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Dungeon Bash Tactics

Free downloadable game

Distributed as a self-extracting executable in a zip files. DirectX 9 required.

Coded by Matthew Downie.

Control a party of heroes and destroy the monsters threatening your town!

Dungeon Bash Tactics is a free single-player turn-based mouse-controlled, random dungeon, loot & leveling game with a minimalist plot. It's somewhere between a Rogue-like and a Japanese tactical RPG.

Download Dungeon Bash Tactics

I've put a lot of work into this game and am now hoping to get some feedback. I'd be interested to know if I'm the only person who enjoys playing it.

If you think it could be improved, let me know. Maybe it needs more of a story-line, better graphics, difficulty balancing, clearer explanation of how to make the right tactical decisions, more or fewer options from the start...?