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***** STARFLEET WANTS YOU!!! *****

Have you ever considered a rewarding career in Starfleet? Do you like tinkering with billions of credits worth of restricted technology or equipment? Yes?! That's great! You too could become a Starfleet Engineer*!

*No, all positions are not full! You can never have enough engineers, to fix all those shuttles the Federation loses...or security guards. We run out of them pretty quick, too.

What is this all about?
Introduction. What is Daedalus (Star Trek) RPG?

Where can I find details about this game?
Resources. Facts and figures for Daedalus (Star Trek) RPG (2180 - 2400)

Where does the roleplaying take place?
Web Forum** Daedalus (Star Trek) RPG

Impressed and want to help?
Admin are always looking to assimilate new ideas!

What does Daedalus have that other RPGs don't?

We can roll dice in our messages which increases playability. RPG moderators use the results to decide outcome of battles or other challanges. The text to add the roll of one random non-biased 6 sided dice to a message is :d6: and you can add as many as you like.

Character profiles have been used since the start but moderators are now thinking of having the server generate a web page for each character which shows character stats and inventory etc... this is also intended to improve playability.

A proper RPG rule system! It has not been published for players because apparently it's still under development but the moderators use it.

Vetted history of Star Trek that is available online to everyone. It was selected because it doesn't contradict TOS, TNG or DS9. By stating which history is "correct" before starting, they hoped to avoid the problems of inconsistencies that always seem to crop up in Star Treck.

Some entertaining players!

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