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Empire Burlesque  
           Bob Dylan


I can't wait,
Wait for you to change your mind.
It's late.
I'm tryin' to walk the line.
Well, it's way past midnight, and there's people all around,
Some on their way up, some on their way down.
The air burns,
And I'm tryin' to think straight.
And I don't know ho much longer I can wait.

("Cant' Wait", from Time Out of Mind)

Until his legendary motorcycle accident of July 29, 1966, Dylan was up there with Elvis and The Beatles. Since then, his career has been somewhat less spectacular, though he still remains as refreshingly creative as ever. He has produced several more fine albums, most notably during the breakdown of his marriage in the 70s, though in recent years the focus of his art has shifted from the recording studio to the stage. Since 1988, he has been engaged in a so-called ‘Never Ending Tour’, perhaps as an attempt to rekindle the creativity he found during his early hectic touring years.


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