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...the countdown has begun...

"Countdown to Chaos" not only features new graphics, textures, and levels, but it also has some coding changes in it, thanks to various sources from the "Halls of Stonehenge" project. Here are the features that have been implemented or projected at this point:

- 18 new levels, possibly a secret level or two as well.
- all new enemies, objects, and textures from Doom II, the Lost Episodes, and Duke it out in DC.
- new status bar features, including new character portrait.
- new storyline (following the HOS) story.
- new title screen, ending animation, and ending text.
- new "holster weapon" feature (hide gun when you don't need to use it).
- crosshair feature allows a crosshair to be toggled on and off as desired.
- change in strength of available weapons.
- new sound effects and voices.
- four cool new weapons (maybe more)
- possible textured floors and ceilings