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FireFly Music Video By: TruNeVar


16.2 MB

Music Mix Featuring:

Home By: Marc Broussard

Cosmic Castaway By: Electrasy

Beautiful Woman By: BackStreet Boys

El Tango De Roxeanne By: Ewan McGregor / Jose Feliciano / Jacek Koman

My idea is to create a video for each episode of FireFly, using clips from only that episode. This video was made using clips from the episode 'Shindig'.

I had no idea what I was doing when I made this video. I couldn't decide on a song to use, which somehow ended with me using bits from four different songs. This is the first time I've ever tried this- and will most likely be the last. -- LOL-- I tried to use the music to sort of speak for the different characters. -Inara's longing to be with people that are more 'her kind'. But when I look back at it, that wasn't too big of a focus point in the episode. I might of just seen it that way. - Mal's obvious jealousy and feelings for Inara play a bigger part in the episode. So I think that needed to be addressed. - Kaylee gets to be treated like a lady. Although she doesn't really fit in too well. I think I let these clips go on for a bit too long. I could of cut it shorter and it still would of made it's point. -The general crew shots are the same way. I didn't need to make them as long as they are. I think I was just obsessed about using my favorite parts of the songs. To be honest I really don't like the way this video turned out. I hope to one day redo the whole thing and pick one song to do the entire episode with. Maybe you'll see what I was trying to do with it. Enjoy!

FireFly is COPYRIGHT Twentieth Century Fox . The videos are made for entertainment purposes only. No infringment on FireFly or the music artist was intended. Sometimes it helps to save the vid before watching it. Check out my Homepage for sci fi music videos.

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