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Tazz - "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to this special Figamania presentation"

Tony - "We hope you've all had a great Christmas, and things are just about to get even better"

Tazz - "Thats right Tony, we've got one hell of a match for you tonight"

Tony - "We certainly do Tazz, this is a grudge match in the strongest sense of the word"

Tazz - "Here comes Kurt Angle, this feud kicked of in the RWA and it's carrying on here tonight"

Tony - "These two men have met numerous times before, but the rivalry just gets deeper and deeper"

Tazz - "Angle is probably the most intense man in all of pro wrestling, and this match is sure to bring out the best in him"

Tony - "And Kurt Angles best is about as good as it gets, he really has done it all"

Tazz - "And here comes Steiner, the big bad booty daddy!"

Tony - "We've seen Steiner beat some of the best in the world and that includes Kurt Angle"

Tazz - "They've certainly had some helacious battles and I've got a feeling that we're going to see another tonight"

Tony - "Steiner knows what type of match this is going to be tonight, he hasn't even changed out of his street clothes"

Tazz - "This is a 'Falls count anywhere street fight', and I can't wait for the carnage to start"

Tony - "Look at the hatred in these mens eyes, this is as personal as it gets"

Tazz - "Steiner throws the first shot but Angle blocks it and strikes right back"

Tony - "This is going to be an interesting match, a street fight featuring the worlds greatest technical wrestler"

Tazz - "He takes Steiner down and he's already using his great wrestling skill"

Tony - "Don't forget Steiners technical background"

Tazz - "He showed it just there, reversing the hold"

Tazz - "But Angle goes straight back, he's definely the superior technical athlete"

Tony - "He's the best in the world, the only olympic gold medalist in proffesional wrestling"

Tazz - "He lifts it up into a stiff arm lock, he's working over the arm real good"

Tony - "Angles likes to focus on a limb and wear it down, he's a fantastic ring strategist"

Tazz - "But look at the strength of Steiner, he powers up and hip-tosses Angle over"

Tazz - "He follows it up with the big elbow drop, and those are some big arms to drop"

Tony - "The biggest in the business"

Tazz - "He whips him into the ropes"

Tony - "And follows up with a massive Steiner line, and he just sent Angle barreling over the top"

Tazz - "He's going to take it to him on the outside"

Tony - "He drags Kurt over to the corner post..."

Tony - "But Angle blocks it and drives Steiners head straight into the post"

Tazz - "He picks him up and he delivers a massive suplex onto the arena floor"

Tony - "That matting doesn't offer much protection and Steiner just crashed down hard"

Tazz - "Steiners out and Kurts looking for some toys"

Tony - "Anything goes in this match, whatever he find under there is perfectly legal"

Tazz - "He's got a chair, this is going to get real messy, real quick"