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"Under the Umbrella Tree"(or abbreviated as "UTUT")was an under-rated Canadian children's series that really was a true gem of television. It ran for 7 years, producing a remarkable 280 episodes.

It was produced and created by Canadian puppeteer Noreen Young, who ran her very own production company Noreen Young Productions, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC). So think Sesame Street but set mostly in the smaller confines of a house. It's all about a woman named Holly Higgins, the only human main character, moving in with 3 interesting, quirky, small, animal puppet characters called Iggy Iguana, Gloria Gopher and Jacob Bluejay. They live next door to old lady Mrs McMurtry, a human puppet. Other puppets/human do come in making special guest appearances.

This is a clever series of great warmth that inspires children to be imaginative, healthy, well-mannered and to express themselves. This was packed full of songs, comedy, morals and even some touching moments. There is also something there that appeals to adults. It's such a lovely programme.

I created this website because UTUT is way too under-represented on the internet. I can only find 1 other UTUT fansite! However, i aim to make this a place a centre for UTUT fans where we will have our very first "Under the Umbrella Tree Forum". History in the making. I hope you UTUT fans will all use it. I will also scan the internet to gain as many UTUT photos and videos as possible.

On another note, i am surprisingly NOT Canadian, i am British, where there is really no UTUT fanbase, but I had seen it on the Disney Channel back in the 90s, and i was very impressed by this programme's great warmth, and it's become one of my favourite children's programmes OF ALL TIME.


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