Infamous Spam Titles

WARNING: The contents of this page contain sexually explicit topics and might not be suitable for certain people. These are samples of spam titles and are intended solely for entertainment purposes. If you feel that this material might offend you, please leave and do not come back... ever. In other words, you've been warned, so don't get all pissy towards me if you feel violated by these titles.

Spam titles are in bold. My responses are in italics.

Place it under the tongue and achive amazing results!

Yes, it's called acid...

Like an afterburner for your penis

All systems check? We have lift-off

Become a Rolex Dealer in your hood Word, gee-homey-mac-funk-dawg... word

r u in the Fat Club?

Um, I thought the first rule was not to talk about that sort of thing... *sniffles* I'M SO ASHAMED!!!

In to the nether regions of the anal cavity


micrOshit pro critical update - January 19th

Finally, someone has discovered the truth about the world's ruler. SCREW YOU MICROSOFT... AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!!

covered in pee

Quite honestly, who the fuck would find this title intriguing enough to open? On second thought, don't answer that. I fear what I might hear...

Hey man-i'm not Impotent anymore

Hey man-thanks for giving me a mental image that keeps me up at night. You know you're excited when you forget to capitalize "i'm" but emphasize "impotent" with a capital "I"

spy on your neighbour's real daughter

As apposed to his "fake" one? and good job with the spelling, esse

tea party 75 lunatics

A merry merry un-birthday to you. To me?

Christians, eliminate your debt and avoid bankruptcy

Yeah, cause you know... Christ did die for our tax returns and a debt free life

amigo-you are invited to an orgy

My life is now complete

Fat girl wants to meet a real man

Wait, let me grease my front doors with some olive oil and butter. That should help her slip through the doors while turning her on with her one weakness... love for sloppiness

good buddy... watch me undress

Oh, Lord. Please, upon all that is great in this world... Please be a female. Otherwise, I could shoot myself

You might transform...

Hey, if I transform into rather large, winged beast, that'd be pretty cool

Don't let aging get in the way of an Erection!

With a capital "E!"

Slap it across her face

Exactly... that's just want she'll want. Nothing like a good bismark

He is your father in the video

In all honesty, why would I even dream of clicking that link? I mean, if that's your sort of thing, then... well, I'd rather not think about it

Cheating housewives services

Now this one is interesting. Is this a service that offers cheating housewives? Or does this service "take care" of housewives that are cheating? ...hmmm, interesting.

Gruntin' n Dumpin Lil' Dumpin'

Dude, that's just fucking nasty!

If you have a big one, come inside

Yes, mam!!!

Display your faith with a religious T-shirt

Come one! Come all! Pay for your salvation, brothers! God has a checkbook, and would love your contribution!

Here are some ideas before you go tobed

Yes, it was spelled that way

Pen1s gym in a pill

Hey, how'd this not get blocked? Oh, you tricky bastards! You used a "1" instead of "i." Damn you!

Has your cum ever dribbled and you wish it had shot out?

Wow, now that I think about it... *sheesh*

Reduce spam

Now this is funny, for sheer point that spam is trying to lure you in by reducing itself... good one, folks, good one

in canadian pharm we trust...

Yes, yes we do... and thank you, our little brother to the north. Despite how much we beat you around, you are always there help get us fucked up

How are you guys? Let's rock with viagra...


S0meOne is SPYING On y0u

*GASP* it's not you, is it? Naaaaaaaah, never

hey friend-I |0st a |0t 0f pain with this

Yeah, it's called getting laid)

Her Impotence levels hurt

Wait, lemme get this straight. She is impotent? Umm.... not going there

Why don't you like girls for dinners

Well, there's just something about human flesh that doesn't set well in my stomache. And I think it gives me heartburn too. Thanks for the offer anyways.

Your mother is Fat

I was going to open this one, but then I realized that they really really thought my mom was fat, considering they went through the effort to capitalize the "f." Now I'm just insulted.