Anblaud "The Great (479), the Welsh Amlawd "Wledic", &, widow of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall [illicit liaison]

issue of 1st:

x. nine daus born of Queen Arnive, who were: (1) Laudine (Alundyne); =1 Cador of Devon; =2 Esclados "The Black Knight"; =3 Owain of Powys; the mother, by # 1, of Constantine III, BK 538, who was Arthur’s successor; by # 2, of Echalain; and, by # 3, of Cuneglassos (Cinglas), BK 538, the successor of Votepore 538; (2) Dioneta; = Mark (Marcus) (d527), brother of Sir Kaye (Caius) [the foster-bros of King Arthur]; the mother of Aurelius (Aurilie; Awrely) "Caninus" [Mark "The Dog"], BK 538, successor of Constantine III; (3) Argante; (4) Achefleur; (5) Alma-Pompa; (6) Logistila; (7) Sangive; (8) Anthonje; & (9) Olimpia

issue of 2nd:

x. Madoc (d479), illegitimate son of his married mistress

issue of 3rd:

x. Arthur, posthumous nat. son (born 479) by a widowed British duchess (below)

10. ARTHUR, King of Britain (above/below)


LINE 1B: descent of the "title" to the British Throne from the Brutiads, Britain’s national-dynasty, to ARTHUR, by generation is:

01. CASWALLAWN, the British High-King, Brehin, who fought Julius Caesar 54BC, deposed, died 48BC

02. Andocoveros, a regional-king/duke, circa 25BC

03. TASCIOVANUS, sole "King of Britain" from AD 5

04. CUNOBELINUS (CYMBELINE), "Rex Britanniae" AD 9-39

05. ARVIRAGUS, King 62-76, rebelled 69 & 76

06. MARIUS, King 87-95

07. COILUS I ["OLD KING COLE"], King 95-154


08. LUCIUS "THE SAINT", posthumous son, King 155-180, became a Christain in AD 176

= Gwladys

09. Gwladys (179-235), heiress

= Cadfan, Lord of Cumbria [related to the rulers of Strathclyde and Galloway], who represented a branch of the Old British Royal House

10. Strada, eventual-heiress

= COILUS II, King of Britain 305, formerly Duke Cole of Colchester, who represented a branch of the Old British Royal House

11. HELENA [SAINT], heiress, then, queen 312-328

= CONSTANTIUS "CHLORUS", British King 305 & Roman Emperor 306, who represented a branch of the Roman Forum "Iulii"

12. CONSTANTINE I "THE GREAT", King of Britain 306-312; Roman Emperor 312-337

= Gwladys of Cumbria, a British princess [his 1st wife; or she was his mistress or concubine]

13. Constance, designated-heiress

= EUDAF I "HEN", identified with OCTAVIUS I "THE OLD", King of Britain, d382, who represented a branch of the Old British Royal House

14. [H]ELEN "LUYDDOG", heiress, then, queen

= MACSEN "WLEDIC", identified with MAGNUS MAXIMUS, Roman Governor of Britain 375-383, King of Britain 382, Roman Emperor 383-388, representing the Roman "Forum Iulii"

15. CONSTANTINE II, King of Britain 406-411 [Roman Emperor as Constantine III 407-411]

= SEVERA, an imperial princess; regent during her husband's absences

16. CONSTANS "THE MONK", King of Britain 412-417

= Marcia, sister-in-law to the Roman Emperor Honorius

17. EUTHER[IUS] "PENDRAGON", "Comes Britanniae" 434/437-441 & 457-473; King of Britain 473-479; brother of AMBROSIUS, Roman Governor of Britain 434/437-441; King of Britain 457-473; Roman Emperor 472-473 (3 months)

= Ygerne, a British princess & heiress

18. ARTHUR, King of Britain (below)


LINE 1C: ancestry of ARTHUR from the first British Emperor CARAUSIUS, by generation, is:

00. M. Aur. Mausaeus "Caesar", an army-officer

[descended in the male-line from T. Carisius, Quaestor of Rome, whose wife, Julia "Minor", was one of Julius Caesar's sisters]

= a Bataviae princess, for whom the Dutch also claim Carausius as one of their own

01. CARAUSIUS, the Welsh Carawn "Wledic", 1st British Emperor 286-293

= Oriuna, sister of Saint Helena and Aeoifa, co-heiresses and daughters of the British King COILUS II 305

02. GENSERIS, "princeps juventutis", British King 296

03. CARAUSIUS [II], usurper 354-8

04. Flavia (dau)

= Eucherius, an imperial prince, was twice Roman Governor of Britain 355-358 & 370-372

05. MAXIMUS, Roman Governor of Britain 375-383; King of Britain 382; Roman Emperor 363-388

= [H]Elen "Luyddog", Queen, daughter & heiress of the British King Eudaf I "Hen"

06. CONSTANTINE II, King of Britain 406-409 dep; d411; was Roman Emperor as Constantine III 407-411

= Severa, regent 407-409

07. Julian, crown prince (d411)

= Martiana, dau of MARCUS ACTIUS, Roman Governor of Britain 401-406, British Emperor 406

08. MARCIA, British Empress 418; Queen of Britain 424-425

=1 Rivallo, a British king

=2 Gurgust "Barbtruc", King of Lothian [Gododdin], a British king

=3 VITALINUS, British Emperor 417-418; aka VORTIGERN, King of Britain 425-457

09. Scotnoe (426-462), dau of 3rd =; princess

=1 Fedlim, an Irish prince, son of King LOEGAIRE of Ireland

=2 Xuthus "Sanctus", a Roman prince

=3 Amlawd Wledic, id. with ANBLAUD "THE GREAT", King of Britain 479

10. Ygerne (Eiger), dau of 3rd =; princess & heiress

= [via liaison with] King EUTHERIUS "PEN DRACO" of Britain

the mother of

11. ARTHUR , King of Britain (below)


PART 2: HOUSE OF ARTHUR, three descent-lines

10/18/11. ARTHUR, King of Britain 495/504/507-538 (above)

=1(498) Guinevere (div 513)

=2(513) Winlogoto (div 527)

=3(528) Ganhumara

= several affairs, illicit liaisons, & chance encounters

issue of 1st:

a. Amhar (Anir; Enir) "Fardd" (499-517), below

issue of 2nd:

b. Llacheu (514-523), mur [age nine]

c. Lunete (Lenore) (516-552), mother of Hoel, boy-king (547-552), mur [age five, or six]

issue of 3rd:

d. Gwydre (529-538), mur [age nine]

illegitimate issue:

e. Arawn, Duke of Wales

f. Cerdic, Earl of Wessex, killed in battle in France in 534 during his father's French campaign

g. Maelgwn "Gwynedd", called "Dragon of The Isle", Prince of Gwynedd, King of Britain 538 & 541-547

h. Smerbe (Smerevie; Smeirbhe), Duke of Argyle (d570)

i. Cinnede, reputed ancestor of the Kennedy Family


LINE 2A: descendants, the main-line

01. Arthur, King of Britain 495/504/507-538

02. Amhar (Anir; Enir) "Fardd", the epithet "Fardd" in "MC" is a copyist’s error, the British Absalom, killed in battle vs. his father 517

= [Aerea], daughter of Cadrod [son of Portho "Gotto"], &, wife, Gwrygon "Goddeu", daughter of Brychan, King of Brecon

03._Cadrod_"Calchvynydd"_(Catraut;_Cadrawd) "Calchvynydd"/"Calchfynydd"/"Calchwynydd" is mentioned by the poet Gwylim Ddu o Arfon: "...Kadrawt Kalchvynydd" ["RBP"]. His epithet "Calchvynydd" doubles as his name in the "Aedd Mawr Pedigree", in which he is listed as a son of Enir, that is, Am[ha]r, Arthur’s eldest son (above), however, due to the politics of the times Arthur's name was omitted from the pedigree. In "Peniarth MS 135", page 300, Cadrod "Calchvynydd" is called Earl of Dunstable and Lord of Hampshire. Here, he is confused with others who bore the same name. His name is dropped and his epithet "Calchvynydd" is corrupted in one pedigree and turned into the name of a fictitious person, namely, Calch Vynydd Hen. Cadrod [of] "Calchvynydd" was killed in battle in 556 fighting Cynric of Wessex, his rival to the throne. He was survived by his wife, Wynyn (Wen), and seven sons and three daughters, who were: (a) Cyndywyn (mur 556) (b) Cyndeyrn "Wledic", anti-king 560-565; (c) Condidan (Cynheiddon), rival-king 571-577 (d) Gwrmyl "Cadgyr-Farch" (d581), whose marriage to a peasant woman caused a royal scandal at the time, which tainted their son, Cynfeddw [rival king 613, killed 614], who was reared by his mother after his father's early death; (e) Llywarch [not to be identified with Llywarch "Hen" of the "Cole Godebog Pedigree"], the father of two sons, Idwal "Valch" [ancestor of the dynasty’s main-line, extinct in the male-line 729] and Dwywg [ancestor of Rhodri "Mawr", the first King of Wales, 872]; (f) Yspwys, Lord of Ercing (Ergyng) (d581) [the ancestor of the Tudors of England and other Welsh families]; (g) Cynferch, rival-king 581-593; and three daughters, (h) Saraide, (i) Rexelle, and (j) Andrive; one of whom was the 2nd wife of Cynwyd "Cynwydion" [of the "Cole Godebog Pedigree"] and the mother of Cadrod (Cadros) of Kelso, that is, the third person with the name Cadrod in three successive generations. [It is no wonder that the three are sometimes confused with each other.]

04. Llywarch [not to be mistaken with Llywarch "Hen" (d610) of the "Cole Godebog Pedigree" or the "Gwyr-y-Gogledd Genealogy"] killed in battle 581.

05. Idwal "Valch" (d593), is to be identified with the Idwal, the brother of Dwywg, son of Llywarch in the "Rhodri Mawr Pedigree", which is evidence that the Llywarch of the "Aedd Mawr Pedigree" is to be identified with the Llywarch in the "Rhodri Mawr Pedigree", which gives Rhodri Mawr, the first King of Wales, an Arthurian Ancestry. The descendants of Idwal "Valch" became the main-line of descent after the failure of the descendants of Gwrmyl "Cadgyr Farch" [the father of Cynfeddw, rival king 613-614, the father of Cadafael "Cadgommed", anti-king 637-654, the father of Cadwaladr I, anti-king 654-657]

06. Run (Rhun), a Welsh regional-king, fell in the Battle of Chester (d613)

07. Bleddyn, a Welsh regional-king, fell in battle versus the Anglo-Saxons (d654)

08. Margan, a Welsh regional-king, fell in the 3rd Battle of Badon Hill (d663)

09. Berwyn, killed in civil wars among Britons (d685)

10. Geraint "Feddw", King of Britain 704-712, killed versus King Ine of Wessex and his allies.

11. Efrawg [called Philippon &/or Philippus in romance], King of Britain 726-729

12. Galaes [called Meliadice in one medieval romance, while called Blenzible in another medieval romance], Queen of Britain 729-735

13. Gwilym, boy-king, mur 735


LINE 2B: descendants, secondary-line

i.e., ancestry of Rhodri Mawr, 1st King of Wales, & the Welsh Royal House

01. Arthur, King of Britain 495/504/507-538

02. Amhar (Anir; Enir) "Fardd" (d517)

03. Cadrod "Calchvynydd", rival-king of Britain, d556

04. Llywarch [not to be confused with Llywarch "Hen" in the "Gwyr-y-Gogledd Genealogy"], d581

05. Dwywg (d593), the brother of Idwal "Valch"

06. Gwair (Gwyar) (d613), who had a brother whose name was Idwal

07. Tegid (Tegyth) (d654)

08. Algwn (Algyn; Alcwn) (d663)

09. Sandef (Sandde) "Bryd Angel" fled to Isle of Man following the 3rd Battle of Badon Hill (663)

= Celenion, a Manx princess, eventual heiress of the Isle of Man

10. Elidur [his elder brother, Mechydd, who died childless, inherited the Isle of Man from their mother and reigned as its king; and, his younger brother Madawg (Madoc) was the ancestor of a collateral-line]

= Telri of Manaw

11. Gwriad, succeeded his uncle as King of the Isle of Man [his grave near Ramsey on the Isle of Man is marked by a cross inscribed "CRUX GURIAT"]

= Esyllt, eventual heiress of Gwynedd [Maelgwn’s line] & a collateral Arthurian descent-line

12. Merfyn "Frych", King of Gwynedd

[note: Patrick Sims-William concluded in his article "Historical Need and Literary Narrative: A Caveat from Ninth Century Wales", The Welsh History Review, vol. 17 (1994), page 17, that Merfyn "Frych" came from the Isle of Man and that he descended on his father's side from a descent-line of Britons who must had been of some importance, since it had married into the Manx royal house]

= Nest, eventual heiress of Powys

13. Rhodri "Mawr", 1st King of Wales [union of Dyfed, Gwynedd, & Powys], styled "Rex Brittonum" (872), ancestor of the Royal House of Wales



LINE 3B1: main-line

13. Rhodri "Mawr", 1st King of Wales [union of Dyfed, Gwynedd, & Powys], styled "Rex Brittonum" (872), ancestor of the Royal House of Wales

14. Anarawd, King of Gwynedd 878-916

15. Idwal "Foel", King of Gwynedd 916-942

= Mereddon, dau of Cadwr

16. Meurig, Prince (d986)

17. Idwal, Prince (d996)

18. Iago II, King of Gwynedd 1033-1039

19. Cynan, Prince

= Ragnilt, dau of Olaf of Dublin [son of Sihtric] & Maelcorce [dau of Dunlaing of Leinster]

20. Gruffydd, King of Gwynedd 1081, & 1094-1137

21. Owain Gwynedd, Prince of Gwynedd 1137-1170

22. Rhodri [III], co-ruler 1170-1195

23. Thomas, Prince

24. Caradoc, Prince

25. Gruffydd, Prince

26. Dafydd, Prince

27. Howel, Prince [Howel ap Dafydd]

28. Maredudd

29. Ievan, his brother Robert was ancestor of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

30. Maredudd

31. John

32. Morris

33. Robert (d1576)

34. Lewis "Anwyl", used epithet as surname; ancestor of the Anwyl Family

35. William (d1642)

36. Ievan (d1666)

37. Maurice (d1692)

38. Evan (d1721/22)

39. Evan (d1812)

40. Evan of Hendre Seifion (d1818)

41. Evan of Hendre Seifion (d1851)

42. Evan of Hendre Seifion (d1897)

43. Evan of Ty-Mawr Farm, Tywyn, Merionethshire (d1955), had a brother [43.] Jonathan, the father of [44.] [another] Jonathan, the father of [45A] Philip & [45B] Roger Anwyl

44. Evan of Ty-Mawr Farm, Tywyn (d1968)

45.Evan Vaughan Anwyl of Ty-Mawr Farm, Tywyn (born 1943), present representative

46. David Anwyl, exactly 45th in descent from King Arthur


LINE 3B2: secondary-line

13. Rhodri "Mawr", 1st King of Wales 872-878

14. Cadell (d909)

15. Hywel "Dda", King of Wales 942-950

16. Owain (d988)

17. Einion (d984)

18. Cadell

19. Tewdwr "Mawr"

20. Rhys II, King of Deheubarth 1078-1093

21. Gruffydd II, King of Deheubarth 1135-1137

= Gwenllian, dau of Gruffydd II ap Cynan, King of Gwynedd

22. Rhys III ["The Lord Rhys"], King of Deheubarth 1155-1197

= Gwenllian, dau of Madoc III ap Maredudd, King of Powys

23. Rhys [IV] "Gryg" ["The Hoarse"] (d1233/34)

= Ellyn, dau of Thomas ap Gwgan, Lord of Brecknock

24. Rhys "Mechyll" (d1244)

= Matilda, dau of Reginald de Braose, Lord of Abergavenny

25. Rhys "Younger", Lord of Dinefwr (d1271)

= Gwladys, dau of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, Prince of Wales

26. Rhys "Wyndod", Lord of Dinefwr (d1273)

= Gwerfyl, dau of Maelgwn ap Maelgwn, Lord of Cardigan, & Angharad, dau of Llywelyn II "The Great", Prince of Wales

27. Madoc "Goch", Lord of Penllech (d1293)

= Tanglwyst, dau of Goronwy ap Einion, descended from the kings of Glamorgan

28. Trahern "Goch", Lord of Penllech (d1298)

= Gwerfyl, dau of Madoc ap Meurig, descended from the kings of Builth

29. Dafydd "Goch", Lord of Penllech (d1352)

= Maud, dau of Dafydd Llwyd ap Cynwrig, descended from Llywelyn II "The Great", Prince of Wales

30. Ieuan "Goch", Lord of Penllech (d1355)

= Eva, dau of Einion ap Celynin, descended from the kings of Powys

31. John Carreg, Abbot of Bardsey (d 1398)

= Lleucu, dau of Gruffydd "Deu"

32. Ieuan Carreg

= Gwenhwyfer, dau of Madoc ap Iolyn

33. John ap Ieuan

= Gwellian, dau of Evan Coetmor ap Hugh Coetmor

34. Ieuan ap John

= Gwen, dau of Morris ap Gruffydd

35. Gruffydd ap Ieuan (d1547)

= Catherine, dau of William de La Woode

36. Morris Griffith (d1592)

= Margaret, dau of Rowland ap Robert & Elizabeth Vaughan

37. Evan Morris (d1634)

= Blanche, dau of Arthur Williams & Anne Owens

38. Griffith Morris (d1669)

= Mary, dau of John Wynn & Elin Rowlands

39. Morris Griffith (d1687)

= Elizabeth, dau of Richard Griffith

40. Griffith Griffith (d1746)

= Catherine, dau of John Lloyd & Elizabeth Wynn

41. Morris Griffith (d1724)

= Mirabilis, dau of John Shears

42. Griffith Griffith (d1757)

= Eleanor, dau of William Jones

43. William Griffith, Sheriff of Caernarvonshire (d1816)

= Anne, dau of William Williams & Jane Lewis

44. William Griffith (d1842)

= Catherine Longueville White

45. David White Griffith (d1876)

= Elizabeth, dau of Lewis Moore Bennett

46. David Glynne Griffith (d1911)

= Emily, dau of John Keily of Strancally Castle & Mary Haigh

47. William Griffith (d1952)

= Elizabeth, dau of Patrick Cassidy & Elizabeth Dempsey

48. David Lewis Griffith (d1982)

= Dorothea, dau of Maurice Jones & Rhoda Carreg, descended from Roland de Vieilleville, illegitimate son of Tudor King Henry VII

49. Arthur David Griffith (d1999)

= Leslie, dau of George Murray Campbell & Mary Louise Smythe

50. Jennifer (born 1986)


PART 4: descendants, another secondary-line,  

i.e., ancestry of the Tudors

01. ARTHUR, King of Britain 495/504/507-538

02. Amhar [Anir; Enir] (d517)

03. Cadrod "Calchvynydd" (d556) [who is not to be confused with Cadros [Cadrod] of Kelso, the son of Cynwyd Cynwydion, of the "Cole Godebog Pedigree", as he sometimes mistakenly is]

04. Yspwys (Esbwys), Lord of Ercing [Ergyng] (d581), one of the sons of Cadrod "Calchvynydd" (Kadrawt “Kalchvynydd), the son of Enir/Anir, i.e., Am[ha]r, the son of King Arthur, is to be identified with the Yspwys who heads the list of the Tudors’ ancestors, which makes a direct male-line descent from King Arthur to the Tudors. Yspwys married the sister of St. Samlet of Gwent and begot Cyngu "Carcludwys".

05. Cyngu "Carcludwys", Lord of Ercing (d624) [his epithet, doubles for his name in some manuscripts]; he married Tegau, the daughter of Tudor "Mawr" of Brittany, the mother, not wife, of Alltu "Redegog".

06. Alltu "Redegog", Lord of Ercing

07. Yspwys, Lord of Ercing

08. Mwyntyrch, Lord of Ercing

09. Yspwys, Lord of Ercing

[misidentified with Yspwys, the son of Cadrod "Calchvynydd", in some manuscripts, hence, omitting five generations, # 3-7]

10. Manan, a Welsh noble

11. Mor, a Welsh noble

12. Elvyw (Elfyw) (Eiluyw; Aildyw; Elevan), a Welsh noble

13. Kynan (Cynan), Lord of Clwyd [Denbigh]

14. Marchudd, Lord of Rhos, the head of one of the "Eight Noble Tribes" of Wales, resided in Denbighshire

15. Kerwit (Karwedh; Corwedd), Lord of Brnffenigl (Brynffanigl) [Abergele]

16.Senylt (Siaset) (Iasedd; Iaseth) (Iassedd) (Jafsedd) (Jafeth), Lord of Brnffenigl

= Nest

17. Nethan (Methan) (Inethan), Lord of Brnffenigl

18. Edred (Edryd; Edryt), a Welsh prince

19. Idnerth, Lord of Brnffenigl

20.Gwgon (Gwgawn), Lord of Brnffenigl

21. Iorwerth, Lord of Brnffenigl

= Gwenllian, dau of Rhirid ap Pasgen

22. Kendrig (Cynwrig; Cynfrig), Lord of Brnffenigl

= Yngharad

23.Edynfed "Fychan", Lord of Abergele [Brynffenigl] & Seneschal of Gwynedd, d1246

=1 Tangwystl

=2 Gwenllian, dau of "The Lord Rhys", Prince of Deheubarth

issue of 1:

(24a) Tudor (d1278)

(24b) Llywelyn "of Creuthyn", father of (25) Rhys, father of (26) Rhys, father of (27) Gruffydd, father of (28) Dafydd "Anwyl", father of (29) Hugh of Faenol, father of (30) Thomas Anwyl, father of (31) David, father of (32) Thomas, father of (33) David, father of (34) Robert, father of (35) Thomas, father of (36) Robert, father of (37) John, father of (38) [name], father of (39) [name], father of (40) [name], father of (41) William Anwyl, father of (42) Thomas Anwyl, father of (43a) Thomas Walter Anwyl & (43b) Graham Robert Anwyl

(24c) Howel, Bp of St. Asaph

issue of 2:

(24d) Goronwy, Lord of Tref-Gastel, d1268 (below)

(24e) Gruffydd, father of (25a) Rhys (d1284), (25b) Llywelyn, & (25c) Hywel (d1282)

(24f) Gwenllian (dau); = Aron ap Rhys, Knight of The Holy Sepulchre

24. Goronwy, Lord of Tref-Gastel, d1268 (above)

= Morfydd, dau of Meuric, Lord of Gwent

25. Tudor "Hen", Lord of Penmynydd, d1311

= Angharad, dau of Ithel "Fychan, Lord of Englefield

26. Goronwy, Lord of Penmynydd, d1331

= Gwervyl, dau of Madoc ap David, Baron of Hendwr

27. Tudor "Frychan", Lord of Penmynydd, d1367

= Margaret, dau of Thomas ap Llywelyn, Lord of South Wales

28. Maredudd, a Welsh noble, d1406

= Meredith, dau of David Fychan [ap David Lloyd], Lord of Anglesey

29. Owain Tudor, a Welsh squire, d1461

= Catherine of France, widow of King Henry V of England, her 2nd =


(30a) Edmund (below)

(30b) Jaspar, Earl of Pembroke (d1495)

(30c) Margaret

(30d) Tacinda, wife of Reginald de Grey, Lord of Wilton (d1495)

(30e) Catherine

30. Edmund, Earl of Richmond, d1456

= Margaret, the English heiress

31. HENRY VII, King of England, exactly 30th in male-line descent from King Arthur

from whom descends all succeeding English monarchs


PART 5: House of Tudor

31. HENRY VII (1457-1509), King of England & Lord of Ireland 1485-1509; titular King of France

=1(date) Catherine (d1474), dau. of the Count of Durtal

=2(1486) Elizabeth (1465-1503), dau. of EDWARD IV, King of England

issue of 1 [was bastardized by annulment of marriage]:

(32a) Roland de Vieilleville (1474-1535), Constable of Beaumaris Castle

= Agnes (d. 1542), dau. of William Griffith of Penrhyn

[issue: (33) Jane, wife of Tudur ap Robert Fychan of Berain, mother of (34) Catherine]

issue of 2:

(32b) Arthur (1486-1502), Prince of Wales 1489

=(1501) Catherine (d1536), dau. of King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of Spain [her 1st =]; she =2(1509) HENRY VIII (below)

(32c) Margaret (1489-1541); =1(1503) James IV, King of Scotland (d1513); =2(1514) Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus (d1557)(div. 1527) [his 2nd =]; =3(1528) Henry Stewart, Lord Methven (d1552)

(32d) HENRY VIII, Prince of Wales 1504/1536, King of England 1509; "titular" King of France 1512; Lord 1509, then, King of Ireland 1541/2 (below)

(32e) Mary (1496-1533); =1(1514) Louis XII, King of France (d1515) [his 3rd =]; =2(1515) Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk (d1545)

32. HENRY VIII (1491-1547), King of England 1509-1547, King of Ireland 1541/2-1547; "titular" King of France 1512 (above); =1(1509) Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536) (div. 1533), his brother’s widow; =2(1533) Anne Boleyn (1501-1536)(div. 1536); =3(1536) Jane Seymour (1505-1537); =4(1540) Anne of Cleves (1515-1557)(div. 1540); =5(1540) Catherine Howard (1521-1542); =6(1543) Catherine Parr (1512-1548) [her 3rd =], widow of John Neville, Lord Latymer (d1542); widow of Edward de Burgh, Baron Borough (d1529) [she =4(1547) Thomas Seymour (d1549)]

issue of 1:

(33a) Henry (1511), lived one month

(33b) MARY I ("BLOODY MARY") (1516-1558), Queen of England & Ireland 1553-1558; titular Queen of France; =(1554) Philip II, King of Spain [his 2nd =], no issue

issue of 2:

(33c) ELIZABETH I "GLORIANA" ("THE VIRGIN QUEEN") (1553-1603), Queen of England & Ireland 1558-1603; titular Queen of France; d. unm.

issue of 3:

(33d) EDWARD VI (below)

illegitimate issue:

(33e) Henry FitzRoy (1519-1536), nat. son of Elizabeth Blount, sister of William Blount, Lord Mountjoy; = Mary (1519-1557), dau. of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, no issue

(33f) Henry Carey, nat. son of Mary Boleyn, wife of William Carey [see article by Anthony Hoskins in "Genealogists' Magazine", vol. 25, # 9, (1997), pp 345-352]

(33g) Catherine Carey, nat. dau. of Mary Boleyn, wife of William Carey; = Francis Knollys, descendants include Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, wife of King George VI Albert

33. EDWARD VI (1537-1553), King of England & Ireland 1547-1553; "titular" King of France; d. unm.



Once secure on the throne, King Henry VII sent a team to Wales which included John Lleiaf, a priest, and Guttyn Owain, a bard, to research the Tudor ancestry from local records. The Lleiaf-Owain Commission deduced Henry VII's descent from Rhodri "Mawr", the first King of Wales, and, from him, via Llywarch "Hen", from the Dark Age British King Cole "Godebog", a descendant of Britain's pre-Saxon & pre-Roman royal house, which is recorded in a series of genealogies in the Jesus College collection [JC # 17-23], however, the earliest annalistic texts to the nature of the ancestry of Rhodri "Mawr" was sometime earlier obscured by medieval clerics, doubtless due to the political climate of the times. The findings of the Lleiaf-Owain Commission contradicted a long-time tradition in the Tudor Family that had been passed down from generation to generation that King Arthur was its ancestor. Henry VII did not promote the findings of the Lleiaf-Owain Commission, but instead promoted his family's tradition that King Arthur was its ancestor. The Arthurian Tradition was maintained by the Tudors despite the findings of the Lleiaf-Owain Commission, and later scholarship has shown that John Lleiaf and/or Guttyn Owain very likely misidentified "Llywarch" in the "Aedd Mawr Pedigree" with "Llywarch "Hen" in the "Cole Godebog Pedigree", which error now corrected authenticates the Arthurian tradition in the Tudor Family. The error by the Lleiaf-Owain Commission was accepted by "academia" until 1710 when the "Aedd Mawr Pedigree" was deciphered by a university student coupled with more documentary evidence and genealogical data surfacing by which the descent-line connecting the Tudor kings to King Arthur could be traced like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. It is now assumed that in all probability the patrilineage of Rhodri "Mawr" to Cole "Godebog" was invented to provide a genealogical justification for his title "Rex Brittonum" [since Cole "Godebog" was sometimes reckoned to have been Britain's first Dark Age King], and the Tudor Family Arthurian tradition was not taken into account since the genealogy of King Arthur had been earlier suppressed by medieval clerics, as in the case of Vortigern for example. For, the King Arthur we know of legend is totally opposite from the King Arthur portrayed in the "Lives of The Saints", whose authors described Arthur as an Anti-Christ figure. The only people who wrote and kept records in Arthur's time were church clerics; and they had no love for Arthur and made every effort to vilify him by their malicious slander in their writings. In fact, the phrase "meibion eillion" ["veibion eillion"], meaning "male hereditary villeins", that is, "serfs" [see "Kings, Chronicles, and Genealogies", by David Thornton, page 91, footnote # 74], was adopted by early medieval clerics to refer to Arthur's Dynasty. The phrase certainly referred to Arthur's illegitimacy and probably had its origin in the slanderous rumor that King Eutherius was not his father, but rather was one of Duchess Igraine's servants ["villeins"].



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