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FarScape Music Video By: TruNeVar

Can't Change Me

16.1 MB

Music : Can't Change Me

By: Chris Cornell

-An Aeryn, Zhaan and Chiana vid-

My editing program gave me a real hard time finishing this vid. I had to shorten clips and move a few around before it would finally save it :-P Unfornatually, I didn't have the ability to use clips from my own dvds. So I had to grab clips from where ever I could. Some of the video quality isn't the best, so you have to try and look past it. I did eventually redo the video with better clips, but I ended up changing some of it too. I still like the original version, so I'll keep that one on the site. The fist time I heard this song I knew the exact video I wanted to do with it. For the most part I got it exactly how I wanted. Enjoy!

FarScape is COPYRIGHT the Jim Henson Company. The videos are made for entertainment purposes only. No infringment on FarScape or the music artist was intended. Sometimes it helps to save the vid before watching it.(click on the pics to link to the page)

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