About ''Scrooge's Nightmare Before Christmas Carol''

adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish, from Charles Dickens 1843 original novel

Performing December 2019 at Tekventure, Fort Wayne, IN

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This absurd but sweet sci-fi comedy keeps Dickensí Christmas spirit alive.
There are some spectacular characters that actors will love playing. Based in a steam punk Monty Pythonish alternate reality where sci-fi things are natural and the news seems exotic until you realize it is a tweaking of our own reality.
(The alien refugees on the border are actual space aliens in low Earth Orbit.)
The "Ghosts" are more fleshed out characters, though even stranger:
The Past is two characters who remind us of Calvin and Hobbes who require Scrooge to crawl into their "tiMe TraVVel 25 cents" cardboard box with them. There is some illusion/magic as all three characters enter the washing machine sized box which then rolls around the stage as the set is changed, and comes to rest across the stage where the three characters then crawl out.
Though Marley died 100 years ago, Scrooge appears to be between 35 and 40, healthy, even hip, yet cold hearted. And let me assure you: There are NO vampires or zombies in this story!!!
This is an alternate reality where electricity never progressed past the electromagnet and biology blended with mechanicals a long time ago.
A realities-hopping Nikola Tesla comments and interacts.
The lesson of Christmas compassion surges strong in the script, for the spark of love and giving can brighten every alternate reality.

(c)2018, (c)2019 Jeannette Jaquish

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