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Update from Bean [10 April 2003, 9:46 am]

Oh Gods, how long have we not updated this? LOL

But never fear! Updates are on their way. Unfortunately, Cheese is going away for two weeks these holidays, but I'll still be able to update and start working on Version 3.

Currently we're bth working on a a lot of Art, and we have a lot of art we're going to scan it - so be on the lookout for when Version 3 does come out. Hopefully we'll get the chance to work on it soon!


Update from Cheese [8 August 2002, 4:44 pm]

As I don't write up my updates much, I thought I'd better update heeeere..
Pretty and flashy new *Guest Map* down the bottom, just above the "Email Bean and Cheese" button, and you should know where that is ^^;. Anywho, it's a new form of guestbook, so go there, make your mark, and we'll love you for eternity.

Many thanks to the teachers who (although they must get annoyed) have refrained from wiping the URL off the top of their advertising, free advertising, gotta thank you guys.

Speeches are finally over.. only a few more projects to work on, and then it will be major update time on the webpage again, weee!

I love you too, IE, *pets it* I clicked back by mistake, and it kept all this lovely babble, how adorable ^^.

... No, I'm not drunk.. just being normal ^^;.

Yesh yesh.. did I mention Joke of the Day is finally re-updated? I think I'll change it to Joke of the Week.. I'm just too lazy, lol. Or maybe Joke of the Whenever People go on the GuestMap? =) Bribery is gooood..


Update from Bean [29 July 2002, 7:01 pm]

And since I'm in a mood to update (which can only be a good thing) - here we go! ^.^

We have more from Rosie (Whoo!), a new Guest Artist - Sam (Yay!) - and some more art from Bean.

And - some of them are FanArt - of us! XD How cool is that?

Rosie's Guest Art

Sam's Guest Art

Bean's Art

Also, much thanks to Rosie (and the people who actually said them) - we have more amusing quotes XD Just a couple more, though - I'll add more sooner or later ^.^;;

And there you have it - updates for today =)





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